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The Being above no Other

The one who wants to be a writer but fails at it

Kana バイパー
Romaji Baipā
Race Primordial Entity
Nicknames BossViper28

Creator of the Mythoverse

Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Equipment Viper's Blade

Lego Blaster

Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Younger Brother
Unnamed Younger Sister
IX (Godfather)
Reyna Cypher (Girlfriend)
Asuka Ikuse (Girlfriend)
Charlotte Admonish (Older Girlfriend)
Abyss (Son)
Time (Son)
Space (Daughter)
Light (Son)
Darkness (Daughter)
Order (Son)
Chaos (Son)
Life (Daughter)
Death (Daughter)
Dream (Son)
Myth (Daughter)

Affiliations Mythoverse (Creator)

Nessus Academy (Student)
Tatsunagi Shuichi (Fellow Editor)

Status Alive
Ranking Omni-Class Entity

Viper, also known as BossViper28 or VAVADevil32, is a upcoming writer who sucks at what she likes, which is writing.

She also possess a love for anything based on mythology including most media of it. She ironically doesn't like High School DxD.

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