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Sekiryuutei Children
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Young Masters of the Three Kingdoms
Kana 赤龍帝子供
Romaji Sekiryuutei Kodomo
Affiliations Draconic Deus

Three Factions
Greco-Roman Pantheon (Allies)
Norse Pantheon (Allies)
Dragon Assembly (Allies)
Golden Dawn (Allies)
Etoulde Faction (Allies)
Zefaira Zerazelbez (Ally)
Neo Grigori

Abilities Various
Members Draconic Hybrids
So this was the Sekiryuutei's master plan all along, eh? To create his own army of overwhelmingly powerful and talented young beings. All I can really is...SCREW THAT LITTLE PLAGIARIZING BRAT! THIS WAS MY PLAN! I WON'T LET HIM GET MORE CREDIT THAN I!

Hades to the Sekiryuutei Children after waking up from his comatose.

The Sekiryuutei Children (赤龍帝子供 Sekiryuutei Kodomo) is the name many use to collectively refer to the many children of the strongest Red Dragon Emperor in existence - Issei Hyoudou-Gremory. They are considered by many as the highly esteemed future successors of the stars of the 'Oppai Dragon Hero Adventures Era' (the period of Issei's second and third years in Kuoh Academy). Like the other young prodigies, they are utilized in resolving minor conflicts while the adults fight against the Evie invaders, as well as the more dangerous terrorist groups.

The Sekiryuutei Children are the central protagonists in the Draconic Deus World, in the Antyverse.


The Sekiryuutei Children were all born different with their powers, talents and lifestyle all varying greatly. They were conceived somewhere around the time the first major conflicts with the beings of Evie Etoulde broke out. Born and raised under the paradoxical time of both extensive peace and intensive war, some Sekiryuutei Children grew up with abnormal dispositions - Ex and Airi becoming young soldiers from a very young age, Robertina, Helmwige and Ernestine taking responsability over not one political affair or Kurenai, who achieved great things in the sphere of Sacred Gear and Magical research. They were all mentored by many legends of the older generations such as Vali Lucifer, Cao Cao, Sairaorg Bael, Lavina Reni, their own mothers, Ajuka Astaroth, etc.


The Sekiryuutei Children possess a large variety of powers with even one of their weakest, Eiko, being able to fight evenly with several high-class devils at once. Among the prodigies of the Three Factions, they are typically seen as the ones with the greatest potential out of everyone else. Some doubt their competence, others underestimate them for being green and a few seek to get rid of them for political benefits. Whatever the case, as the children of the great Oppai Dragon, the Sekiryuutei Children are well-known across the entire Draconic Deus.



  • The Sekiryuutei Children (will) also have a considerable number of rival groups, two of them being the Phenex Children and Hakuryuukou Children.
  • Each child is greatly attached to their respective mother. Like classes and elements in a program, they have a specific connection to their female parent which appears to link them both spiritually and mentally. This attribute that is solely exclusive to the children of Issei is a double-edged sword, as the children and their mothers can stengthen, but also impair one another.