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Kuro Sazanami
Race Devil/Fallen Angel Hybrid (Reincarnated)
Former Human/Fallen Angel Hybrid
Tengu (Self-proclaimed)
Nicknames Battle Monk of Meteor
Onna-gata of Meteor
Prettiest Male Queen
Grim Reaper
Second Strongest Queen (By Riser, but disproved by Kuro)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Equipment Holy Meteor
Senjutsu (A by Raiga and Suiga)
Youjutsu (Assisted by Raiga and Suiga)
Touki (Assisted by Raiga and Suiga)
Personal Status
Relatives Shiho Sazanami (Father) †
Ezeqiel (Mother)
Sajobo (Foster Father)
Karasuno (Foster Mother)
Karasubo (Foster sister)
Raiga (Assistant in using Senjutsu and youjutsu)
Suiga (Assistant in using Senjutsu and Yojutsu)
Affiliations Hiimoshima High-school
Hiimoshima Student Council (Vice-president)
Lagred Buer's peerage
Status Alive
Ranking Low-class Devil
Oya~, oya~! I have no choice! Accept the consequence senpai!

–Kuro, When he attempt to punish Niki in "Falsehood"

Kuro is first year student and one of many main Hero(ine) in Highschool DxD: Girl can be ero too!. Consider as princess by student due of his crossdressing hobby.

Appearance Edit

Kuro has black straight long hair and eyes, wears Hiimoshima female uniform. And always equip flower-themed hairclip on his hair.

In battle mode Kuro wears a flower-themed kimono covered with fluffy collar haori and pair female sandals.

Personality Edit

Kuro is cool, calm and collected person, he also has calculative nature makes him appointed as brain of Lagred's Peerage. But he can become terribly angry when his mate in danger. Kuro is extremely hates his mother, Ezeqiel for leaving him and prefer stay in Grigori.

History Edit

Not much known about Kuro background. But his mother Ezeqiel leave him while his father killed by exorcist. He later run to mount Kurama then adopted by Sajobo and his family, after long training and Kuro can protect himself. He return back to his hometown and meet Lagred.

Story Edit

In Arc I: Section - 00, he met Niki when she bumped Lagred. But he prefer silent.

Abilities Edit

Demonic power: Being a devil Kuro has large amount of demonic powers.

Holy Meteor: Kuro's signature skill that she inherited from his mother. Due mass destructive damage, Kuro only use it while in critical condition.

  • Amatsumikaboshi: One of Kuro's strongest attack, he's capable to summon giant meteor then smash it to his enemy.
  • Kageboshi: Allow Kuro to summon a meteor rain.

Magic expert: Kuro shows impressive skill in using magic.

  • Summoning Magic: Kuro can summon duo of Youkais, Raiga and Suiga. According to Kuro he doesn't need familiar as his assistant because Raiga and Suiga is his assistant.
  • Bukijutsu: Kuro can imbue his magic to his spear Iwatooshi or his Dagger sword Ima-no-tsurugi.
  • Battle Mode: Kuro will Transform in Kabuki's onna-gata esque battle mode.

Senjutsu: Learned from his foster father Sajobo. Kuro can use senjutsu but he need assist from Raiga and Suiga on his shoulders.

  • Touki: Kuro can use Touki when assisted by Raiga and Suiga. Also both Raiga and Suiga take a role to stabilize Kuro, prevent him gone berserk when he access this power.

Youjutsu: Learned from Sajobo Kuro can use Youjutsu. But because he's not youkai he need assist from Raiga and Suiga on his shoulders.

Equipment Edit

Ima-no-tsurugi - Magical dagger sword forged by Sajobo for Yoshitsune, the tengu king give it to Kuro.

Iwatooshi: A magic spear of Sajobo, he give it to Kuro along with Ima-no-Tsurugi .

Raiga: One of Kuro's "assistant", she's small elderly thunder weasel Youkai, Raiju. Along with Suiga allow Kuro to access youjutsu and senjutsu by channeling their powers, also act as stabilizer. He stand on Kuro's right shoulder.

Suiga: One of Kuro's "assistant", he's small elderly small alligator Youkai, Wani. Along with Raiga allow Kuro to access youjutsu and senjutsu by channeling their powers. He stand on Kuro's left shoulder

Quotes Edit

"Purin, para, purin, para, purinrinrin~!" - Kuro's hum when he bored.

Trivia Edit

  • Kuro's appearance based from Mukuro, an Original Character creates by Pixiv artist, Sakiyo Cake.
  • Technically Youjutsu, Senjutsu, and Touki only can used by Youkais. Kuro can use it because Raiga and Suiga's assist. An exception for Sairaorg can use Touki without learning Senjutsu due his extreme training.
  • Kuro's method in access Youjutsu and Senjutsu by use Raiga and Suiga's assist is slightly similar to Jiraiya from Naruto, but with many key of differences.