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Yelena Volkov
Yelena Volkov (Jack)
Kana エレーナボルコフ
Romaji Erēna Borukofu
Race Human (former)
Nicknames The Prodigy Exorcist
Eastern Orthodox Church’s Trump Card
Hair Color Light Gray
Eye Color Gold
Equipment Lobera
Holy Light
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents †
Status Eastern Orthodox Church
Gabriel’s Brave Saints
Amakusa Residence
Ranking Jack of Hearts ♥

Yelena Volkov is one of the main female protagonists of High School AxA. She was an exorcist of the Eastern Orthodox Church and was considered a prodigy. Yelena is Afanasiia's childhood friend.

She is a natural-born Holy Sword and the current wielder of Lobera. After the creation of the Brave Saints, Gabriel took her as her Jack.

Appearance Edit

Exorcist Yelena Volkov

Yelena in her Exorcist Uniform

Yelena is a young woman with long light gray hair and golden eyes.

Her battle attire is her Church battle suit, which is composed of a dress and stockings but without a skirt. She claims that she has removed the skirt to increase her mobility (Shirou uses it to observe her legs).

Upon transferring to Kuoh Academy, she wearing the Kuoh Academy girl’s uniform.

Personality Edit


History Edit

As a child Yelena lived with Afanasiia and her family in Zhar-Ptitsa, Siberia. Then ten years Abaddon appeared and started destroying the village and surrounding area, and killing the townsfolk, just for the pure act of destruction. Before he could kill Yelena, Azrael appeared and battled Abaddon. An exorcist of the Church came with Azrael and found her. Yelena was taken in by the Church and raised to become a weapons against devils.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Natural-born Holy Sword Wielder: Yelena is a natural-born holy sword wielder and is able to wield any holy sword without artificial means.

Holy Light: After being reincarnated as an angel, Yelena gained the ability to use light-based weapons and abilities.

Flight: Being an angel, Yelena is able to fly using his wings.

Equipment Edit

Lobera: The Holy Sword wielded by Saint Ferdinand III of Castile. It possesses the ability create orbs around the wielder. Each orb contains immense destructive one par with Cao Cao’s Balinayaka Ratana.

Trivia Edit

  • Yelena's appearance is based on Caren Ortensia from the Fate Franchise