Houki Minami Houki Minami 18 July 2017

Berolina vs. Andrew: Legacy and human Rating Game

Blog and poll based on This post. Considering everything in their respective stories and shown in this wikia, this poll asks thy such: In a Rating Game without any boundaries, restrains or things as such between Berolina Gremory's peerage and Andrew River's Peerage, who would win, how and why? Please think wisely:

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Houki Minami Houki Minami 30 June 2016

New template

Good afternoon;

Just a quick update, for those who want ot create a new clan of devils or giver fanon information of those already existing, I created a new template for that. You can follow the link here or search for "Fanon clan" into the templates. Any suggestions about the colour or formate of it, you can contact me and other admins for proper changes.

That is all for now; have a nice day.


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