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The Princess of all Demons
Kana リリス


Romaji Ririsu


Race Demon
Nicknames Onee-chan, Lili-nee (By Issei and Mitsuki)
Lord of Wrath
Supreme Devil
Vilest Demon
Ultimate Demon
The First Demon
Lili Amaranth (Alias)
The Firstborn
The Princess
The Princess of Demons
My Princess (By all other Demons)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Toxic Yellow
Equipment Ogiel Blades
Divine Key Netzach
Personal Status
Relatives Hephaestus (Husband)

Harmonia (Daughter)
Lucifer (Mother)
Demons (Younger Siblings)
Devils (Descendants)
Issei Hyoudou (Adoptive Younger Brother)
Mitsuki Hyoudou (Adoptive Younger Sister)
God (Grandfather)
Asherah (Grandmother)
Michael (Uncle)
Raphael (Uncle)
Gabriel (Aunt)
Uriel (Uncle)
Azazel (Uncle)
Azrael (Aunt)
Ambriel (Cousin)

Affiliations Hell
Status Active
Ranking ??? Rank Deity Class Demon


Years of wasting away in a lab at the hands of the boy my brother sired using a piece of my flesh and then being used by Hades as a weapons factory. It's so nice to feel the air on my skin again. I will finally pay him back by ripping Persephone's skin from her bones slowly and make him watch as I break his son.

–Lilith upon her awakening

Lilith is the eldest child of the Fallen Archangel, Lucifer, and the older sister of the Original 72, the Progenitors of the Extra Demon Clans, and the Seven Prime Demons. Before the start of the series, she was Issei's babysitter and disappeared for unknown reasons with Mitsuki speculating that she was fired by their parents due to the fact that Issei was too close to her. Lilith is the main antagonist of the second and third seasons of the story, Highschool DxD: Til Midnight.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lilith is said to be the most beautiful of all Devils to ever exist, having inherited her mother's beauty in spades. She has long back length snow-white hair and piercing golden eyes, a trait she shares with her siblings. Her figure is said to be curvy but not overly so like Asmodeus's body which is known for its seductive traits. Her beauty is more akin to that of a doll and is described as graceful and is rarely believed to be real. Like her younger brother Satanachia, Lilith possesses twelve wings, however, her wings are more akin to that of a fallen angel rather than the bat-like wings of a devil.

In her human disguise, her hair becomes raven black and she possesses piercing blue eyes. She is seen mostly wearing a white sweater with a red long coat as well as a black skirt and leggings. Even this form fails to hide her unholy beauty as she turns heads even by walking by.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Fondly remembered by Issei and Mitsuki as a kind and loving person, Lilith's personality was mostly viewed through the statements of Mitsuki and Issei. Both of them remembered her as a kind woman who looked after them (mostly Issei) from time to time. She served as the mediator between the two twins during the period of their life when Mitsuki was antagonistic to her twin brother. She also has a teasing personality as shown in a flashback when she teased Issei for being a good artist. She also has a habit to poke Issei's forehead whenever he asks her for things, always stating that she'll do it next time.

However, upon her awakening, Lilith's personality is drastically different from what was presented in the memories of Issei and Mitsuki. Lilith has displayed a sadistic and wrathful persona. Her very smile instills terror into the hearts of her fellow Prime Demons, Beelzebub and Leviathan, and Dantalion has expressed that a wrathful Lilith is the catalyst of the end of all things. Her current motives for being with the other demons are unknown, however, as she has separated herself from the Supernatural for hundreds of years before she was forcefully dragged back in.

Her hatred for Heaven can be perceived as indiscriminate as Leviathan has stated that his older sister would gladly kill hundreds if not thousands of angels in order to get to Zadkiel, who she hates to no end. She is merciless and ruthless, sparing no one in her path of destruction. Lilith does not hesitate to use any advantage she is afforded whether it be emotional or physical. She isn't above using manipulation and deceit as a means to an end either. She would even manipulate Issei if it meant achieving her own goals in the end, stating that it would be for his own good anyway.

Her tactics and tendencies are nothing short of cruel, drawing out her opponent's suffering if nothing more than to satiate her own pleasures. She takes special care if her opponent is an angel with any connection to Zadkiel, forcing them to live through their fears to tearing their wings off ever so slowly, relishing in their delicious screams. Such actions instill terror in her subordinates as well as her opponents, making her the most feared being among all demons, far more so than Alastor, who possesses a torture fetish. Her cruelty and sadism makes her renowned among demons as the vilest and cruelest of them all, embodying the very human view of the figure known as The Devil.

History[edit | edit source]

Lilith was created millions of years ago with the advent of the first genus of humans known as the Homo Deus by the Archangel Lucifer from her own Grace and became known as the First Demon, or Original Devil. After that, she was raised by her mother for some time before Lucifer decided to create more demons with Satanachia coming second, then the rest of the Prime Demons and then the Original 72 and Extra Demons. As the eldest, it was natural that Lilith was the heir to Lucifer's throne and followed her mother's doctrine of protecting mankind. When she was a teenager, she began to explore the world on her own, often exploring the vast reaches of the Earth with her cousins, Cain, Abel, and Aclima. Lilith was out with Cain and Aclima when Aclima received a vision. The three ran back to the village of Nod, the first village and settlement built by man to see it in flames. The residents were covered in blood and cheering as Adam, Eve, and Abel's heads were mounted on pikes outside their homes and their bodies hung upside down and bled dry. The three snapped and nearly slaughtered the entire village with only a few escaping.

As they walked, Lucifer appeared to them. She stated that she saw what had happened but was prevented from interfering by the Gods. Begging for forgiveness, Lilith watched as her mother threw her pride away to her nephew and niece. Lilith was shocked when her mother offered demonhood to Cain and Aclima and sighed in relief when Aclima refused. Cain, however, accepted and became a Demon and was assigned to Lilith as her personal knight, more of which she would gain later.

In 8,457 BCE following the flood and the Titanomachy, she would come under the service of the goddess, Aphrodite, while she traveled around in Greece under the alias of Aglaia. There, she met her now-husband, Hephaestus. They were happy that they were reunited and Lilith was elated as she would always be seeing him due to the fact that he was married to her mistress. Over time, the two slowly fell in love with each other. Following the incident with the Golden Net, Lilith confessed her feelings to Hephaestus which he returned to her in kind. The two wedded in secret with Yahweh and Poseidon presiding over their wedding. From their marriage would be born the Greek Goddess and Cambion, Harmonia.

In 1986, Beelzebub would approach Lilith and ask her for several hundred vials of her blood for a project that involved the artificial creation of Artificial Nephilim. Hearing that her mother ordered it, she accepted and gave him several vials.

Twelve years before the start of the series, Lilith became the baby sitter of Issei and Mitsuki Hyoudou. She adored them and became an inspiration and older sister to the Issei especially. However, all was not meant to be. She was blindsided and captured by Rizevim and later discovered by Hades where the power she inherited from her mother, Shevirat Ha-Kelim, was used to create new devils.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lilith's appearance is based on Kiana Kaslana and Benares from Honkai Third Impact. Her Aglaia persona/Human Disguise is based on Raiden Mei from the same series and Rin Tohsaka from Fate.
  • The basis for Issei's relationship with Lilith was Itachi's relationship to Issei.
  • Lilith's theme is Executioner from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. Her shared theme with the other Prime Demons is Mirage Coordinator from the same series.
  • Lilith served as one of Aphrodite's attendants for a time before leaving. She would be forever known as one of the Graces, Aglaia.
  • Lilith is a class of Demons from Mesopotamian Mythology, depicted as a serpent demon, a bird, and a ki-sikil-lil-la-ke (water spirit) that resided on the Tree of Inanna. In the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh is said to have slain the serpent, causing the bird to flee and the ki-sikil-lil-la-ke to destroy its home.
    • Other depictions have Lilith as a sylph-like figure which was later attributed to the Goddess, Inanna/Ishtar. However, Lilith's association with nocturnal, predatory owls have led many to believe that Lilith is a demon that flies around the Underworld that delivers night terrors to those who sleep. She is also depicted as a wind/desert spirit.
  • The Abrahamic Faiths, primarily in Judaism and Christianity, have different depictions of Lilith.
    • In the Tanakh, Lilith is a Wilderness Demon who was shunned by the Prophet Isaiah.
    • The Alphabet of Ben Sira depicts Lilith as Adam's first wife who refused to submit to him.
      • The source of this notion is possibly from the dual Genesis accounts in which there are two accounts of God creating man and woman.
    • In Kabbalah, Lilith is the Demon associated with the Qliphoth Gamaliel and the wife of the Archangel Samael.
  • Lilith is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek Monster, Lamia. Both are depicted to devour children.

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