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Kana サイルス
Romaji Sairusu
Race Dragon
Nicknames Terni Dragon
Yellow Dragon Princess
Yellow one who don't want be challenged
Male-girl Dragon Princess (shared with Niki)
Eye Color Yellow
Equipment Mimic Visioner (sealed)
Personal Status
Relatives Wyverns (Presumably descendant)
Status Alive (sealed inside Charges Masquerade)
Ranking Enigmatic Dragon
Okay, okay, listen me male-girl maniac dumbass! I'll help you but finish it quickly! Then i sleep again!

–Thyrus, after feel tired with Niki's unending battle with Sid

Thyrus is an Enigmatic Dragon. She's yellow dragon known as Terni Dragon and Yellow Dragon Princess. Three faction speculated Thyrus has terrible potential kill both Gods and Satans. Yet, it's still disputed until now. She also presumed as ancestor of Wyverns, the subspecies of Dragons.


Thyrus has the appearance of a large yellow Western Dragon with golden eyes and she has pair of armed wings.


Thyrus is lazy and laid back like her wielder, in exception she's very anti-social and feel irritated when asked about her past by Niki. Thyrus also disrespectful and foul-mouthed person, she even never shows her respect even to Ddraig. On several occasions, Thyrus shows her hatred towards Bible God and Angels. 


Not much known about Thyrus past, but when she sleep stealthly attacked by Michael, injure her as the Archangel proceed it by destroying Thyrus' body and seal her soul inside Mimic Visioner. 


Unpredictable Strength and instinct - Thyrus is unpredictable dragon, she even push Michael, although she finally destroyed by him.

Object and beings ability copy - Thyrus has abilty to copying power of other being or objects, even sacred gear, however power that she copy quite inferior than original.

Flight - As a Dragon Thyrus can fly with her wings.


"DANG IT! I won't live inside this droppy mask more longer! Why, why god fart!? Why you stuck me with this perverted bitch! I hate youuuuuu~!" - Thyrus's pray (if it not protest) to Biblical God after known Charges Masquerade wielded by male-girl maniac Niki.


  • Thyrus resembles Shagaru Magara from Monster Hunter 4/Ultimate.