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Sadie Silver
Sadie Silvers
Kana サディシルヴァー
Romaji Sadishiruvu~ā
Race Wampus Cat
Nicknames Kitty-Cat (Arya)
Hair Color Tan Colored
Eye Color Hazel
Equipment Claws
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents

Alexis Silvers (older sister)

Affiliations Mafteah Shelomoh Academy (1st year student)
Arya's Unnamed Club
Status Alive
I don't need a demon-spawned girl like you around James. He's has enough problems as it stands.

–Sadie to Arya, Life.2 A Devil Invasion(Of My Home).

Sadie Silvers is one of the main female protagonists of High School Ankoku. She’s a childhood friend and classmate of James and Arthur.

Sadie comes from a family of Wampus Cats, a race of Native American monsters.

Appearance Edit

Sadie is a beautiful girl with long tan colored hair and hazel eyes. She has impressive sized breasts and a well curved, and slime, figure.

Her usual outfit is the girl school uniform; a white coat with red decorations, a black shirt and skirt. She’s also wearing white knee socks under her boots that extends up to her thighs.

In her Wampus Cat form, she grows a pair of hazel cat ears and a matching hazel tails, and her eye pupils become more cat-like

Personality Edit

Sadie is somewhat of a sadist and a little bit of a yandere (a little as in not killing people). She’s in love with James but tends to take her romantic feels too far. This is shown when she gets violent with James whenever he gets involved with other girls (especially in the ecchi way). Although he’s usually find and well behaved, as long as her “position” with James isn’t threatened.

History Edit

Not much is known about his history other than the fact that she was childhood friends with both James and Arthur.

Power & Abilities Edit

Claws: Sadie has a claws that are sharp enough to cut through High-class Devil's magic barriers.

Trivia Edit

  • Sadie's basic appearance is based on Mitsuki Sohara from Sora no Otoshimono