Kana ジョー触れる
Romaji Jōfureru
Race Angel
Nicknames Jophiel the Seraph

"The Most Just Angel in Heaven"

Heavenly Judge

Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Equipment Holy Sword

Brave Saint

Personal Status
Relatives none
Affiliations Seraph
Status Alive
Ranking King of Wilds

Chief Judge of the Supreme Heavenly Court

Jophiel is one of the Five Serephs of Heaven and head of the Supreme Heavenly Court. He decides the fate of angels who have committed a sin, priests who committed a sin, and sinful humans. He established the court after the finalization of the new system.


Jophiel is a white-haired angel with a mustache and goatee. He wears a gold armor and a gold crown, always carrying his gold sword with him. 


Jophiel has a noble-like attitude towards life. Due to his rank as one of the Seraphs, he acts kindly towards people and hates when people are rude to him.


Being one of the Five Seraphs, Jophiel assisted in the Great War and retreated after the death of God. He later assisted in the reactivation of the Heavens' System. After that, Jophiel established the first Heaven's court system to judge angels, priests, and humans. During the meeting of the Three Factions, Jophiel joined Michael as a representative for the Angels. He displayed his strength over light as well as his sword.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Holy Sword: Jophiel is one of the only Seraphs that uses a Holy Sword. This sword contains one of the pieces of excalibur, giving Jophiel the power to slay devils & fallen angels.