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Life.0 Edit

Purple. That’s what I thought as I looked up at the sky. I’m not sure why, but the sky wasn’t blue. Instead, it was purple. It was kind of nice, I guess. Something different is fine every now and again. I don’t see any clouds or stars, so I have no idea what time it is right now. That said, my body is telling me that its night, since I’m starting to get tired, but now’s not the time for sleeping.

Telling myself this, I pushed myself up and looked around. I don’t really see anything around other than a bunch of strange looking trees, other plants that I don’t recognize, and the strangest looking lizard that I’ve ever seen. It was bright red with yellow polka dots and pink eyes. Before I could touch it, it walked away.

I considered going after it, but decided against it. Instead, I got up and stated to walk around, hoping that I could find the way out of this strange forest. How did I even get in here in the first place? I don’t remember going on any tour to the Strange Creature Rain Forest.

“What are you doing here?”

I turned around to find a girl. She appeared to be about my age. The girl was dressed in a very fancy looking dress. Her hair was as black as the midnight sky. Of course I noticed all of that second. The first thing that caught my attention would be her eyes. They were deep crimson red. The same kind of red as blood.

The girl narrowed her eyes again.

“Are you death or something? I asked what you’re doing here. The polite thing to do would be to answer me.”

“Oh! Well, I’m not really sure. I just woke up here in this forest.”

The girl looked at me closely, and then opened her eyes in surprise.

“You’re a human! How did a human get in here?”

I have no idea what it is that she’s talking about.

Before I could ask her anything about what she was talking about, she looked right at me and declared…

“Well, since I’m such a nice person, I’m going to help you out of here, human. Strays have been known to appear every now and again in this forest. So, come on.”

She then turned around and walked through the forest. Not seeing any choice, I decided to follower.

As we walked, she suddenly asked a question.

“So, human, what’s your name? It’ll take awhile to get to where we’re going, and, personally, I don’t really like always calling you human.”

That makes two of us. “It’s usually polite to introduce yourself first, but, whatever. I’m James. James Yami.”

“Nice to meet your, James Yami. I’m…”