Alright it took me some thought but i think this should statisfy people on some things. First off yes you are allowed to use pages from the canon wiki. No you don't need to ask its the canon wiki for us it fair use. Second no you are not allowed to just copy and paste an article and that be that. I would prefer it not being published until it has some semblence of story but since people seem to just post whatever they want (which is completly fine i just wish there was a story) there will be a new tag in place. I call it the inspection tag  which basically is going to tell me that there is an article that may not be as good as it could be. If so leave this particular tag there and I will deal with it. 


This tag can not be used light heartedly only on articles that you feel are just copy and pasted (Even if you have permission from the wiki admins you can not just copy and paste something on to this site there has to be some originality to it) or an article you feel is not finished. No you won't be punished for using it but i will check this particular templates usage daily to make sure i don't miss one.

Also i saw this on the winx wiki and we may be able to do this if you guys want. But there is a grading scale on the wiki basically they give grades on the article. We are going to possibly simplfy that and just put a check on the template stating that it has been checked and is good to go as an article or an x that will say this article has not been polished well enough to be considered an article on this wiki but this will only be after the inspection tag is used.


So in conclusion if you feel that article is not to its standard of quality put this tag if it does only the admins will put this tag and yes admins do not need the inspection tag in order for them to put the ex or check on an article. Remember only the admins are allowed to put these two tags of quality while anybody can put the inspection tag on it.


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