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Issei has developed many relationships throughout his life, and as Maou he has met many people from various mythologies.


Wifes[edit | edit source]

Rias Gremory[edit | edit source]

Rias is the most important woman in Issei's life. she helps him with his work and always pinches his cheek when he does something wrong or shameful. The two constantly comment on perverted acts together when alone and Issei always says she is the most important person in his life. She is the one who manages everything that happens at the Hyoudou residence. She had 2 children with Issei, a boy and a girl: Ex Gremory and Aria Gremory.

Asia Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Asia is the spouse and kindest mother of all. she never gets mad at Issei or her children, she is the family cook because she knows all the Hyoudou family recipes. She had 2 daughters with Issei: Airi Hyoudou and Mina Hyoudou.

Akeno Himejima[edit | edit source]

She became chief executor of Grigore as she now has 10 black wings and is among Grigore's leaders. She is one of Issei's most provocative wives, always ambushing him and locking him in that erotic interdimensional room. Akeno had 4 children with Issei 2 Boys: Kurenai Himejima and Asuma Himejima. And 2 girls: Rose Himejima and Fuli Himejima.

Koneko/Shirone Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Koneko became very bold after marrying Issei, similar to Akeno she always ambushes and locks him in the erotic interdimensional room. Koneko, just like her sister Kuroka, wants her species on the brink of extinction to thrive again, so she wants several babies. She already has 5 daughters and wants more in the future. There are 5 very cute Nekomata girls and they are: Shirayuki Hyoudou, Shironeko Hyoudou, Shiranuri Hyoudou, Shiroishiroppu Hyoudou, Shiroihari Hyoudou.

Irina Shidou[edit | edit source]

Irina has become a Seraph with 12 white wings and is extremely busy with her work in the sky, but whenever she takes a vacation or a break she locks Issei in her interdimensional room to do perverted things with him without falling over she is also one of the most sympathetic mothers and kind it has. She has 2 children with Issei 1 boy and 1 girl: Shin Shidou and Shina Shidou.

Xenovia Quarta[edit | edit source]

Xenovia is one of the toughest mothers who has always been training and teaching her children how to fight, but when she is not doing it she is very friendly. She's the most aggressive with Issei when it comes to perverted acts almost always kidnapping him while he's down guard and taking him to his erotic interdimensional classroom. She is the principal of an underworld school where she takes care of the students very well. and helps them get into good universities in the future. She had 5 children with Issei, 3 boys: Zen Quarta Bill Quarta and Shura Quarta. And 2 girls: Xena Quarta and Mama Quarta.

Rossweisse Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Rossweisse is one of the most regal mothers in the house always seeing if all the children did their homework and evaluating their grades in school, she built and became headmaster of the Nordic magic school in gremory territory, she doesn't ambush Issei as much as the others, but always takes him to his erotic interdimensional room, but when she gets drunk she gets much bolder and pin him to the bed using magic and only undoes the spell when she is satisfied. She had 2 children with Issei 1 girl and 1 boy : Helmwige Hyoudou and Erick Hyoudou.

Ravel Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

After marrying Issei Ravel left Phenex's house and adopted Issei's surname. she is the issei group strategist and is manager of her company, whenever she and Issei have free time from work she takes him to her erotic interdimensional room and says she wants to have more children with him. She has had 2 children with Issei 1 boy and 1 girl: Robertina Hyoudou and Ikki Hyoudou.

Kuroka Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Kuroka is extremely mischievous and playful and almost always kidnaps Issei and locks him in her erotic interdimensional room and doesn't let him out until she wants to, she has had 1.5 daughters with Issei and just like Koneko, she wants her species to thrive again and always says who wants more children in the future. she had 8 daughters: Kurobara Hyoudou, Kuroihada Hyoudou, Kuroiyuki Hyoudou, Kokufû Hyoudou, Kuroihoshi Hyoudou, Kuroiyôsei Hyoudou, Kokkai Hyoudou, and Kuroi Hyoudou.

Le Fay Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

She is very careful with her children and helps with cleaning and cooking. She had 2 children with Issei: Mordred Hyoudou and Arthur Hyoudou.

Elmenhilde Karnstein[edit | edit source]

She is friendly and polite and very kind to her children. Of all Issei's wives she is the shyest, however, at night she almost always kidnaps him while he sleeps and locks him in her erotic interdimensional room where she stays with him all night and only lets him out when dawn dawns, Issei sometimes lets her drink her blood that she finds very tasty. She had 2 daughters with Issei: Ernestine Karnstein and Alice Karnstein.

Kunou Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

She has become super gifted just like her mother and wants to have many babies with Issei because she despite her age has not yet learned to control her mating season and sometimes she kidnaps Issei and locks him in her erotic interdimensional room to mate, she is nice and cute and very kind to your children. She had 3 children with Issei all boys and wants more in the future: Kuja Hyoudou, Kyuryu Hyoudou and Nainbôto Hyoudou.

Yasaka Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Kunou's mother decided to marry Issei because she found him attractive and says that Kunou always wanted a brother or sister. She is well dedicated to her work as a Youkais leader in Kyoto and is an extremely loving mother, but whenever she has free time she goes to Issei's house to do perverted things with him in her own erotic interdimensional room. She had 2 children with Issei: Nainpeso Hyoudou and Sazarashi Hyoudou.

Ingvild Leviathan[edit | edit source]

She is the queen of her pariado and the current Maou Leviathan she decided to marry Issei because it was the first person who helped her and was her friend, she is a little naive when it comes to love so she ends up copying everything else. They do like kidnapping and lock you in their own erotic room. She had 2 children with Issei: Adam Leviathan and Gary Leviathan.

Roygun Belphegor[edit | edit source]

She decided to marry Issei because she found him handsome and since adolescence she liked younger men, she flirts with him anywhere whenever she gets the chance. She had 2 children with Issei Mizuki Belphegor and Inari Belphegor.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Yuuto Kiba[edit | edit source]

Kiba is one of Issei's best friends besides his rival, formerly Kiba was the one who taught Issei how to use a sword but now both are on an equal footing with swordsman, the two always fight in a friendly way.

Gasper Vladi[edit | edit source]

Now being a Super Devil Gasper Vladi is now much braver and fearsome now he can travel back in time and see alternate timelines he sees Issei as his superior and as his goal saying that one day he wants to be as brave and determined as he is.

Genshirou Saji Sitri[edit | edit source]

Saji is one of Issei's friends and “rival” he always compares and feels inferior to him as he has before, while both being dragon holders they always face each other to decide who is the strongest (Issei) and that sometimes goes too far which results in Sona pulling her ear and Rias pulling Issei's.

Azazel[edit | edit source]

Issei saw Azazel as a mentor and as a second father figure he was very sad when Azazel sealed himself to face 666 along with the others and is eagerly awaiting his return so he can tell him that he finally becomes the harem king .

Milicas Gremory[edit | edit source]

Milicas sees Issei as an older brother he always draws inspiration from, Milicas is the current head of the Gremory house as well as being a super devil and a strong future candidate Maou and already is inspired a lot by Issei, but despite knowing that he is inferior to Issei he is always inspired by him to become much stronger and one day become a Maou and surpass his father Sirzechs

Cao Cao[edit | edit source]

They maintain a friendly relationship and are great rivals and fight mates once Issei invited him to join his pariado plus he declined saying that he prefers to remain just a human.

Ryuuteimaru[edit | edit source]

It is Issei's living giant flying ship being her familiar, they maintain a servant and master relationship but they are good friends, Ryuuteimaru is currently able to change size by turning into a toy ship or a giant cannon-themed dragon ship and a huge palace that can carry up to 100 people.

Sona Sitri[edit | edit source]

Sona respects Issei for being the current Asmodeus but also sees him as a friend and the two get along calling each other by their first names.

Michael[edit | edit source]

Issei has a great respect for him and sees him as a superior, Issei was also very sad when he sealed himself to fight 666.

Gabriel[edit | edit source]

The current leader of heaven and angels besides being the most beautiful angel in heaven Issei respects her and at the same time has perverted thoughts about her at the same time Gabriel seems to like Issei and is super kind to him.

Dulio Gensualdo[edit | edit source]

Michael's "Joker" is currently one of the Seraph and sees Issei as a friend and as an eternal rival as the two always engage in friendly competitions such as arm wrestling, mock fighting and running.

Baraqiel[edit | edit source]

Being the father of Akeno Baraqiel is his father-in-law Baraqiel is very fond of Issei and respects him in official times since he is now leader of the fallen angels and Issei the Maou Asmodeus.

Arthur Pendragon[edit | edit source]

Being Le Fay's brother he is Issei's brother-in-law, he trusts him and respects him and told him to take care of his sister at any cost.

Lady Phenex[edit | edit source]

Being Ravel's mother she is Issei's mother-in-law, she was extremely happy when Issei proposed to Ravel and happily accepted she tells Issei to take good care of Ravel and help her reach her full potential.

Riser Phenex[edit | edit source]

Being Ravel's brother he is Issei's brother-in-law, Riser supports Ravel and Issei's relationship and in addition the two have a friendly rivalry, however, Riser said that if something happens to Ravel he will burn him to death.

Grayfia Lucifuge[edit | edit source]

As wife of Sirzechs who is Rias's brother, Grayfia is Issei's sister-in-law and sees him as her younger brother, more than that she sees him as a source of determination to bear the lack of her husband Sirzechs who has sealed herself to fight against. 666.

Venelana Gremory[edit | edit source]

Being Rias's mother she is Issei's mother-in-law, she is very fond of Issei and always says that he is a Maou she can be proud of.

Zeoticus Gremory[edit | edit source]

Being Rias's father he is Issei's father-in-law, he likes Issei and says he is a Maou he can be proud of, however, the two constantly get in trouble with their wives because of the pranks and mischiefs they play together.

Sra. Shidou[edit | edit source]

Being Irina's mother she is Issei's mother-in-law, she likes Issei since childhood and she always wanted him to marry Irina what actually happened and she loves her grandchildren.

Touji Shidou[edit | edit source]

Being Irina's father he is Issei's father-in-law, just like his wife he has been very fond of Issei since childhood and wanted him to marry Irina and he also loves his grandchildren very much.

Pais[edit | edit source]

Issei's parents are very proud of him always saying that he is an important person to both them and the world and that all they feel is pride.

Dragons[edit | edit source]

Ophis[edit | edit source]

Ophis sees Issei as a father and is very fond of him being the main reason why she enters her match even though she is millennia old, she is still naive what makes Issei sometimes have to act like her father.

Lilith[edit | edit source]

It's like she's Ophis's little sister, being even more naive than she, which makes Issei act like her father too.

Tannin[edit | edit source]

he always helps Issei improve his dragon skills by acting as his teacher, but they are great friends and get along. Tannin trains Issei's children along with Vali and Kiba, teaching them how to use their dragon skills.

Ddraig[edit | edit source]

Ddraig is very fond of Issei and says that of all his bearers he is the best even though Issei is responsible for his shameful nickname Chichiryutei (dragon emperor of the breasts) he has learned to live with and no longer needs therapy or medicine.

Albion[edit | edit source]

After their reckoning and the curse of the twin dragons are broken, they maintain a friendly relationship even with Issei and Vali being responsible for their shameful nickname Ketsuryuukou (butt dragon emperor) he still likes him.

Ex Maous[edit | edit source]

Sirzechs Lúcifer[edit | edit source]

Being Brother of Rias Sirzechs is Issei's brother-in-law, he is very fond of Issei and Issei was saddened when Sirzechs had to seal himself to face 666 Issei eagerly awaits the day of his return to show his children to him.

Serafall Leviathan[edit | edit source]

They had a little fight since they both have children's television shows so they always competed to see which show caught the most audience.

Falbium Asmodeus[edit | edit source]

The Maou Asmodeus before Issei who sealed along with Sirzechs and Serafall to fight 666, the two never had a clear relationship after all they almost never saw each other.

Nanadai Maous(Seven Great Maou)[edit | edit source]

Vali Lúcifer[edit | edit source]

The two are great friends. They always enter into friendly disputes to decide who is the best maou and, in addition to Vali, together with Tannin and Kiba, Issei's children taught them to control their dragon skills and mainly taught Ikusu to manipulate his Boosted.  Gear Diabolos and he also always calls Issei to have dinner with him at his favorite ramen restaurant.

Ingvild Leviathan [edit | edit source]

After marrying Issei and learning to control her magical power Ingvild was considered one of the great satans and became the strongest woman in the underworld today.

Ajuka Belzebu(Astaroth)[edit | edit source]

The two have professional relationships but Ajuka seems to like Issei and always helps him when he needs it and he also helps him better master his Evil Pieces.

Seekvaira Asmodeus(Agares)[edit | edit source]

The two are close friends since they both enjoy anime and both always talk about it in their free time.

Sairaorg Mammon(Bael)[edit | edit source]

The two are eternal friends and rivals and always vying for the title of "Stronger Maou" they get along very well and work together both themselves and their pariados.

Diehauser Belial[edit | edit source]

Issei respects him very much and is inspired by him as he was once the gamer rating champion for a long time, otherwise they maintain a professional relationship.

Children[edit | edit source]

Kurenai Himejima[edit | edit source]

The oldest and wisest of Issei's sons, he is very fond of his father and is always learning from him. He is the future governor-general of grigori being the one who was chosen to replace Azazel when he is ready. He also has a masochist side which he inherited from his mother Akeno. (20 years)

Airi Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Issei and Asia's second eldest daughter, she is the same age as Kurenai she is kind and caring but she can be scary and dangerous when fighting she has a good relationship with her father and always carves him (20 years)

Zen Quarta[edit | edit source]

The third oldest of the brothers he is quite destructive in battle but is not as stubborn as his mother Xenovia, he is the same age as his two older brothers, he sees Kiba as a second father figure for being his swordmaster since he imposed on Durandal IV Zen despite being a little stubborn he always obeys his father and always likes to hear his stories. (20 years)

Shin Shidou[edit | edit source]

The fourth elder brother, as Airi Shin feels the need to help others just like his mother Irina, he is a swordsman master having 2 sacred swords, he is well mannered and calm and always obeys his mother and father (20 years)

Helmwige Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The fifth oldest of the siblings, She, like her mother Rossweisse is a little shy and slow so much that she is the only one of the elders who has not dated, is ruled and disciplined like her mother and just as her mother gets drunk very easy, she respects and admires her father and I have always asked him to tell her stories of her life. (20years)

Ex Gremory[edit | edit source]

The sixth eldest of the brothers, He inherited the strong personality of his parents by being brave, determined, and obedient, but when he is angry he can take reckless actions he admires while envying his father that one day he will surpass him. (20 years)

Shirayuki Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The seventh eldest of the brothers, She, like her mother Koneko, has a more serious personality and does not show much emotion but she loves to hear the stories of her father. (19years)

Kurobara Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The eighth eldest of the brothers, She was born on the same day as her sister Shirayuki about 5 hours later which makes her younger. She has a more composed personality compared to her mother Kuroka although she often ends her sentences with (Nya), She loves to play with her brothers and listen to her father's stories. (19years)

Robertina Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The ninth oldest of the siblings, She is the most polite and respectful of her father and tends to reprimand those who are stubborn a trait she inherited from her mother Ravel's "Ojou" personality (18years).

Ernestine Karnstein[edit | edit source]

The youngest tenth of the brothers, Her personality is very similar to that of her mother Elmenhilde, being polite and shy she was and is being trained by Gasper, and she is extremely attached to her father saying that if she loses him she won't I would know what to do. (18years)

Mordred Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The eleventh older brother he, as well as his mother Le Fay, is a fan of Tokusatsu TV shows and series and is a very powerful wizard just like his mother. (18years)

Aria Gremory[edit | edit source]

The twelfth younger sister 2 son of Issei and Rias, she is extremely kind and polite and never gets mad different from her mother, she is extremely attached to her father and older brother Ikusu. (17years)

Mina Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The thirteenth older sister and 2 daughter of Issei and Asia, she as well as her mother is kind and shy but brave and determined as a father she hopes will one day be as strong as her older sister Airi. (17 years)

Asuma Himejima[edit | edit source]

The fourteenth older brother and 2 son of Issei and Akeno, he is extremely sadistic in battle just like his mother and extremely determined as his father, and he hopes someday to be able to beat his older brother Kurenai (16years).

Shironeko Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The fifteenth older sister and 2 daughter of Issei and Koneko, she is cold and rarely shows emotion but as her mother likes to sleep on her father's lap (16 years)

Shiranuri Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The sixteenth older sister and 3 daughter of Issei and Koneko she is Shironeko's twin but was born 5 seconds after her which makes her younger she is cheerful in coparation with her older sister, being similar to her aunt kuroka and just like her older sister she likes to sleep on her father's lap (16 years)

Shina Shidou[edit | edit source]

The seventeenth older sister and 2 son of Issei and Irina, she is exactly like her joyful mother, kind and exaggerated in some points she has a great love for her family and especially about her father she is extremely attached. (16 years)

Bill Quarta[edit | edit source]

The eighteenth older brother and 2 sons of Issei and Xenovia he is strong and brute like his mother but is kind and loving to his family and people who just met what makes him make easy friends, he is more independent compared to other brothers but he is extremely attached to his mother and father. (15 years)

Shura Quarta[edit | edit source]

The nineteenth older brother and 3 son of Issei and Xenovia he is Bill's twin but younger because he was born a little later, he and his brother are equal in all personality and tastes but their appearance is different he adopting a more style open while her brother adopts a more emo style (15 years )

Erick Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The twentieth older brother and 2 son of Issei and Rossweisse, he is a bit more laid back compared to his older sister who makes his mother angry, he likes his father very much and is always watching him. (15 years)

Ikki Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Issei and Ravel's twenty-first older brother and 2 son, he is extremely polite but he has a more aggressive personality compared to his mother he likes and respects his father very much and is willing to prove that he will one day be strong like him .(14 years).

Kuroihada Hyoudou, Kuroiyuki Hyoudou e Kokufû Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The twenty-second and fourth respectively are Kuroka and Issei's triplets and were born at almost exactly the same time having a difference of about 23 seconds, they are cheerful and mischievous which annoys their less Kuroka mothers who sometimes even join them. also like to sleep on their father's lap (14 years)

Rose Himejima e Fuli Himejima[edit | edit source]

Twenty-fifth and sixth respectively are the twins of Issei and Akeno, they are cheerful and polite like their mother and are extremely sadistic when it comes to attacking their enemies, they are extremely attached to their father and always like this in their company. (13 years)

Shiroishiroppu Hyoudou e Shiroihari Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Twenty-seventh and eighth respectively are the twins of Issei and Koneko, the two are cheerful almost always joining their sisters Kuroihada Hyoudou, Kuroiyuki Hyoudou and Kokufû Hyoudou who always annoys koneko they also like to sleep on their father's lap. (13 years)

Nainpeso Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The twenty-ninth elder brother and son of Issei and Yasaka, he is arrogant and strong yet gentle and polite with his family and friends he is also calm and sensible which makes many think he is bipolar. (13 years)

Xena Quarta e Mama Quarta[edit | edit source]

The thirtieth and thirtieth respectively, are the twins of Issei and Xenovia, both are strong and courageous, but they are kind and godly they love their father and always help him with his problems. (12 years)

Kuroihoshi Hyoudou e Kuroiyôsei Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The thirty-second and third respectively the Issei and Kuroka twins are calmer compared to their older sisters they are very lazy and love to sleep on mother's or father's lap (12 years)

Arthur Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Issei and Le Fay's thirty-fourth older brother and 2 son he is strong and able to use the Caliburn sword of the Pendragon family, he is polite and calm and does not like to fight but when not the other solution he does not exist. (12 years)

Kokkai Hyoudou, e Kuroi Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The thirty-fifth and sixth respectively are the twins of Issei and Kuroka they are also extremely sleepy and lazy but are more responsible compared to their older sisters they like to sleep on their mother's lap. (11 years)

Adam Leviathan[edit | edit source]

Issei and Ingvild's thirty-seventh elder brother he is polite and shy like his mother but he is brave and determined to realize his dream of one day being Maou Leviathan, he likes his father so much that he always asks about what the work of a Maou. (11 years)

Alice Karnstein[edit | edit source]

The thirty-eighth older sister and 2 daughter of Issei and Elmenhilde she is more laid back compared to her sister and oddly enough she loves walking in the sun and she is extremely attached to her father always asking for favors like opening or picking up things. (10 years)

Kuja Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Issei and Kunou's thirty-ninth older brother and son he is polite but a little spoiled just like his mother but he is humble and cares about his family he is extremely attached to his father also wanting to sleep on his lap or on his lap. your mother (10 years)

Sazarashi Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Issei and Yasaka's fortieth elder brother and 2 son he is extremely mischievous as are his older sisters Kuroihada Hyoudou, Kuroiyuki Hyoudou and Kokufû Hyoudou and always joins the three in his jokes he likes his father very much and is extremely dependent on him .(10 years)

Kyuryu Hyoudou e Nainbôto Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

The forty-second and third respectively are the twins of Issei and Kunou they are mischievous but not as much as Sazarashi, they are calm and polite and like to sleep on their mother's lap. (9 years)

Gary Leviathan[edit | edit source]

The forty-fourth elder brother and 2 son of Issei and Ingvild, he cares and depends on all members of his family and he dreams of one day just as his father has his own harem, (8 years)

Mizuki Belphegor[edit | edit source]

The forty-fifth older brother and son of Issei and Roygun he is extremely kind as his mother and extremely brave as his father, he can combine his power of tearing things with his dragon power making his cuts even stronger. (8 years)

Inari Belphegor[edit | edit source]

The forty-seventh son of Issei the youngest of the brothers and 2 son of Issei and Roygun he is brave and determined as his father, but he is a bit arrogant when it comes to fighting or competing, he doesn't like being very much. the youngest of the family and was happy when he learned that Koneko and Kuroka were pregnant. (6 years)

Curiosities[edit | edit source]

  • All Issei's wives want to have more children with him but they want to wait for some to grow a little more.
  • Koneko / Shirone and Kuroka are currently pregnant with triplets.
  • Vali and Issei often argue about their youth and how they were the first bearers of dragons who did not fight to the death.
  • Vali is now participating in the Oppai Dragon program, acting as Ketsuryuukou being an ally of the Oppai Dragon from season 5 onwards.
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