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The Dark Lady Edit

"I'm sorry Dark Lady. I've failed the mission to captor Afanasiia Zhar-Ptitsa."

"That's fine. I didn't really care about that nun anyways. Besides, the objective was achieved."

I was shocked at this. Lifting my head up, I looked at the Dark Lady.

She was a woman with such an overwhelming beauty that most men of any species would just be in awe. Her hair was long, black, and wavy, easily reaching down to her thighs. Her eyes are a bright, light blue color. Her breasts were large, larger then Miss. Satan's, and large enough that she wouldn't lose to a succubus. She had beautiful, snow white, skin that would make any man filled with desire.

For clothes, she was wearing a black dress that showed off her nice curves and had a slit in the chest, giving a very nice view of her large breasts. She was wearing long black boots and opera gloves that went up to her elbows.

"Um, if you don't mind me asking, but if Afanasiia Zhar-Ptitsa wasn't the target, then who was?"

The Dark Lady took a sip of the wine she had.

"James Yami."


"The plan was simple: have James Yami battle against impossible odds so that his demonic powers will awaken."

The Dark Lady wanted Little James to awaken his powers? Why would she want that? It just doesn't make any scene to me. Actually, Little James' powers doesn't make scene to me either. It's not a Sacred Gear, and I positive that he's 100% human. So, where did those powers come from?

As I was thinking this, the Dark Lady set her wineglass down.

"Lucifuge, I have something for you to do for me."

A tall man stepped out from the shadows. He had shoulder length silver hair and bright silver eyes. He was handsome enough to make most girls want to get his attention, but wouldn't bother. The reason was very simple; he had some sort of intimidating aura on him.

He was dressed in a light blue business suit.

"Yes, my lady."

"Contact the Evil Claws. Tell them about Miss. Arya Satan. I'm positive that that will be more than enough to get them to make their move."

The man bowled.

"As you wish, my lady."

With that, he disappeared.

"Now then, Trianna, I have something else I want you to do. Track down my good-for-nothing son and tell me where he is. I have some plans that'd require this assistance for. Hopefully, for once, he can be of some use."