The greatest of the demons of old, the first generation of leaders to unite and rule the Underworld. Those seven, all fallen, were ruthless and cruel but respected and honored to this day. Their souls were hardened by brutal ambition and Faustian efficiency.

Mephisto to the Occult Research Club.

The Seven Great Satans, also known as the Seven Great Devil Kings, are the seven demonic rulers of the Abrahamic Underworld, known as Hell, and leaders of the Devils (and Demons). They were named Lucifer, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Belphegor, Mammon and Satan.

Overview Edit

The Great Satans were the leaders of the Devils and Demons of the Abrahamic Underworld, known as Hell. Dark and dangerous beings of immense power and presence. A wave of their hands, and whole swaths of land would be reduced to inhospitable wastelands. A simple command, and an army would charge out to crush their foes, more afraid of failing their leader than the pointed spears of their enemies. They were monsters, both in body and heart. Ruthless and cruel, their souls were hardened by ambition and Faustian efficiency.

After their so-called deaths in the Great War, a group of the descendants of the Great Satans intended to carry on their legacy by gathering the strong supporters of the original leaders and finish what they started, the Great War to realize the world domination ambition of the Original Satans, even though only Beelzebub wanted the war to happen in the first place. Their intentions, however, were opposed by a certain group of Devils, the Anti-Satan Faction, who wanted to ensure the survival of their species, thus disapproving of the continuation of the Great War. This dissension eventually caused a civil war to break out between them which ultimately lead to the defeat of the Original Satans' descendants. Following the defeat of the descendants who were forced to retreat to the back part of the Underworld, their names became titles for the new rulers of the underworld while the Original Satans became known as the Old Satans.

First-Generation Seven Great Satans Edit

The original seven leaders of Hell, also known as the Seven Princes of Hell, they were known as the most powerful demons/devils in all Creation, feared by the Grigori and Heaven. These demons were all fallen angels that had rebelled alongside Lucifer who defied God and created a War in Heaven. After their fall from grace, each of the beings were twisted and transformed into hideous abominations.

At some point in the past, they led the armies of Hell against God and the Angels of Heaven as well as the Grigori in the Great War, the latter of whom retreated prior. The Seven Great Satans were said to eventually died in the Great War after more than half of the 72 Pillars as well as a majority of the armies of Devils that serve the Clans.

Name Image Title Status Occupation Clan
Angel Lucy
Empress of Pride Active (Formerly Imprisoned) Supreme Empress Lucifer
Emperor of Gluttony Active (Formerly Deceased) Technology Department Beelzebub
Empress of Lust Active (Formerly Deceased) Military Affairs Asmodeus
Empress of Envy Active (Formerly Deceased) Foreign Affairs Leviathan
Emperor of Sloth Active (Formerly Deceased) Domestic Affairs Belphegor
Emperor of Greed Active (Formerly Deceased) Financial Affairs Mammon
Satan 0
Emperor of Wrath Active (Formerly Imprisoned) Judgmental Affairs Satan

Secondary Seven Great Satans Edit

During the absence of the original seven, Lilith and six powerful demons had took over Hell. Even though the newer generations of the Great Satans appeared, these seven secretly ruled above them with their existence being hidden by Zekram Bael, son of the original Bael, and the Elders Devils of the 72 Pillars.

Name Image Title Status Occupation Clan
Satan Active (Formerly Captured) Supreme Empress Lilith
Mephisto Pheles
Mammon Active Demon Contract Maintainer Pheles
Lucifuge Rofocale
Lucifer Active (Formerly Deceased) Prime Minister Lucifuge
Retsu Leviathan
Asmodeus Active Grand Succubus Naamah
Belphegor Active (Formerly Deceased) Grand Commander Satanachia
Leviathan Active Grand Chancellor Adramelech
Astaroth the seven deadly sins drawn by visqi 67df5993a850894019e18fc5ae9aa47e
Beelzebub Active (Formerly Deceased) Great Duke of Hell Astaroth

Other Members Edit

If the main secondary Seven Great Satans are currently incapable to enter their positions, other demon lords and archdemons can take their place instead. These are:

Name Image Title Status Occupation Clan
Mundus Lucifer Active (Formerly Imprisoned) Demon Overlord N/A
Pythius Asmodeus Active Demon Overlord N/A
Anamelech Leviathan Active Demon Overlord Anamelech
Satan Active (Formerly Captured) Demon Contractor Chronozon
Aciel Satan Active (Formerly Imprisoned) Elector of Hell N/A
Alastor Satan Active Grand Torturer Alastor
Agaliarept Asmodeus Active (Formerly Deceased) Chief General Agaliarept
Fleurety Beelzebub Active (Formerly Deceased) Royal Scientist Fleurety
Sargatanas Mammon Active (Formerly Deceased) Brigadier General Sargatanas
Satan Active (Formerly Deceased) Royal Necromancer Nebiros
Amaymon Asmodeus Active (Formerly Deceased) Demon Overlord Amaymon
Dagon Leviathan Active (Formerly Deceased) Demon Overlord Dagon
Hastur Belphegor Active (Formerly Deceased) Demon Overlord Hastur
Ahriman Lucifer Active Demon Overlord Ahriman
Iblis Satan Active King of Jinnestan Iblis
Legion Beelzebub Active (Formerly Deceased) Demon Overlord Legion
Abaddon Abaddon Belphegor Active (Formerly Deceased) King of Abaddon Abaddon
Sheol Leviathan Active King of Sheol N/A

Second-Generation Seven Great Satans Edit

The next generation of Seven Great Satans were the children of the original Satans along with the current Lord Lucifuge, descendant of Lucifuge Rofocale. The decided that fulling their fake belief of the Original Satans' ambition of world domination was the next action they shall take. Another group of Devils was against it, resulting in a Civil War among their race, with the victor being the new Government of the Devil side of Hell, while the losers where forced to go into hiding and so became to be known as the Old Satans. Excluding Rizevim, all of the second-generation were killed by the Anti-Satan Faction.

Name Title Status Clan Occupation
Rizevim Livan Lucifer Lucifer Deceased Lucifer TBA
Tsufaame Tereaku Leviathan Leviathan Deceased Leviathan TBA
Bidleid Bashalun Beelzebub Beelzebub Deceased Beelzebub TBA
Damaidos Zereikel Asmodeus Asmodeus Deceased Asmodeus TBA
Lady Mammon Mammon Deceased Mammon TBA
Lady Belphegor Belphegor Deceased Belphegor TBA
Lord Lucifuge Satan Deceased Lucifuge TBA

Third-Generation Seven Great Satans Edit

The third generation of the Great Satans were the leaders of the Anti-Satan Faction, a group of Devils who wished to the salvation of devilkind above the ambition of the originals. After the defeat of the previous generation, the Satan positions where then given to Devils who were born with immense power, said to be equivalent or superior to the original seven and were chosen for the Satans' positions despite not carrying the blood of the original Satans.

Name Image Title Status Clan Occupation
Sirzechs Gremory
Sirzechs Lucifer-0
Lucifer Active Gremory Supreme Emperor
Serafall Sitri
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Leviathan Active Sitri Foreign Affairs
Ajuka Astaroth
Ajuka Beelzebub-0
Beelzebub Active Astaroth Technology Department
Falbium Glasya-Labolas Asmodeus Active Glasya-Labolas Military Affairs
Grayfia Lucifuge
Grayfia Lucifuge
Mammon Active Lucifuge Financial Affairs
Roygun Belphegor Belphegor Active (Formerly Imprisoned) Belphegor Domestic Affairs
Diehauser Belial
Diehauser Belial
Satan Active (Formerly Imprisoned) Belial Tournament Affairs

Fourth-Generation Seven Great Satans (Candidate) Edit

After the war against Qlippoth and Trihexa. Ajuka Beelzebub discussed the implementation of a new Seven Great Satan system, allowing the higher-ups of other allied factions being able vote to elect candidates. The third generation Great Satans and Azazel discussed adopting the new system, with hope for the Two Heavenly Dragons becoming Satans themselves, though it is revealed that some of the devil politicians objected to it. They made a condition that the two would be accepted if they reach the semi-finals in the Azazel Cup. Due to the No-Harem rule for the Seven Great Satans, Issei was unable to become one. Azazel was able to fix the problem by making a eighth Satan slot known as Diablo.

Name Image Title Status Clan Occupation
Issei Hyoudou
Diablo Active Hyoudou Great Emperor
Ingvild Leviathan
Leviathan Active Leviathan Foreign Affairs
Vali Lucifer
Vali Lucifer-2
Lucifer Active Lucifer Judgmental Affairs
Saji Genshirou
Mammon Active Sitri Financial Affairs
Sairaorg Bael
Sairaorg Bael-1
Belphegor Active Bael Domestic Affairs
Seekvaira Agares
Seekvaira Agares edited by LaRosa
Beelzebub Active Agares Technology Department
Victoria Paimon
Asmodeus Active Paimon Military Affairs
Ralph Alastor
Norville Alastor
Satan Active Alastor Tournament Affairs

Other Candidates Edit

There have been other candidates for the Seven Great Satans if some of the chosen do not accepted the position. These being:

Name Image Title Clan Occupation
Roman Forneus
TBA Forneus TBA
Patricia Gremory
Patricia Gremory
TBA Gremory TBA
Duriel Asmodeus
TBA Asmodeus TBA
Marie Beleth
DARLING in the FRANXX Zero Two Artwork in front of a empty background
TBA Beleth TBA
Arsene Shax
TBA Arsene TBA
Leohart Asmoday
Leohart Asmoday
TBA Asmoday TBA
Fianna Phenex
Fianna Phenex
TBA Phenex TBA
Norville Alastor
TBA Alastor TBA
Stella Dantalion
Stella Dantalion
TBA Dantalion TBA
Lucina Lucifer
Valiana 1
TBA Lucifer TBA

Fourth-Generation Seven Great Satans (Future) Edit

Name Image Title Clan Occupation
Issei Hyoudou-Gremory
Hyoudou Issei Gremory
Diablo Hyoudou Great Emperor
Saji Genshirou-Sitri
Mammon Sitri Financial Affairs
Lucifer Judgmental Affairs
Leviathan Foreign Affairs
Victoria Paimon Asmodeus Paimon Military Affairs
Belphegor Domestic Affairs
Beelzebub Technology Department
Ralph Alastor
Ralph Satan
Satan Alastor Tournament Affairs

Trivia Edit

  • All seven of the Third-Generation Satans possess legendary creatures in their group/peerage (excluding Grayfia).
  • Only Issei, Saji, Victoria, and Alastor had accepted the position. The other four main candidates have still not accepted.
  • Excluding the original seven, the Seven Great Satans are not allowed to have a harem.
    • This rule came from Lilith who was annoyed of her wife's, Lucifer, many consorts and children.
    • Due to this rule, Issei was unable to be one of the Seven Great Satans due to having a harem.
      • Azazel and Zekram Bael, who both wanted Issei to be a Satan, was able to make comprise by creating a eight Satan, known as Diablo, which would immune to that rule because it was created after it.
        • It was noted however, that eight slot, Diablo, was meant for Issei alone and so will not be used afterwards unless the situation requires it.
  • The surname of the current Seven Great Satans will not be inherited by their offspring and that surname is more like those of managerial titles as shown in Sirzechs and his son Millicas' case.
  • Satans must give up their family name and status in order to become one in order to eliminate favoritism that they might hold towards their own family.
    • This rules makes it that any member of the Royal Devil Clans that become a Great Satan are no longer apart of their clan even if they keep the same name.
    • This rule took place after the Devil Civil War.
  • Diablo is a Spanish word meaning "Devil".
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