Basic Information
Scribe of Eternity
Kana 永遠の書記
Romaji Eien no Shoki
Race Scribe
Nicknames Scribe No. 12579124891
The Terrible
Hair Color ???
Eye Color ???
Equipment ???
Personal Status
Relatives ???
Affiliations The Scribes
Status Alive (Active)
Is it too much to ask for some yaoi and yuri on this freakin' fandom?

–The Terrible Scribe of Eternity after entering the fandom

Vạn vật đều sẽ bóng dần theo thời gian

–Personal motto

Hi, I'm the Terrible Scribe of Eternity.

I found out about the fandom after seeing a yaoi picture of Sairaorg Bael and was so drawn by his abs and pecs that I somehow managed to be drawn to a fandom filled with boobs and perversion like this.

I like BL and GL stories, anime, light novels, and Vietnamese food.

I hate gacha hells, smut-filled fantasy-fulfillment fanfics *cough*most fanfics in this fandom *cough*, badly written fictional villains who are evil for the sake of evil, and Scribe No. 13690252 and Scribe No. 315129157.


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