Hanten'in-san Hanten'in-san 22 September 2016

ASG Project

Before all, "ASG" stands for "Abecedarium Sacred Gear".

Welcome to this little blog of mine, I'll give a bit of backstory before going to the main subject. 

So I mentioned once that I was doing a personal project to create as many Sacred Gear as possible; in order to do so, the first step was to create one for each letter of the alphabet (actually 16 letters, because there are some that are just a complete no). In one of the Sacred Gear pages, two users said they wanted to join, and since I don't like to compete, I decided to create this blog for those of us who wants to do this.

I already started, but apparently NecroGodYami and Sdanand want to join. Everyone is more than welcome of course, and the thing goes as follows.

The letters are A-B-C…

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Hanten'in-san Hanten'in-san 19 September 2016


Okay, so three two users start yelling at each other in the comment section and it ends up in nonsensical yelling... Given how we have to respect each user's page I'm creating this small place so people can come and post the most random, nonsensical, brain wrecking thing they can possibly think of. Let's use this place to know each other, since the chat is rarely used and is honestly a pain in the arse to monitor.

If you didn't get what I just wrote I'll summarize it. So Sdanand and I started yelling at each other in the Yumi Kiba page, things scalated when NGY and VKM joined and since the page is Devilslayer's (and they probably doesn't have a freakin' idea of what's going on) I decided to create this section, so you guys can fight battle …

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