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This character, Owen Cadman, inserts itself on the canon timeline and makes history with canon characters. S/He is probably better than Issei, in more ways then one and may snag himself/herself a few of his well known girls as well.

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Devin Cadman
Merlin Adult
Son of the Archmage
Kana オーウェンカドマン
Romaji Ōuen Kadoman
Race Human (Magician)
Nicknames The Magic Prince
The Drifter
Sorcerer Emperor
Magic God
The Abnormal Magician
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey (Formerly)
Yellow (Currently)
Red (Under the Marks influence)
Equipment Void Matrix
Mark of Cain
Anima Armor
Juuchi Yosamu
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Grandparents†
Merlin Ambrosius (Father)†
Nimueh Cadman (Mother)
Affiliations Guardians
Leordraiocht (Leader)
Demiurge Corporation (President and Founder)
Status Alive
Ranking Demiurge President

Owen Cadman is a magician and main protagonist of the fanfiction Magic God. He is the son of Merlin Ambrosius, and the Lady of the Lake, Nimueh Cadman. He is the CEO of the Demiurge Corporation and leader of the Leordraiocht Magic Association and a member of the Guardians.


Yoarashi Human

A younger Owen before receiving the Mark of Cain.

Many people have commented that Owen looks like an exact replica of his father, Merlin, back in his youth. Owen appears as a young man around his late teens and early twenties. Possessing a lean muscular build, with numerous blue Irish markings on his body, Owen has light tan skin he inherited from his mother, and shoulder-length white hair he inherited from his father. He would often change from leaving his hair out or tying it into a ponytail. Originally, his eyes were gray color, but after receiving the Mark of Cain, his eyes became yellow. When the mark is active, his eyes turned blood red.

Owen usually wears a black, short-sleeve shirt, a white hoodie over that, and a grey leather jacket over the hoodie. For the bottom, he wears a pair of brown pants, held by a black belt with a circular, golden buckle, and black leather boots. Also, wrapped around his right forearm is golden-white bandages, to cover and suppress the Mark. Sometimes he would replace the jacket with a longer, hooded, green coat, and sometimes the white hoodie with a black one, and would either wear red, blue or grey shirts instead of black.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immense Magical Power: As the son of Merlin, the first Magician, Owen possesses tremendous amount of magical power.

Master Magician: As the son of Merlin Ambrosius, Owen is a powerful magician, considered a prodigy by many. He has mastered different forms of the mystic art, and has shown to possess an innate understanding of magic, capable of instantly learning various magic and spells, including forbidden ones. Owen’s skills in magic have reach to the point that he has created completely new types of magic, in combination with his mastery over the art of science, and even transcending the laws of magic, to the point others saying his skills are abnormal. Most of them were created when Owen unified the various forms of magical arts that he has learned to form these new magics and formulas. Thus, he has created an unlimited number of original spells and stronger forms of magic. Owen’s intuition enables him to understand the formulas of another magician, such as how they work and even replicate them. His magical prowess surpasses even that of other powerful magicians, such as Georg, Le Fay, Rosseweisse, Gondul and MacGregor.

  • Quantum Magic: A magic that Owen created, and one that is perceived as a powerful magic. As the name says, Owen can, at a quantum level, twist the rules of science and mysticism around in order to manipulate the forces of reality to a near infinite degree. He revealed that, where the physical portion of quantum physics may lack, or are ill defined in, the pataphysical extent fills in and broadens its otherwise unexplored horizons. Through usage of Quantum Magic, Owen is able to exploit both the natural and supernatural forces of nearly all structures to infinite degrees, giving him all but unlimited possibilities to work around with.
  • Techno Magic: The second magic, and the one that proves he has ascended both science and magic. Owen can combine magic and technology in various ways and to various extents. At the first level, he can control and mimic technology via magic. But his advancement in it means Owen can infuse technology with magic, granting it considerable edge and versatility. Thus, he can fuse magic and technology entirely, retaining their strengths and none of their weaknesses.
  • Power Warp: This is a type of magic that Owen inherited from his father, Merlin. It allows him to create, manipulate, remove, change, etc, by warping the supernatural energies/properties in all beings that give them their powers, including themselves, thus allowing every variation of superpowers manipulative abilities. He must first understand the ability he wishes to control. Once he does, he can render the power almost completely useless against him. Owen admits he has not fully mastered this yet, so his options are limited. Many people consider this power to borderline on cheating.
Owen Mark of Cain

Owen under the Mark's influence

Mark of Cain:


Expert Weapon User:

  • Master Swordsman:

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Genius-Level Intellect:

Master Inventor:

Master Tactician:

Intuitive Perception:

Dragon Tamer:

Immense Strength:

Immense Durability:

Immense Speed and Reflexes:

Immense Agility:

Immense Stamina:

Immense Endurance:

Flight: Owen is capable of flight using his immense level of magic.


Void Matrix: (ボイドマトリクス, Boido Matorikusu): Known also as the Soul of Eternal Chaos is considered a Longinus-Class Sacred Gear that holds the essence of Chaos, the Protogenoi of the Void of the Greek-Roman mythology and Creator of the Universe. It allows Owen to create warp gates that are linked to the Void, another dimension and the realm of Chaos. Thanks to that, Owen can teleport himself, others, and objects to and from the void and redirect attacks back to the enemy. A unique thing is that anything stored within the Void is frozen in time. Meaning projectiles that Owen absorbed keep their momentum and food and drinks will not go bad. He can even halt poison from spreading by sending the victim to the void. The drawback is that, in order to teleport, Owen must visualize the location of where he wants to go and for teleporting objects and targets he must be able to see them. Furthermore, the mass of the object also reflects on how much energy Owen needs in order to transport it.

  • Yoarashi balance breaker

    Endless Void Reality Cancel activated.

    Endless Void Reality Cancel (エンドレスボイドリアリティキャンセル, Endoresu Boido Riariti Kyanseru): Also called the Cosmic Domain of the Creator and Destroyer is the Balance Breaker of Void Matrix. It takes the form of a large black dome that expands from Owen's position and covers several blocks. The dome is marked with several white circles and lines on the outside, while the inside is completely dark though can emit a dark blue light at the same time. Within this dome, Owen is capable of altering everything within the dome, from the land to the sky as well as people, objects and animals. The possibilities extend from changing the flow of gravity, stopping magic users, negating abilities, turning Holy Swords into Demonic Swords, make immortals mortal, slow or forward time, repel attracting objects, teleport wherever Owen chooses, reverse the effects of an occurrence into forming the opposite result and so on. Because of the power this Balance Breaker emits, as well as the distance it covers, Owen tries not to use it near allies. According to those trapped within the dome, it releases a feeling of emptiness, like they were being dragged into a black hole and felt hopeless in escaping.
  • Yoarashi armor

    Owen wearing the Chaotic Mantle, with a double-sided spear formed

    Chaotic Mantle (カオスマントル, Kaosu Mantoru): Also known as the Armor Forged from the Void is a form of the Void Matrix that is similar to Juggernaut Drive of Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing, and the Truth Idea of the True Longinus. It takes the form of black armor made from the void that covers Owen's entire body along with a retractable mask and visor and a pair of long white ribbons extending from the armor's back. Owen's sclera turn black and his skin becomes paler. While in this form, Owen's gains full access to the void, giving him an infinite amount of energy. The void energy makes Owen completely intangible, allowing him to avoid attacks, while still being able to make physical contact. He can also create constructs that can cause great damage to his opponents. Owen can also use a technique called Null Cannon, which takes the form a large black halo that appears in front of him and begins to spin at an incredible speed. It then fires a powerful beam of null energy from the center of the halo. Whatever the beam hits is completely erased from existence. However Owen needs to be careful as his body cannot fully withstand the infinite amount of energy. Furthermore he might accidentally harm his allies with the void energy he emits. Owen can only use Chaotic Mantle when Chaos' answers his calls. Then the two begin a chant:
Owen: "I, who stands before the Void, shout with all my heart"
Chaos: "I, who dwells within the Void, answer the summon"
Owen: "The Mind, the Body and the Soul become one in the Void"
Chaos: "As they swirl in the cosmos, their desires shall be made manifest"
Both: "Create and destroy, destroy and create, may the cycle never cease its dance"
Both: "Existence is endless, our rule eternal and transcend all obstacles."
Both: Now as one, unleash, Chaotic Mantle!"

Anima Armor:

Merlin staff

Clapsholas in its Staff Form



Juuchi Yosamu: