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Takashi Dragonway
Kana タカシドラゴンウェイ
Romaji Takashidoragon'u~ei
Race Reincarnated Devil
Former Fallen Angel-Human Hybrid (Dragon heritage)
Nicknames Onii-san/Big Brother (by Shiro)
Master (by Druella)
The Crimson Princess's Pet Dragon (by ****)
The Chaos Dragon Emperor (shared with Drogo)
Hair Color Black (normal)
Dark Silver (****)
Eye Color Hazel (normal)
Gold (****)
Equipment Chaos Edge
Personal Status
Relatives Azazel (Father)
Reika Dragonway (Mother)
Shiro Dragonway (Twin Sister)
Vali (Foster Brother)
Affiliations Higashi Academy
Dragonway Residence
Stella Suoh Rihavein's Peerage
Rihavein Clan
Status Alive
Ranking Super Devil
Queen (Mutation Piece)

Takashi Dragonway is the main male protagonist of **** and is the son of the Reika Dragonway and fallen angel Azazel. He attends Higashi Academy as a first-year college student alongside Stella Such Rihavein and the rest of her peerage where he was eventually reincarnated as a Devil, his rank being Queen. He is also the possessor of the Longinus Chaos Edge, hosting the immensely powerful dragon Drogo.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A lean young man of tall height that causes him to stand taller than many of his classmates with fair skin, messy black hair and hazel colored eyes, Takashi is thought to be very handsome by many girls both inside and outside of his school including a few older women. His most recognizable trait is his hairs particular style with it spiking upwards and a fringe extending down to cover his forehead and partially his right eye. This has earned him the nickname 'rooster' from several others much to his embarrassment including ****. His fitness level is considered to be "impressive" as a result of his training as a child with a muscular build, broad shoulders and well-built arms. After his training with Azazel and Tannin, it is noted by Druella that his body has become more toned as a result. Following his battle with ****, Takashi has a cross--shaped scar on the lower part of his abdomen from where he was impaled by one of **** light cross. As part Fallen Angel, he has a total of twelve black wings like Azazel though unlike those of other Fallen Angels, Angels or Devils that have the appearance of feathery wings, his are made out of darkness.

At Higashi Academy, he often wears a slight variation of the standard male uniform without the Blazer and sweater vest while the tie is often kept loose. While outside of the school, his most commonly worn outfit is a unzipped red jacket with a black shirt underneath and matching pants. He also sometimes wears a red collared, long-sleeve checkered shirt that has the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a V-neck shirt with blue pants.

Personality [edit | edit source]

In many instances, Takashi gives off a strong and confident demeanor. He is somewhat prideful and often self-assured in himself, especially in his abilities and takes enjoyment whenever someone takes notice or comment's on them. He is also very determined as while he might get frustrated, he doesn't give up whenever he fails to do something at first and pushes himself to do better the next time instead. This determination also has led him to developing a competitive streak and not backing down from anything that is a challenge or that he views as being one. This is further reinforced after he admitted that he doesn't enjoy losing. In spite of his confident, Takashi can come off as somewhat lazy, carefree and laid back such as when he addressed **** in a non-formal fashion while referring to Tannin as "old geezer."

Takashi has a slightly perverted side to him and shares his fathers love for breasts though he also has admitted to having a liking for butts and legs. He also has taken a certain level of enjoyment to having a harem to the point that he shamelessly admits it with it resulting in several emotions from the girls within the peerage including embarrassment from Stella, Ai and Hana with the former often scolding Takashi for it while encouragement comes from Druella. However, Takashi is slightly embarrassed about his perversion as he was quick to become embarrassed after accidentally groping Stella. He also tries to refrain from purposely committing lecherous actions. This is partially because he respects the woman to the point that he absolutely refuses to take advantage of them when their down. When Stella attempted to have sex with him out of jealousy towards Druella, he refused her advances only for him to state it as something that should happen only when she was ready. What is often considered to be part of his perversity is his modesty or rather his lack of one in that he has no problem talking to others while naked. An example is this was when he was shirtless in front of a flustered Stella and didn't show any discomfort or embarrassment about the situation in spite of her objection. However, Takashi has more contributed this lack of modesty to the confidence he has in his body and thus has no problem with people seeing him like this.

As commented by many people, one of Takashi's more noticeable and respectable traits is his bravery; no matter who or what he is up against, he refuses to let himself be intimidated or scared and to give up to the point that he will keep pushing himself forward without any signs of hesitation even in situations or moments where people give up hope. While it can sometimes be mistaken for stubbornness, this sign of bravery has the effect of inspiring confidence in others often to his own unknowingness and *** noted that this made him an effective leader much to his own objections. This also is thought to be partially the reason why the female members of the peerage fell in love with him. The other reason and something that Stella admitted to being what caused her to fall in love with him in the first place is his compassion and friendliness towards other people. Whether the person is someone close to him or a total stranger, he often sticks up for them and does his best to help them out when they need it. He won't hesitate to be friends with someone if the opportunity presents itself nor does he discriminate or judge a person based on their appearance or something that happened in their past. None of that matters to him as he only cares about what they do in the present. These same traits also lead him to treasuring the relationships he has with his family, friends and allies as he often goes out of his way to ensure that they are happy. While Takashi's love for them can be his greatest strength, it can also be one of his biggest weaknesses; after Shiro was killed, he blamed and held himself accountable for his sisters death as he saw it as something that should have been prevented. This caused him to became cold and ruthless towards his enemies accompanied by an extreme hatred for **** which eventually led to him triggering the Chaos Mode. This eventually changed though after the realization that he almost killed his friends and the impact his change of attitude had on not only Stella who became fearful of him but the rest of the peerage.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Immense Demonic Power: Aside from having all the powers and abilities of a devil, including the power to cast spells, Takashi's demonic power is described as "unusually powerful" despite being a reincarnated devil. He was initially estimated to having power at least equal to that of a Ultimate-Class Devil though it was believed by **** that this wasn't Takashis full power.

Immense Strength: Like his father Azazel, a fallen angel with strength equal to that of a Satan-Class Devil, Takashi has inherited much of his fathers strength and is extremely strong.

Incredible Durability:

Immense Speed:

Enhanced Stamina: Due to the training he received in his younger years, Takashi possesses remarkable stamina that enables him to fight for extended periods of time without tiring.

Immense Light-Based Weapons: As a former fallen angel hybrid, Takashi is able to create weapons out of light.

Magic Talent: Takashi has a natural talent in using magic as he already knows a number of spells though his preference in relying on his own physical abilities and sacred gear causes him to ignore his magical abilities After being reincarnated as a devil through a Queen Piece, it's Bishop trait enhanced his magical abilities as he is able to use magic for longer periods of time

  • Summoning Magic: Takashi is adept in using summoning magic
  • Teleportation Magic: Takashi is able to teleport both himself and other people to various locations such as when he teleported himself and Azazel to the Dragon Range where he could train.

Dragon Aura: With the soul of a Dragon, Takashi often times radiates an powerful dragon aura that tends to draw strong allies

Natural-born Holy Sword Wielder: Like his mother, Takashi is a natural-born holy sword user capable of wielding any Holy Sword without artificial means which he retained even after being reincarnated as a devil. **** speculated that the reason why he is able to wield any holy sword is that he inherited the same light attribute that his mother possesses.

Combat Skills: Takashi initially had some training in fighting which he would practice daily on a punching bag during workouts with his fighting style reminiscent of and he proved to be a sufficient enough combatant to effortlessly defeat a group of human thugs. After being trained by Azazel and Tannin in which he had to learn how to survive the latter's assault, he became more skillful in combat as he was able to hold his own against **** for a time before eventually being overwhelmed. Following his training with Sun Wukong, his skills were further improved that he is able to fight God-Class opponents without the use of his Balance Breaker

  • Tactician: Like his father, Takashi is quite the battle tactician as he is quick to notice the weaknesses in a opponents technique in the middle of a fight and can exploit it.

Cooking: While Takashi prefers leaving the cooking to others, he has taken up the job several times and has shown exceptional skill with food earning praise from others. 

Seduction and Sexual Dominance Expert: Thanks to expert "training" from Druella and extensive "practice" with his servants, Takashi is highly proficient in seducing and sexually subduing women in part to his good looks to the point that he is able to easily make one of his classmates orgasm several times in mere moments by simply groping her breasts. Druella has stated on several occasions that he would be hard to beat for many Incubi, the male versions of Succubi, and even Aphrodite has commented that he would make a wonderful replacement for Eros if Takashi was born a demigod.

Keen Intellect: Though Takashi's demeanor has caused some people to think of him 'dumb', he is actually quite smart and has a notable memory as he is able to retain information easily. He is also knowledgeable.

Flight: Being a Devil, Takashi can fly using either his Devil wings or Fallen Angel wings

Equipment [edit | edit source]

Chaos Edge (カオスエッジ, Kaosuejji): A High-Tier Longinus possessed by Takashi, the Chaos Edge is a sacred gear that seals the dragon Drogo within his body. Due to this, he is able to use the dragons ability to Devour an opponents power every 10 seconds without limit, using the stolen power to temporarily boost his and the second ability Copy, allowing him to essentially copy the ability of a target at the cost of his lifespan being shortened. While under the tutelage of *** on how to utilize his abilities, Takashi has gained a high degree of mastery over them

  • Chaos Edge: Chaos Armor (カオスエッジ黙示録の鎧, Kaosuejji mokushiroku no yoroi): The Balance Breaker of Chaos Edge that creates a Black Dragon Armor. During his fight with ****, Takashi was able to temporarily activate the form and keep it up for several minutes while discovering the ability to absorb the power of those around him through the use of Total Consumption. Due to the lack of training with the balance breaker, Takashi reverted back to his normal form
  • Chaos Mode (カオスモード, Kaosumōdo): A variation of the Juggernaut Drive and Breakdown the Beast, Chaos Mode is the Chaos Edge's forbidden move that gives the user full access to Drogo's power. After his encounter with ****, the intense feelings of anger and hatred Takashi felt towards the one responsible for his sisters death combined with the fear of losing the others instinctively caused him to enter the form. Merely activating it caused the surrounding environment to be destroyed in a gigantic explosion that would have instantly killed the entire peerage if not for **** timely arrival. In the form, Takashi was able to completely overwhelm **** who had been dominating the fight prior and forced them to retreat. Much like the two other forbidden moves however, use of this technique comes with the same risk of the user dying as their lifeforce is used as fuel and their sanity overridden due to the unrestrained power which causes them to lash out in a blind rage. The effects are also stronger and faster acting as **** estimated that Takashi only had a few minutes before he destroyed himself.
    • Oblivion Roar (忘却の轟音, Bōkyaku no gōon): This takes the appearance of a white glow that appears in the form's mouth and grows in intensity before being fired in the form of a powerful beam of blinding white energy of immense destructive power. It is considered to be the Apocalypse Mode's strongest attack as a single blast was powerful enough to completely vaporize as well as an extremely large portion of the terrain. 
  • Dragon Emperor Mode (ドラゴン皇帝モード, Doragon kōtei mōdo):
    Darkness demon god by darkbane95-d6rjb6d.png.jpeg
    A new enhanced form Takashi discovered as a substitute to the Chaos Mode and even surpassing its power, the Dragon Emperor Mode was obtained by Takashi following his use of Total Absorption on **** who gave him their energy. In this form, the color of the Apocalypse Armor changes to a mixture of black, crimson and grey with the gems turning crimson. Three large spikes adorn the shoulders, a cape and the helmet of the armor formed into a crown. This form offers Takashi the use of new moves and does not consume his lifespan though the amount of time that he can sustain this form is limited due to the amount of power it consumes. 

Quotes [edit | edit source]

  • (about Shiro's death) "It's my fault. That blast... I should have been the one hit by it and died. Not her..."
  • (about Shiro to ) "I couldn't protect her.... in spite of all the power I had, I still wasn't strong enough to save my own sister. Even with the Apocalypse Drive, I was helpless and I almost killed the people I care about. I hate myself for that day but this time is different. I swear! I'M NOT LETTING YOU DIE!"
  • (****) "So this is what dying feels like, huh? "
  • (to Shiro after seeing her in heaven) "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you."
  • "Devil, angel, god. I don't care what you are. Anyone who dares to threaten the ones I love is going to pay."

Trivia [edit | edit source]

  • According to the author:
    • His special skill is ****.
    • His hobby is ****.
    • His daily routine is ****.
    • His physical weakness is ****.
    • He was born in ****.
    • His dream is ****.
    • His greatest regret is ****.
    • His greatest shame is being unable to save his sister.
    • His favorite animal is ****.
    • His favorite smell is ****.
    • His favorite food is dango and sushi.
    • His charm point is his hair.
    • The person he respects the most is his mother.
    • The person he does not want to make an enemy of is ****.
  • Takashi's surname is that of his mothers and means "Path of the Dragon", an reference towards being trained by a dragon. His first name means "fierce warrior" and was picked out by his father as the latter often referred to his son as such due to Takashi being much fiercer as a kid as well as always looking for a fight.
  • The last quote is from Nero in Devil May Cry 5
  • His design is based off Tetsuro Kuroo from Haikyuu!! and Arata Kasuga from Trinity Seven

Themes[edit | edit source]


EPIC ROCK - ''For The Glory'' by All Good Things (2017)

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