I didn't want to get you into any more trouble because you made a huge sacrifice for me. So I re-modelled a fantastic weapon I've seen in your world and integrated it into the DxD Universe. Since the foundation of my world is based on 'Dragons', I found this dragon spear, which I have called the 'Infernos Fang' of Sacred Gear, who is most suitable for you.

–In his letter, the God of the Bible tells Attila about 'Infernos Fang'., Chapter 11: Unexpected Sudden Surprise


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Infernos Fang
Infernos Fang General View
Kana インフェルノス・ファング
Romaji Inferunosu Fangu
Other Names Slayer Inferno Dragon Root
Type Sacred Gear (Dragon-Type)
Abilities 'Dragon Slayer' is a concise explosive lightning flame.
Wielder(s) Attila Arslan (Current Wielder)

The Infernos Fang, also known as the Slayer Inferno Dragon Root, is a very rare Sacred Gear of the dragon type. Although it is a very rare Sacred Gear, it is one of a kind of spear because it was created by the 'God of the Bible' specially for Attila.

Summary[edit | edit source]


Appearance[edit | edit source]

Infernos Fang is a black spear that is at least 1.50 meters long, surrounded by a snake dragon and lightning sparks.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The spear contains the spirit of 'Slayer Inferno Dragon: Blaster', an evil dragon with lightning flames featuring 'Dragon Slayer', who has vowed to hunt all the dragons (especially Evil Dragons) who use their power dishonourably and viciously. It can cause great damage not only to dragons but also to dark energy beings.

According to Attila, this spear is a candidate for the 'Longinus' class a Sacred Gear because of its various powers.

  • Explosive Lightning Flame: It is a technique that allows firing lightning fire bullets with high explosive and dragon slayer features. When used against dragons and dark energy beings, it provides highly effective and critical damage. It has the power to temporarily 'Paralyze' enemies, even if it varies from person to person.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The only weakness known so far is exposure to the Dragon Slayer attack, causing the wielder to suffer critical damage. Excessive use causes wielder fatigue.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The appearance and design of 'Infernos Fang' is the same as the dragon spear 'Dragonbane' in a turn-based RPG game 'Legend of Angel III'.
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