Kana メネラオス
Romaji Meneraosu
Race Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Affiliations The Horde
Status Deceased
Ranking member

Ambitious man who only seeks money and fame.


Menelaus is a very large man, with a very chuncky build, although this only conceals his mass muscle underneath. Menelaus is very masculine, having a beard to boot.


Menelaus is a greedy and selfish man only caring about money and fame. He has done many cowardly things in order to get what he wants, be it attack innocent towns, or use his own comrades as shields, Menelaus always puts himself before others.


The HordeEdit

Menelaus first lead the attack on Sparta, leading many devils along the way. Menelaus is then confronted by Achilles in the cave Menelaus and the other members were hiding in. Menelaus had tried many dirty tricks to try and defeat Achilles but he was ultimately killed, through brute force by Achilles.


Immense Stregnth:Menelaus has shown to have massive strength.

Trickery:Menelaus is able to trick people into doing what he wants, such as when he tricked the devils into doing a suicidal attack for his organization.