Astarothfan Astarothfan 16 June 2017

Rule updates

Alright I'm gonna get this blog out fast but basically updating the rules and then this blogs with this rule. If you want throw out other rules then please write your comments down below and I, as well as the other admins can see if this is a good rule. In fact the other admins must approve of them first before I use them just so we all have an understanding of the rule and what is expected of it.

These are the set guidelines and rules for the Dxd fanon wiki, follow them and be rewarded with freedom of writing and being praised for your good ideas break them at your own peril.

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Alright I updated the crossovers see if this is understandable.

  • This should be fairly obvious, but no bashing of…

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Astarothfan Astarothfan 20 April 2016


Alright it took me some thought but i think this should statisfy people on some things. First off yes you are allowed to use pages from the canon wiki. No you don't need to ask its the canon wiki for us it fair use. Second no you are not allowed to just copy and paste an article and that be that. I would prefer it not being published until it has some semblence of story but since people seem to just post whatever they want (which is completly fine i just wish there was a story) there will be a new tag in place. I call it the inspection tag  which basically is going to tell me that there is an article that may not be as good as it could be. If so leave this particular tag there and I will deal with it. 

This tag can not be used light hearted…

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Astarothfan Astarothfan 19 December 2015

New rule

Alright new in place, if you want use an article from another wiki, you are going to need to get permission from the wiki's admin. No exceptions. Any article created without getting permission will not only be deleted but the supposed "author" will be blocked for a day. Thank you for your understanding.

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Astarothfan Astarothfan 1 December 2015


500!!! Pages wow, what a mile stone, compared to about 10 months ago we have come a long way. Thanks for all your support for this site. Good on everybody lets keep putting great stories and great content, together. Lets get to a 1000!!!

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Astarothfan Astarothfan 17 July 2015

Suggestion Blogs

Name says it all, if you have a suggestion for the betterment of the wiki. Please put it in the comments, we need to make this wiki great for everybody.

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