Just a Charles for Fun
Kana チャールズ
Romaji Chāruzu
Race Unidentifiable
Nicknames Just a Bad Writer for Fun
Just a Charles for Fun
Heavenly Tyrant of Imagination (Epithet)
Concept of Imagination
Slime Lord (Title)
Lord Charles (Title)
Charles (Alias)
Nova C Breaker (True Name)
Hair Color Pale-Silver
Eye Color Teal
Equipment Imaginary Element
Personal Status
Relatives Great-Grandmother †
Great-Grandfather †
Older Brother
Julie (Dog/Pet) †
Ushiwakamaru (F/GO) (Wife)
Abigail Williams (F/GO) (Daughter)
Vigna (Arknights) (Bodyguard)
Affiliations Himself
DxDfanon Site
Fanfiction Site
Deus Vult (Writer)
BIV (Writer)
His Own Life (Protagonist)
Status Probably Alive
Ranking Worse Writer Ever
Negative Ten Strongest Beings
-3rd Strongest
Heavenly Tyrant
Realizing one's faults is the first step one needs to make to grow.

–Charles, to CrimsonPyre/CrimsonSOng/Pyre

Just a Charles for Fun, or simply Charles for short, is a Fanfiction writer extraordinaire, who constantly claims that he is terrible at writing literature; which he is, but that's beside the point. Currently, utilizing his special ability - "Imaginary Element" - Charles is inhabiting the imaginary body of Rimuru Tempest. His true name is "Nova C Breaker" with the "C" possibly standing for "Charles" and he is the third strongest being among the "Negative Ten Strongest Beings".

He is the main protagonist in "His Own Life".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Due to possessing the imaginary body of Rimuru Tempest, Charles has taken on his form; however, the eyes, which are normally gold, has changed to teal. With long silver hair that falls past the shoulders, with the bangs falling between the eyes and framing the side of his face, Charles possesses a feminine form, which causes some to mistake him for a girl - even though he is, in fact, male. Though Rimuru was genderless, Charles has subtly changed the form somewhat to match his own gender.

The body also possesses a rather thin frame, though his physical strength shouldn't be tossed aside; he is incredibly powerful, regardless of his own physical appearance. The skin palette is a bit pale, though of a healthy shade. Charles occasionally remarks that his own eyesight is bad and is grateful for inhabiting the body of an individual who has rather remarkable eyesight.

Charles currently wears a dark blue coat with the jacket open at the bottom, with black lines running down the fabric, with light blue fur decorating the cuff. A yellow, fuzzy, scarf is wrapped around his neck that falls down to the small of his back which Charles seems to be attached to - though none can say for what reason. Underneath the coat, Charles wears a black shirt with red running down the side and around the cuff of the shirt and the hem and black, baggy pants which are stuffed into his dark blue boots that have light blue fur at the top.

Personality[edit | edit source]

I don't want to sound too full of myself. As a generally bad writer for fun, I have a certain threshold that I am held to.

–Charles, to CrimsonPyre/CrimsonSOng/Pyre

Charles has a rather enigmatic personality; one that changes for each individual he is speaking to, based on his knowledge on them and how close they are. Though meek and even a bit shy to those he doesn't know, Charles can actually become rather outgoing to those he knows quite well.

Charles usually doesn't curse when around others, especially around those older or way younger than him. However, when he's around those who curse, frequently or not, then he'll not hold himself back as much.

He was always known to be a rather kind individual, be it towards strangers, acquaintances, friends, or family. He'll help those in need, but he won't extend this support towards those that are "invisible", as in, those he doesn't physically see - especially in the case of donating money. He doesn't have much of that anyway.

Others have frequently said that Charles is rather arrogant, but Charles usually denies this first, before stating he only gets arrogant when he is on a winning steak or when he's doing something he is actually good in, I know, major shocker. He tries not to get angry and usually drops any grudges he has rather quickly, but sometimes, he needs to explode too.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Extreme Power - Charles possesses an otherworldly physical prowess that can only be matched by the strongest of individuals - such as the Heavenly Dragons, Ddraig and Albion. He once boasted that he could lift the world, but none dare ask for an example. Several times faster than that of sound or light, Charles is frequently known to move from one side of the world in less than ten minutes just to get a good deal on pizza. He is able to tank hits that can split apart several mountains with no injury present; he is simply a powerful being.

Unimaginable Magic Power - Charles possesses an extremely otherworldly amount of magic power as vast as the sky and ocean together multiplied several times. His magic power puts to shame even the strongest of Magicians and Deities; and yet, Charles does not affiliate with other Magicians and simply makes use of his power in any way he sees fit. His magic power is unreadable and theorized to be endless.

  • Elemental Magic
  • Norse Magic
  • Fairy Magic
  • Curse Magic
  • Levitation Magic
  • Gravity
  • Time Magic
  • Space Magic
  • White Magic
  • Dark Magic
  • Barrier Magic
  • Stealth Magic
  • Others

Night Vision - Charles is able to perfectly see in the dark as if it was in the middle of the day; no ambient light required. Even when stepping back into a brightly lit room, his eyes will adjust instantly, causing him no discomfort in the action.

  • Far-Sight - Charles is known to see things that he shouldn't be able to see; whether it be the future or what color of underwear a girl is wearing - he can see it. Charles regularly uses this ability for reasons he will not explain.
  • Magic Sight - Charles is able to see the amount of magic power an individual has left and is able to sense any form of magic taking shape around him because he is able to see the flow of mana in the air.

Clairvoyance - Charles' ability to see the future largely comes in the form of his dreaming. Though he possesses the eyes of "Far-Sight" this ability of his is significantly stronger as it allows him to see months - or even years - ahead of his regular future sight. Through sleeping, Charles is able to see how his story will unfold and can even direct it to his whim.

Fate Manipulation - Charles can reshape how fate plays out, by diverging paths that have appeared in the future. By manipulating fate of what he has witnessed in the future, Charles can mold history that has yet to be into whatever he desires - however, he usually reserves this for specific scenes and tries not to meddle around with time too much.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Imaginary Element[edit | edit source]

Though it can also be called "That Which is There, Yet is Not" is a special ability that only Charles can possess, due to him being the "form" that this ability takes, or, in other words, he himself is its "concept". It allows Charles to utilize his own thoughts to create anything possible; even destruction. Creating that which is real, or that which is not - such as elementary particles or dark matter - the limits of this ability appears to be infinite itself, however, it does possess a weakness: Charles himself.

Because he has to utilize this ability with his own imagination, he is susceptible to attacks on his mind or becoming distracted, which could lead him to be damaged and defeated. However, Charles cannot die - this is because while he is there, he is not. While he is real, he is not. One cannot kill that which is already dead. Because of this controversy, Charles cannot truly be defeated as he will never cease.

As the personification of the imaginary element, Charles can formulate with imaginary numbers to formulize imaginary answers, allowing any result he so seeks to come about. It is the same as arguing that if x + y = z, then z must be xy. It cannot be dismissed as the numbers that x, y, and z can make up will inevitably equal z and xy. However, this can also lead to reverse calculating the formulas he uses, thus, Charles delves even deeper into his ability so that doing so, is impossible.

Because he makes his own imaginary formula which possesses imaginary rules, nobody except Charles can understand and utilize these formulas due to the ability he possesses. It is the strongest ability but it is also the weakest so long as Charles himself is the one being targeted. Ignoring his immense capability, if one were to focus on him, they can potentially defeat him by exploiting his weaknesses.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Charles has several weaknesses that can be exploited against him that could lead even a regular human to defeat him, due to his power being connected to his own imagination. Meaning, that his immense power comes from a constant thought and by disrupting that thought, could allow anyone the ability to temporarily defeat him.

  • Distractions: Charles can easily be distracted by a sound that happens out of nowhere, however, this is only for a split second. Though there are other ways to distract him, one must experiment to see what works or what doesn't.
  • Children: While Charles finds them detestable, he will often glance at them to make sure they are alright, or when they are speaking loudly or playing games. Either way, when they are around, he can become susceptible to attacks.
  • Pizza: By poisoning his pizza, Charles can be defeated. He would never expect someone to poison it as it is not cool. Whoever does so, will most likely die. Pineapple pizza also qualifies for immediate death.
  • Mind Manipulation: Even with imagination on his side, he must think in order to utilize it. If magic was used to blank out his thoughts, he could not utilize his power. Though he would not die because he is the personified version of it, he can still be defeated. He can also be controlled to do various tasks.
  • Ushiwakamaru (F/GO): He loves her dearly; if one were to somehow kidnap this Rider-classed Servant, he would surely flip out and become a nervous wreck.
  • Abigail Williams (F/GO): He loves her dearly; if one were to somehow kidnap this Foreigner-classed Servant, he would surely flip out and become a nervous wreck.
  • Nervousness: Charles is a rather anxious individual. Sometimes he simply doesn't think when something happens or when someone's talking to him - in those cases, he can be attacked successfully.

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Strength: EX
  • Agility: EX
  • Luck: D-
  • Endurance: EX
  • Mana: EX+

Top Negative Ten Strongest Beings[edit | edit source]

The Top Negative Ten are beings that are the personification of concepts, such as imagination, reality, existence, etc. They all range from Heavenly Dragon-level to even the level of Great Red and Ophis and beyond, however, they each possess a set of weaknesses that can cause any being to be able to defeat them.

They all reside within a separate plane of matter; an area that only a few individuals know of, such as Ophis, Great Red, God of the Bible, and the original Lucifer. As such, only those four know of these ten beings, but none of them know who all ten are. However, due to Charles being the sole being of this plane to enter the plane of those four, they know most of him than the rest.

Nova C Breaker is known to fluctuate between the levels of the Heavenly Dragons and the Dragon Gods, however, his level can drop to the point of a regular human if his weaknesses are exploited. He is one of the three beings on this list that cannot truly die. The three that cannot die, or the top three of the Negative Ten, are all given the title of "Heavenly Tyrant" due to their capabilities being extremely oppressive over others when utilized and are above even Gods, placing them onto the same plane as regular mortals.

They also hold "dominion" over the other, lesser, Negative Ten members due to their concepts taking "priority", however, the tenth member, who is considered the weakest of them, is an exception to this rule due to his concept being that of "Mystery".

  1. Unknown - Heavenly Tyrant of Existence
  2. Unknown - Heavenly Tyrant of Reality
  3. Nova C Breaker/Charles - Heavenly Tyrant of Imagination
  4. Unknown - Hedonist Doll of Nihilism
  5. Unknown - True King of Authority
  6. Unknown - Unbreakable Shackles of Space-Time
  7. PYRE/CrimsonPyre/CrimsonSOng - Twisted Speech of Logic
  8. Unknown - All-Father of Magic
  9. Unknown - Angelic Harbinger of Pain
  10. Unknown - Unknown Tyrant of Mystery

EXtra[edit | edit source]

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