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Kana 寄生虫
Romaji Kiseichū
Other Names Worst Sacred Gear
Death's eyes
Type Sacred Gear
Abilities Absorb
Wielder(s) Unknown
Masked man

Parasite an ocular sacred gear, that absorbs any sacred gear ability, so long as the holder of Parasite kills the sacred gear possessor.


Parasite only has one form, and that is having a fully golden eye in the right, when activated, and a cross in the left eye. It does not change forms to other sacred gears, only activates it abilities.


Parasite is considered the most evil of sacred gears, as it can only evolve through death of others. It is also considered to be the most weak as none of the possessors of the sacred gear could ever kill a sacred gear user. This however changed as a masked man, was able to figure out how to transplant any sacred gear to himself, to which he had decided on parasite. Having the conviction to kill everyone, for his goal.


Absorb:Parasites main ability which is able to absorb every sacred gear, even use its balance breaker form, so long as that person is able to kill the sacred gear user. The draw back to the ability is that it starts at the lowest form of the sacred gear, and the user must train in order to use its full power.

Devour:Parasite is able to devour the magic and abilities of any creature, so long as that person is already dead.

Cross: It is unknown what happens but when a cross is seen an ability is activated which some how performs miracles, it is unknown how or what causes this type of miracle, as little is known about the sacred gear's full abilities.