Shiro Stryder
Race Vampire
Nicknames Snow White
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Equipment Lightning magic
Personal Status
Relatives Joel Stryder (Brother)
Affiliations Kuoh Academy
Status Alive
Ranking Ultimate

Shiro Stryder is an Medium Class Vampire and one of the main protagonists in the fan-fiction; Highschool DxD: RiseN


Shiro is an attractive young women with long White hair and red eyes. She has a small build but has proven to have a very high athletic physique.

For Fun clothing she wears a peach, skintight bodysuit, decorated with red circles and stripes.

For Normal Clothes she wears a dress with short denim jeans, and a Bracelet.

And she also wears the traditional Kuoh Academy girl uniform with thigh high socks.


Shiro is a bubbly and a bit clumsy girl. She has lots of energy, and is not afraid to express her feelings towards others. She also has a very flirty personality.


Before she became a vampire, Joel and Shiro played quite often, sharing a common admiration of Manga. She and Joel normally got along well, but once, when Joel was in grave pain because of the injections of needles, they once bickered so violently that Joel broke her Goku action figure and Shiro took her toys and ran away from him in tears. Soon after, she came face-to-face with a rabid, vile dog, one of the test subjects that escaped from a lab. Shiro dropped to her knees in fear and called for Goku to save her. Suddenly, Joel jumped down from a window and landed on the dog, knocking it out and saving her life. After this, Joel vowed to become Shiro's "Goku" whenever she was in trouble. and the same in vice Versa.

Joel's death shattered shiro, she just wanted to see her big brother on last time, and she was bitten by a vampire one night, she became a vampire, convinced that he brother was still alive she killed the vampire that bit her and drank his blood, making her very powerful.


Shiro can control Black Lightning like her brother

  • Evil Spark - Shiro puts her hands on the target's body and electrocutes them with a powerful surge of electricity.
  • Sleight of Hand - Like Joel, Shiro charges his hands with electricity, which is then released as a torrent of lightning bolts, electrocuting the target.

Sacred GearEdit

Branch of Sin - Shiro's sacred gear gives her the ability to freely control her blood out of her body. Her most favorite is "Crow Claw"