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Kana ルシファー


Romaji Rushifā


Race Angel (Formerly)
Fallen Angel (Archangel)
Nicknames Satan (Shared with her Dragon)
The Devil
Iblis (In Islam)
Al Shaitan (In Islam)
Lucy Goosey (By Metatron and Uriel)
The Serpent
The Angel of the Abyss
The Morning Star
Princess of the Power of the Air
The Princess of this World
God of Demons
The Light of God
Mother (By Lilith and the Other Prime Demons)
Elder Sister (By the Archangels)
My Queen, God (By the Devils)
Hair Color Red (Vessel)

Snow White

Eye Color Sky Blue


Equipment Sword of Lucifer
Book of Lucifer
Horn of Joshua (Formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Lilith (Daughter/Creation)
Satanachia (Son/Creation) †
Leviathan (Son/Creation)
Asmodeus (Daughter/Creation)
Belphegor (Son/Creation)
Mammon (Daughter/Creation)
Beelzebub (Son/Creation) †
God (Father/Creator) †
Asherah (Adoptive Mother) †
Ophis (Aunt)
Michael (Younger Brother)
Raphael (Younger Brother)
Gabriel (Younger Sister)
Uriel (Younger Brother)
Azrael (Younger Sister)
Azazel (Younger Brother)
Demons (Creations)
Devils (Creations)
Harmonia (Granddaughter)
Rizevim Livan Lucifer (Grandson) †
Raezavan Livan Lucifer (Great Grandson) †
Vali Lucifer (Descendant)
Affiliations Primordial Entities

Heaven (Formerly)
Hell (Formerly)

Status Deceased
Ranking Seraph (Formerly)
Archangel (Fallen)
You pride yourselves on being paragons of justice and virtue yet here you sit upon your lofty thrones, trampling upon a young and helpless species. So go ahead. Call me Devil. Call me Satan. If protecting those who cannot protect themselves is what qualifies one as evil, then it is a badge I shall proudly wear.

–Lucifer's declaration before her Fall

Lucifer, formerly known as Helel and now known as Satan, is the eldest of the Seven Archangels and the first Angel created by God. Lucifer is an extremely important figure in the story, Highschool DxD: 'Til Midnight. She is the mother and creator of the First Demon, Lilith, and the creator of the entirety of the Devil Race as well as several demonic species that reside and exist in Hell.  

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Touted and sought after by many male angels and gods, as well as some goddesses and female angels, Lucifer was known for her extreme beauty that was capable of ensnaring and capturing the attention of others just by being in the room. Kali describes her as a beauty as distant and unreal as the very things she is named after. Lucifer has snow-white hair that shines brightly when hit by light. Her eyes are as blue as the sky itself with people finding themselves staring into a bottomless blue pit whenever they look into them. Lucifer's eyes are famous for turning blood red, something she can do at will, or when she is angered. She possesses pale skin, attributed to someone who spends there entire time inside. Her form is slender and curvaceous figure with a large bust and a shapely rear.

To Lucifer, her wings are her pride and the one feature of her that she feels is the only beautiful part of her. Her wings are massive and powerful, being able to cast a large shadow in front of her. She possesses seven pairs of wings, signifying her status as the former Princess of Heaven and the leader of the Seraphim and Archangels. According to Azrael and Azazel, before she fell, Lucifer's wings were white than snow itself. The lower ends of her primary and secondary feathers would glow with a reddish glow whenever she used her powers. Following her fall, Lucifer's wings bled black and became darker than the night sky itself.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Not much was known about Lucifer's personality as even to her own children, she was an aloof almost distant being, comparable to how her own Father was to the humans. Much of what is known about her following her presumed death is that she was kind. According to Azrael, Lucifer believed in balance, the scale of all things. She believed in the giving and taking of life so in a sense, she decried war. It is unknown as to what drove her to lead her creations against her Father but that knowledge has eluded even her siblings.

According to Michael, Lucifer loved mankind and saw potential in them. She was the first in all of Heaven to bow before her siblings, Adam and Eve. However, Lucifer was deeply disturbed at the challenges that awaited them in a world where there were beings who lorded themselves above others. Azrael stated that this led to her Fall as she snuck into the Garden and granted Eve the Fruit of the Sephirot Tree as well as abusing her power, Shevirat Ha-Kelim, to create tools for them to survive in a world that wanted nothing more than to destroy them. Michael also states that she is extremely protective of her children.

History[edit | edit source]

The story of the Archangel Helel tells of an Angel who was loved by Heaven. The adoration she was subject to forced her to grow arrogant and conceited. Legends say that when God created Man, Helel grew jealous and hated them. Hated the fact that her Father could love a species so flawed and so weak. Her jealousy, coupled with her immense pride, caused her to rebel against Heaven only to be repelled and defeated by her fellow Angels, who cast her from the Highest of Heaven down to the Earth where she birthed Demonkind. In hatred for her Creator, Helel abandoned her God-given name and took on the name Lucifer to spite God.

Eventually, she would lead her children and their descendants in a war against her Father and the Grigori, starting the Great War. It was said that she did this out of revenge for casting her from her place in the skies and to claim the throne of Heaven for herself and declare herself as ruler of all Creation. In the end, Lucifer fell and was slain. The exact circumstances of her death are hazy with an ambush from the Canaanite Gods, Hadad and Yam, and the arrival of the Emperor Beast of the Apocalypse being the most prevalent theories as to why she died.

At least, that's what the rest of the world was told.

To those who knew her, Helel was a kind girl who loved mankind dearly. She was close to Kali, Ma'at, Helios, and Selene, having known them since she was a young girl. On her tenth birthday, she was given a Dragon that was created by Great Red as an apology which she named Satan. It is also revealed by Kali that her nickname, Ellie, came about because Michael was incapable of pronouncing her name properly when he was younger and the nickname stuck.

The true circumstances of Helel's fall were completely unknown to the rest of Heaven which led to the development of rumors with the aforementioned one being the most common and most believed rumor. Michael stated that his sister was afraid for Mankind's future and gave them the Sephirot Fruit as well as tools to defend themselves, knowing full well that the Fruit was forbidden to them and would get them cast out from the Garden. This would become the true cause of her fall. Feeling that Heaven had betrayed her and humanity, Helel cast aside the name that her Father gave her with a heavy heart and took on the name Lucifer, whose meaning was no different from her original.

She created Devilkind, beginning with the Seven Prime Demons and moving forward. Following the Great Flood and the death of Christ, Lucifer waged War against Heaven and the Grigori, who had fallen during the Tower of Babel, for reasons that no one knew with the exception of a very few. The War caused the deaths of many of Lucifer's children. Their deaths weighed heavily upon her soul and caused her to fall into a deep depression where she contemplated taking her own life several times. Eventually, shortly after her younger brother, Azazel, pulled his forces out of the War, Lucifer sent a message to her father. The two met with Lucifer, bringing Satanchia, her eldest son with her and the last of the Maou to survive, with her while Yahweh came alone. It is unknown as to what happened next but it is known that two Canaanite Gods ambushed the meeting and the appearance of a Beast known as Trihexa was recorded. However, whether or not this was the cause of Lucifer's death is unknown.

Themes and Image Gallery[edit | edit source]

Luci's Dragon Roar

Luci's Theme

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lucifer's appearance is based on La Folia Rihavein from Strike the Blood and Eleonora Viltaria from Madan no Ou to Vanadis. Her child form is based on Kanon Kanase from the same series and her vessel is based on child Lucy from Elfen Lied. Her true form is based off King Ghidorah from Godzilla: King of the Monsters and concept art made by Dope Pope of Shin King Ghidorah.
  • Lucifer/Helel's nickname, Ellie, is the shortened form of the name, Eleonora, which means Shining Light. A reference to her title of Morning Star.
  • In the Book of Revelations, the Angel of the Abyss is known as Abaddon while the Great Dragon is Satan. For the sake of DxD canon, Lucifer is referred to as the Angel of the Abyss.
  • Lucifer's theme is Ghidorah's song and Rise of Ghidorah from Godzilla: King of the Monsters soundtrack.
  • Lucifer is Da'at. Da'at, meaning Knowledge, is the (sometimes) eleventh of the nodes of the Sefirot and is the unification of all Ten Sefirot. Other times, Da'at is seen as a Sephirah instead of Keter.
  • Non-canonically, Lucifer's most favored descendant is Erika Lucifer from Deusverse. She dotes over the little neko-devil hybrid and often asks her if she wants to be turned into a demon.
    • Lucifer is also highly overprotective of her, more so than she was with Lilith and Harmonia.
  • Helel is the name of a Babylonian King who was condemned in a vision by the Prophet Isaiah. The name was also used to refer to Jesus who was is referred to as the Star of the Morning. The name became synonymous with Satan, following the publication of the King James Edition of the Bible.
  • Depictions of Satan being a Fallen Angel was not originally a Jewish Concept but came around during the publications of Dante's Inferno and John Milton's Paradise Lost.
    • In these depictions of Satan/Lucifer, Satan was either a Cherub or the chief Seraph.
  • Iblis is an Islamic figure and an Angel created by Allah from Fire rather than Light. While often seen as the Islamic counterpart to the Christian Satan, Iblis does not play the role of Adversary like in Christianity as Islam rejects the notion of Satan being an opponent to God. Rather, Iblis is seen as the Greatest Sinner due to his refusal to bow to Adam when he was created by Allah. He was banished from Heaven to Hell for his disobedience but later asked Allah for permission to lead Adam and his descendants astray which Allah granted but warned Iblis that he did not have any power over His servants.
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