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Sid Leplace
Race Pure-blooded Devil
Stray Devil
Nicknames Red-hood terror (by Lagred)
Mad man (by Niki)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Equipment Hell claw
Personal Status
Relatives Lord Leplace (Father) †
Lady Leplace (Mother) †
Affiliations Leplace Family (Formerly)
KKK (Leader)
Status Alive
Ranking High-class Devil (formerly)
Leader of KKK
Human are disgusting, and their desire is tasteless, the only sweet and delicious thing that can be eaten from human is their souls... but, why current Satan use a new method of contract? Why they reincarnate them? I more like kill humans and feast their souls!

–Sid, to Niki

Sid Leplace is main antagonist in Highschool DxD: Girl can be ero too!'s Arc I. He's only pure-blooded stray devil and leader of Kill Kill Kill (or abbreviated as KKK). His parents is part of old satan faction before they murdered their opposites. He also the serial murder who kill Niki.

Appearance Edit

Sid has blonde hair and black eyes. He has strange tattoos from neck to his chest. He wears hood jacket young guy and black leather pants with detailed metal accessory.

Personality Edit

Sid is very disgusted to human, view their soul as food source. He also hate current underworld system in reincarnate human to devils.

History Edit

Not known much about Sid, but he didn't like current satan for killing his parents. Then he planned using Pandora to gains his undead armies to invade underworld.

Story Edit

Sid killing Niki for her soul and add her body to his undead army but halted by Lagred Paimon.

Ability Edit

Demonic Powers: As a devil, Sid has impresive demonic power.

Flight: Being a devil Sid can fly with his wings.

Equipment Edit

Hell Claw: A powerful claw weapon made from Gehennium ore.

Pandora: Demon relic of Leplace clan, the box which used for deposit human soulless body and reanimate them as Undead armies. Sid can summon these undeads whenever he needs. Most KKK members inside this box.

  • Army of Darkness: Sid can summon Horde of undeads at same time control them, it can't be destroyed before hope core of the box is destroyed.

Quote Edit

  • "Blahblahblah~! I don't want hear anything from current satan dogs!" - Sid to Lagred.

Trivia Edit

  • Sid's model based from Gunji from Togainu no Chi.
  • One of Pandora technique Army of Darkness based on american horror movies with same name.