The Tri-Thunder Dragon, whose true name is Dragra, is a member of the Dragon Race.


THe Tri-Thunder is a 15m tall dragon with sleek golden scales. It's under side is covered in thick charcoal grey scales with a lightning bolt design coming off of it. It's single pair of large golden wings are thick and broad. It possess's three heads, each shaped like a sleek western dragon. Each of it's eyes are red.


The Tri-Thunder Dragon is not exactly a talker. However, it does show a preference for eating Angels and Holy objects.


Nothing is known about it's history, except for that it appeared during the Great War, attacking the Angel's, while simultaneously ignoring the Devil's and Fallen Angels. It was even able to injure the Biblical God before it left the field of battle and has not been seen since then. 


Draconic Lightning- This Dragon seems to have the ability to use Lightning as it's main weapon. Dragra has been seen shooting it from his mouth as a concentrated beam of lightning from each head, a massive beam by combining all three beams the heads produce, summoning lightning to strike it's enemies from the sky and to create an electrifing tornado.

Flight- Being a Dragon, it is capable of flight.

Immense Endurance- Dragra fought and killed many elite Angels without som much as get a scratch.