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FBS[edit | edit source]

A fancy place. A hall painted in white, big enough to host a large bunch of people. Of course, it is a hall used for parties, and so, there were a lot of people gathered, all dressed in fancy clothing. Evidently, a formal event was taking place.

"So what do you think about that guy, eh... What was his name? Chronos? Do you think it's true what he..."

"Lies, lies I tell you...."

Among them, there were a group of people who were standing in a circular formation, most of them held a glass of wine in one hand. A man with pale blue hair chuckled as if what the other man was saying was something trivial.

"Although his performance that day was surprising, it won't go beyond anything but that." He drank a bit of his wine and sighed in comfort, "So I wouldn't worry about it that much." The man that originally spoke chuckled in agreement. He was taller than the blue haired one, wider, and had a lock beard still growing on his face.

"His group attacked a city administrated by the Belial clan last week though..." He said it as if it was something trivial; however everyone else seemed to tense at the declaration.

"I didn't know that." The blue haired man replied.

"Well, it was big news a few days ago..." A woman with orange, curly hair in a blue dressed commented looking at the man on her right. The man seemed to be her lover.

"Certainly." Another one nodded.

"That's a lie"

A feminine voice echoed through the hall. Everyone turned to look at the ceiling, from where they thought the voice came from. In that same moment; the floor trembled and a sound similar to that of metal being forcefully bent inside of a cavern entered their ears; not like they would have ever heard that sound, with their fancy clothes it's unlikely they had the need to enter a cavern even once in their lives.

A crack appeared in the space over their heads, as if someone had punched the fabric of reality. The crack began to widen, someone was pushing from the other side, wherever that side is. The movement became more pronounced, and pieces of space fell above their heads before crumbling into nothingness.

After a few moments, the smaller cracks were replaced by a huge one. Space shattered like a glass window being hit by a big rock. Energy flowed from inside, freeing particles of light and some debris of spatial energy as small sparkles.

Fog crawled from inside the ripped space. Like countless snakes, the fog moved through the air as it leaked from the hole, remaining in a straight line in front of the hole and bending down to the sides, pulled by gravity as if a platform was there.

Steps followed suit and a group of young people appeared from the newly ripped open space. All of the were, of course, were dressed fancy since it's a formal event, right?

"Lies, lies I tell you!" In front of the group, a young woman dressed in a black dress with a gypsy skirt that reached below her knees appeared. She had equally dark gloves that reached up her elbows and a white scarf adorned her neck. She was rather tall, very tall even; and had pale skin along with a pair of shinning violet eyes that conveyed confidence. Her blonde hair seemed to have been de-colored severely and looked messily, as pieces of hair retained some yellowish colors and some were completely white. All in all, she was a rather beautiful woman, although small chested, and those attributes should be the ones getting all the glances, but it wasn't. The part of her that was getting all the eyes was her face, being more specific, the left side of her face; which was covered in a huge scar that left her skin between burnt and wrinkled. It covered almost the whole left side, with small lines crossing over the right side of her nose, and cutting her left eyebrow in half exactly in the middle. Her left eyes was somewhat smaller because of the strange situation her skin was in, but fortunately she seemed to be able to use it just fine. Her scarf didn't allow the people around to appreciate her neck (nor the way she was positioned above them anyway), but it was likely that the scar went down it.

Everyone was disgusted by such a huge mark on her, yet she didn't seem to mind and smiled widely.

"Gentlemen! I hope we're not too late to the party!" She boasted as she raised her hands on her sides. The people behind her looked serious, save for a blonde young guy with blue eyes, who was chuckling, apparently at the eccentric way the woman was speaking, "As you can see, we prepared for such a special occasion!" she said, spinning over one of her black high heels; showing off her dress.

"Bastards! Who are you???" From within the people on the ground, a red haired man with a white suit and blue eyes yelled inquisitive; the guards around interpreted this as a signal, and activated different magic circles, ready to attack at any moment.

"..." The woman in the air didn't look happy, and as she frowned, a sigh escaped from her mouth, "Shut up devil, don't you see I'm talking?" She spat venomously, with a 180 degree change in personality "We're, of course, the Khaos Brigade."

"Hahahahaha!" The people around begun laughing, of course, why wouldn't they?

"Nonsense! The heros of the underworld defeated the Khaos Brigade!"

"They even joined DXD!"

"Nice performance, didn't know a spectacle like this was contracted!" the devils relaxed, confident and begun dismissing the group of people that appeared by ripping through space and time. However, the woman with the scar on her face did not take that lightly.

"Nico." A single word escaped her lips, an implicit order in that lone name. With a smirk, the blonde teen from before, who was wearing very nomadic clothing, it being a white robe that reached to his ankles and wrists under an orange over coat that had diamonds on the edges was revealed to be Nico. He also had a green scarf around his neck and a green bandana tied around his forehead. Nico manifested a golden spear in his right hand and pointed it at the group of devils, who were now gasping in realization of what weapon it was.

"Au revoir, mes amis!" He shouted cheerfully as the tip of the spear charged golden colored energy about the size of a basket ball, before shooting it at the devils. When it came in contact with the first devil it caused an explosion which in turn, consumed most of the devils and even some of the building, leaving behind a plethora of broken pieces of furniture. "I hope I didn't go overboard..." The blonde said, a bit worried as the smoke started to dissipate and screams of horror and pain took over the sound of collapsing material. He started to play with his waist long blonde hair to occupy himself as he waited for a response.

Rather surprisingly, the response he waited didn't come from the enemies, but rather, from the group he belonged to. A remarkably tall young man with black hair and blue eyes clicked his tongue in annoyance, while the ears of a jet-black puppy laying on his shoulder perked up. His well-kept business suit had been stained with dust blown by the explosion of the light blast.

"If you can even 'hope' for such a thing then you must be blind. Look at what you did! Damn it, this is why I hate kids..." Still, in preparation for further conflict, the man made a signal on his hand before the puppy.

Swiftly jumping into the air, its body twisted for a split second before descending in a different form. Held in the man's hand was now an enormous black broadsword, probably as long as his height.

"Ed, I know such an approach is not ideal, but don't be so harsh on him. It's not like the outcome was undesirable, right?" A beautiful young woman approaching him from the side. Her wavy blonde hair fluttered slightly due to the air and her green eyes like emeralds remained understanding, but with a certain strictness.

Shockingly, a surviving Devil leaped forward at her, magic circles on his hands and aiming at her neck. However, before he could even reach the woman's dress, the Devil suddenly ignited, flames of a strange purple color and evaporated down to the last shred of his existence.

"That's scary, Tina. I think I'll have you sleep on a pool from now on." The black-haired man, called 'Ed' by the woman, spoke back to her with a grin.

"Oh, come on~! Isn't this the approach you wanted?"

Not even trying to restrain themselves, they chuckled at the situation and their own banter.

"Ah... Mister Edmond, Miss Valentina, please don't get carried away." Another man from the group stepped forward; he had light brown hair and green eyes, wearing a suit similar to his male companion; his features were hard, but he looked un-denyingly young "This is not the outcome we wanted, we should have—"

"No, it is." The woman with the scar on the face interrupted, and turning to the blonde she smiled briefly "Good job, little Nico." Hearing the compliment from her, made Nico gave her a smile.

"Amanda..." The man who was interrupted simply sighed.

"Oh, c'mon Abel, is not like we were planning to come and enjoy the party either." The woman with the scar, Amanda, retorted "Right guys?" she asked looking behind her, to the rest of the group.

"—I don't have time for parties."


With those words cutting Amanda off mercilessly. Another member of the group, a woman with pale-blue hair, pushed up her glasses as she stuck her hand into a rift that was created beside her. Pulling from it a slim metallic black-colored bow.

A single red-colored spark then shines from her palm, and in a blink of an eye, a spear of flame was created in her hand. She then spun it before placing it on the bow like an arrow, and pointing it forward. She steadied herself as she breathed in and out, her expression remaining the same.

Then as to not let the world have even the smallest moment of silence, a comparably smaller girl appeared from above the group. With a petite appearance and a long dark blue dress which also had a gown on top of it, it was evident that the girl was flying, as a pair of white wings which were decorated with blue energy held her up in the airspace. With sword in hand sword, she muttered a single word before swinging her blade down horizontally which sent a sharp, sideways V-shaped blast of blue energy towards the group of seemingly noble Devils.

"... Weak."

Then tilting her head to the left slightly, this girl, Rin observed the room, looking for anything to appease her. However, due to the chaos and terror that was currently going on in the room, all she observed as smoke. She stayed close to the main group, seemingly questioning her role in the operation.

"Boring," With a dull remark, multiple noble Devils were split apart into chunks, the wind seemingly ripping into them like blades. Multiple clicks and clanks echoed from the belts over his clothes, a young boy sheathed a sword on the back of his hip.

Turning to face more, the boys red eyes were giving off a dull vibe from under his hood. "Your all nothing but Beowulf chow."

A snap of his fingers and the boys shadow expanded, wolf-like creatures emerging. These wolf-like creatures were covered in white bone armor and spikes. Those spikes were dripping with black liquid. They snarled at the boy's side.

Nico then turned back his back and did a mock bow and grinned to a group of devils that where in front of him. As if on cue, a teen about Nico's age ran ahead and used Nico's back as a spring board. Jumping, the boy landed on top a devil and squashed his head on the ground leaving, a bloody mess.

"Hello, Devils my name is... OZ I AM THE HERO THAT SHALL HELP THE WEAK AND DESTROY THE EVIL!" Oz shouted as the mist started to surround his body and turn into a pair of gauntlets. Oz then started to punch through Devils leaving a holes where his fist were.

"Jeez Oz, can you relax for once you can get really loud." Nico said as he impaled a devil in the chest with his spear.

"If I don't state why I am killing them then I am no better than the villains!" He said back to Nico with a serious tone.

"..." Abel simply stared silently at the two boys doing what he asked Edmond and Valentina not to do, and simply gave a questioning look to Amanda, who simply smiled as if pleased, "People... Begin the operation!" Abel commanded shortly after.

The invisible platform where the self-proclaimed Khaos Brigade was standing suddenly vanished and the group fell to the ground.

Upon landing, the blue-haired woman was quick to act and pulled back her fiery spear again before letting it loose from her bow. She then created several others and launched them as well, impaling a majority of the crowd of Devils. After a while, she lowered her bow and the bodies impaled by the fiery spear let loose a burning inferno and exploded.

The remaining crowd could only stay behind the pseudo-wall of flame that was created by the explosion, which stood on the ashes of the unfortunate Devils.

"Jeez you just made this harder with blocking the fun Hakai!" Nico shouted a bit upset with the blue haired woman. "Oz you go through and kill the rest behind the wall if there are any left." Nico said with a sigh as he walked over to Amanda and Abel. With a big grin Oz made the mist from the pair of gauntlets he had spread across his body. he then jumped through the flames and started to tear apart a few devils before he impaled the rest with spikes made out of mist. Walking out of the flames with blood running down his mist armor Oz just smiled.

"I have destroyed the evildoers everyone!" he said shouting cheerfully.

Doing multiple flips and turns, the small girl, Rin quickly dashed through multiple unsuspecting Devils, slicing them all down with a speed unexpected of someone her size. Normally, someone with her strength would not be able to cleanly slice through her enemies magical barriers, but with a [DIVIDE] announce from her light-wings, a strange phenomenon caused all the barriers and shields to become extremely weak.

With the created black wolves following his moves, the red-eyed boy simply ran through the wall of flames with a magic circle covering him, and proceded to draw his sword again and cleanly slice devils like butter, and sheathed the blade. The devils fell apart one the resonding clack was made; the wolves assisted, ripping through the enemy with their fangs and spikes.

As a result of the current commotion, countless guards in light armor had appeared in the room. Weapons brandished and magic circles in their hands, they were ready to battle.

Meanwhile, Edmond and Valentina ran through the hordes of enemies, neither attacking nor getting a single scratch on their bodies. With expert movements, they got to the other side of the room.

"Combination?" Edmond asked of his female partner.

"Indeed." Valentina answered with a smile as she soared upwards with a pair of black bat-like wings.

Upon confirming this, Edmond smirked as blackness emanated from his body. No, rather it was being emitted from beneath him, swiftly covering the floor and continuing with the walls and the ceiling.

"Schwert!" As he shouted this single word, twisted blades instantly sprouted out of the areas covered in shadow.

Being sent in a way that avoided his associates, the swords still pierced and injured some of the Devil guards, though not enough to kill any. However, the true aim of this move had been completed, to trap many of them within the blades.

Seeing this, Valentina closed her eyes as her aura swelled up. Placing her hand forward, what appeared to be a stream of formless vibrations was sent to the forest of deformed swords.

""Mad Blade Aria!"" Edmond and Valentina said at the same time.

Upon touching the blades, the waves of sound were amplified and redirected by the acoustic field formed by the blades. Needless to say, the Devils trapped within were swiftly brought down without a drop of blood being spilled from their skin, as only their skeletons had been pulverized.

After the slaughter had concluded, the forest of swords crumbled away like sand, the shadows receded and Valentina descended right next to Edmond. The rest of the Sacred Gear users stopped in their tracks and looked at their work.

One would find hard to believe that just moments ago, the place was a hall for a formal event, instead of ruins hit by a natural disaster over time. The two people that had stayed their hands from fighting, Abel and Amanda, finally left their positions and wandered around the place as if studying the damage done.

"A pity..." the woman said "And I even learned to dance just for the occasion..." Amanda sent a look to Abel, as the rest silently looked at the two young adults.

"I'm afraid you wasted your time if it was already decided that they would go all out like this..." the brown haired man sent a serious glare to her companion "They must learn to hold back."

"Oh, c'mon Abel! You don't always get strong Longinus wielders, you should be glad they are this strong already" Amanda hopped away when a piece of the ceiling fell with a noisy crack; and turning to the group she nodded approvingly "You guys did well, don't mind Abel."

"Thanks Amanda~" Nico said cheerfully as he spun his spear around. "I'll try to hold back next time if it was too much this time." He finished in the same tone while hitting the butt of the spear against the ground causing it to crack.

Oz stayed silent for a moment as he looked around the destroyed hall. "None of these villains stood a chance." He muttered before he yawned revealing sharp canines. "Justice prevails yet again!" he yelled triumphantly and finishing his sentence with a fist pump.

"Though..." Rin muttered, descending as she was soaring above everyone due to her light-wings, "... I came here prepared to fight strong people..." Firmly holding her beloved sword by it's grip, Rin flourished her blade to expel the blood that would surely stain the metal blade if it were to stay on it.

If there truly were strong Devils in the formal party, Rin decided to herself that she would've played more of a supportive role, dividing down the strength until she was capable of defeating them by herself, but that did not seem to be needed, due to the weak power-levels of the enemies.


Whatever Haruka was going to say, was then interrupted by him running to one of the Devil bodies, plopping down, and pulling a jar out of the corpse's clothes. A couple seconds later, it was obvious what was in the jar as he turned his around and a large chocolate chip cookie was seen in his mouth.

"Ish founs coodies!" Translations, 'I found cookies'.

Haruka softly patted one of his Beowulf's heads, the one who informed him of the cookies, as he just sat there eating and somhow looking adorable.

Even with the blood on his clothes...

On the other hand, thrusting her bow back to a dimensional ripple, the pale blue haired—Hakai, began to look around, as if searching for something.

After finding what she was looking for, she sat down on one of the tables that remained intact. Taking one of the tea cups that was slightly cracked, she began to pour tea for herself.

"If we've no further business here," She pauses, sipping from her cup with a small plate under it "I suggest we leave." She says that, placing the cup down as she looked at the others and fixed her glasses.

"Agreed, everyone is getting into their self-indulgences already" Abel nodded to the woman with glasses.

"Mhm... Though I was thinking... I know you mentioned it before but, is this really it? Is our team really that strong to just mow down a hall full of devils like that?" Amanda tilted her head.

"I know what you mean... But I just said they should hold back" the grown haired young man retorted.

"Well... Yes, but..." Looking at the scene around her, Amanda grew unsatisfied with the result presented to her "Lady Tina" she called out after several seconds of studying her surroundings "Do you recognize from which clans these devils are?"


"Were" Amanda agreed with Abel's correction, though she didn't seem to be as happy as she was before "Can you tell which clan they belonged to?"

"Ummm" the blonde looked around, joining her eyebrows in a frown "I could if you hadn't turned them into a pulp" Edmond turned his eyes to her with a mischievous grin already on his face "You shut up" she quickly added before the male could say anything.

"Hey, I hadn't said anything" Edmond chuckled "Feeling self-conscious?"

"If no further information can be gathered" Abel spoke louder to get everyone's attention "I suggest we should be moving on. Opening that gate isn't nearly as easy as it should be, right Amanda?"

"Hmmm, true" the scarred woman said "Let's get going. Oz with me, Dimension Lost ready, lil' Nico bring the most complete bodies with you, as many as you can hold, lil' Haruka do the same, don't use your Sacred Gear though, it will be difficult to transport your creations" she gave orders and looked around "Abel, help me out, the rest in defensive position! We're getting out of here through the gate again!"

D&D: Beyond the Infinite[edit | edit source]

Once upon a time, the world nearer its end. At the hands of the evil organization, the Khaos Brigade, originally led by the Ouroboros Dragon Ophis; it betrayed its master after the rise of a powerful and ambisius devil known as Rizevim Livan Lucifer. With the help of the organization, he unleashed the long dormant beast of the Apocalypse to attack both the human and the supernatural world.

All the factions among the world, joined then forces to stop the calamity, putting aside their differences for the greater good. But it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough because the Khaos Brigade, as weakened as it was, still held power to fight back and attain their goals.

A hero came. The Diabolos Dragon, otherwise known as Issei Hyoudou stepped in and fought the enemy with all his might and found himself victorious.

Yes, Hyoudou Issei is a hero.

"Issei-sama!" one to be greeted with glee and gratitude.

"...'sama'?" one that is revered even when he looks mad or behaves rudely.

"...?" the one who saved millions of lives, natural and supernatural alike.

"What is this... It pisses me off" one with almost his own sigil, and by no means need to use the magic circle of the Ouroboros Dragon.


Yes, Hyoudou Issei is the hero of the Underworld.


It was silent; the Dimentional Gap was silent with no signs of Kur around... So quiet and peaceful it almost doesn't seem like the void is trying to eat me alive despite not being anywhere near to be able to.

Perhaps this is... This feeling is the one she cherished the most; I see, I think I'm beginning to understand it a bit; it is indeed peaceful. Oh, so peaceful...

...Not really, still don't get it.

In this vast empty space between dimensions, one could only hear the flapping of the immense wings of the Great Red; so powerful he is that he can create sound amidst emptiness; but now even that, even that disappeared from my reach; I now feel truly alone.

"Oh, so quiet..." how much time has it been? Minutes? Hours? Days? Months? Centuries? If the Dimensional Gap is good at something other than eating everything into nothingness, is messing with your sense of time; I can't recall how much time I've been here, but it truly feels like an eternity.

Then again, peace can never last for long enough.

The sounds of space being disrupted quickly engulfed the sound of complete stillness. Magic poured from the newly formed portal like a protective shield against the absolute void of the Dimensional Gap; allowing for people to arrive in between the worlds.

Who are they I wonder; I don't recognize their uniforms, and their appearance give little to no... Wait a sec., bat wings, devils. And a lot of them while we're at that; what are they doing in the Dimensional Gap?

Ever since I got in here, my appearance has degraded to a point beyond recognizion. Of course it would, there's no showers in here, no closet nor a mirror for that matter... It's been a while since I looked at myself. With that said, I still noticed the pale tone of my skin, my black hair which has grown non-stop reaching beyond my shoulders, and the growth of my nails; if I stare at them long enough, they look like those of a model on a fashion maganize or something, though with less care put in them. I don't even remember what I was wearing; anything that looked like clothes is long gone, and the onlything that remains is a tattered cloak which covers almost until my naked feet.

It doesn't bother me, as in this place, there's no such a thing as temperature, so I have no problems going around like this.

Still, to be seen by so much people like this is a little...

"Ouroboros Dragon Ophis!" going by the ornaments adorning the armor of the devil stepping before the others, I take it's a commander of sorts "Put your hands where we can see them and stay still!"


"Didn't you hear?! Raise your hands!"

"Okay, okay!" I did as commanded. I don't get it, what's going on? Am I going to be murdered in here? But they got the wrong person... I'm not lady Ophis "Ummmmm, hey"

Wait a second, they can't murder me, right? I mean, I am...

"What's the deal with that appearance? Did you truly think we could not recognize you going by your presence?" the commander approached me. Even if I didn't go by the voice, I would have noticed now that it was a female devil.

"..." talking bing aren't we? Doesn't matter "I am no Ophis"

"Oh, really? Funny thing actually. I thought you were for a second" wow, irony.

"The name's Jesus" I'm not falling on your game devil, even if I don't feel confident enough, something deep within me knows you can talk big as much as you want, because I can totally kick your ass.

"Oh really? What happened to the Ouroboros Dragon then?" such smug looks ugly on you, geez.

"She didn't want to live in this world anymore"

Project Ideas[edit | edit source]

Mechanical Angel Another Code[edit | edit source]

(Unusual Path to an Artificial Ascension)

Andrew's sub-species Balance Breaker. The feathers open, turning into futuristic barrels which are able to shoot lasers by using the wielder's energy. This results in a form of futuristic guns attached to the wielder's back capable of great fire prowess. There can be different types of barrels and more feathers can be added to create a heavy artillery-type barrel to fire even more powerful lasers.

Artificial Devil Divine Core[edit | edit source]

(True Meaning of a Fake Downfall)

???'s sub-species Balance Breaker, which changes the Sacred Gear's power from using particles to using the wielder's magic reserves, allowing them to use it like the standard form with the added effect of being able to pour their magic into it to use it in a wider array of ways.

Pixel Utopian World[edit | edit source]

(Light Parade of the Creationist)

Kazuma's sub-species Balance Breaker which adds to his gauntlets some sort of pad in which images are displayed. This form allows him to project specific fulfilling roles images that acts as a whole, like a level in a classic mini-game. This way, he can overwhelm his foes with a space invaders like number of projections attacking from all sides, or have a pac-man like creature following them around trying to eat them.

Unlimited Rulebook[edit | edit source]


Amanda's sub-species Balance Breaker which allows her to focus the abilities of Apocryphal Notes in special zones which can be given special rules that affect everything inside of the zones. Targets inside the zone can only leave if Amanda allows it or if they are strong enough to break free of her influence.

Decaying Hell Dracul[edit | edit source]

(Lost Flame of the Evil Dragon)

Blaze Black Flare's Balance Breaker. It projects a big elemental made out entirely of the Sacred Gear's black flames which the user controls remotely, with the ability to self-regenerate (without the user's direct command) by producing more flames and shaping them as its lost body parts.

Blooming Miasma Burst[edit | edit source]

(Growing Shackles of the Dragon)

Shadow Prison's regular Balance Breaker. Vritra's shadowy aura changes and becomes capable of being launched in a missile-like form; upon contact, the construction will spread the shadow aura, restraining anyone caught in the explosion.

World Rejector[edit | edit source]

(World of the Blissful Ignorant/World of Blissful Ignorance)

Delete Field's Balance Breaker, which has the ability to seal away most if not all supernatural phenomena in a given area around the user. While inside the area, friends and foes alike are rendered unable to use magic, special traits or use their Sacred Gear. The supression is as strong as the user, and can be bypassed should someone strong enough overpowers the Balance Breaker's influence.

Heavy Object[edit | edit source]

(Evil King's Projected Tools)

Is Christopher's sub-species Balance Breaker for Shadow Prison which was born to compensate for his lack of weapons beside his whip-like use of Absorption Line. Heavy Object allows Christopher to manipulate Vritra's aura to create weapons made out of it and utilize them in combat, using its restrainment property to gain weight and a solid structure.

Blazing Calamity Swarm[edit | edit source]

(Locusts of Burning Judgment) 

Is the sub-species Balance Breaker for Blaze Black Flare which allow its wielder to create a swarm of etereal flying bugs with Vritra's flames. The swarm attacks any foe in range and pursues them until they stick to them to insert Vritra's flames inside the victim's body with their sting. 

Malefic Sensorial Hive[edit | edit source]

(Shadow Dome of the Dragon's Fumes)

Is the sub-species Balance Breaker for Shadow Prison which creates a dome made out of Vritra's shadowy aura to trap the targets in. The dome makes the opponent's moves slower and heavier, while at the same time taking away their sight and perception abilities, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

Downfall Arachnophobia Havoc[edit | edit source]

(Soul-eating Spiderweb)

Is the sub-species Balance Breaker for Absorption Line. In this form, the chameleon-like gauntlet separates from the user's body and sticks to the nearest surface to it, to then release a huge amount of connecting lines that sticks to the surrounding surfaces. The lines are as sticky as a spiderweb, and are able to absorb the opponent's powers until they get their very soul sucked.

Hysteria Stinger Null[edit | edit source]

(Venom of Despairing Powerlessness)

The sub-species Balance Breaker of Delete Field. It takes the form of an ethereal parasite which upon entering someone's system it takes away the target's power, leaving them in a constant state of weakness. Unlike Delete Field's regular Balance Breaker, it can be used in tandem with the rest of Vritra's Sacred Gear and the supressing parasite has to be removed for its effects to go away, as it'll sustain itself from the supressed power in any other situation, even if the user were to die.

Just like World Rejector, the host can overpower the supression parasite if they are stronger than the user at the moment of the Balance Breaker's usage on them.

Tyrant Count Impaler Cloth[edit | edit source]

(Bloodthirsty Armor of the Evil Count)

Crimson Tears' sub-species Balance Breaker, which creates an evil, flesh-themed armor that covers the user's body and protects them from harm. This form give the wielder a raise in their abilities as well as now being able to absorb with opponent's health by any way of harm, be it magical, physical or by retaliation.

Altar of Evil[edit | edit source]

(Resurrection of the Corrupted Deity)

After obtaining the needed data from Nico's sub-species Balance Breaker, and "translating" it into something she could use through Apocryphal Notes, Amanda unlocked a new form. Altar of Evil allows her utilize 666's corruption within her body that would otherwise harmlessly disappear after time because of her immunity to it.

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