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The Imperial Seven, described by Calico Belphegor

The Imperial Seven(罪深い七軍閥インピアリアル・セブン, Inpiariaru Sebun, lit. seven sinful warlords) is the title idealized by the current Seven Demon Lords and given to Seven Young devils who for a reason or another possesses an abnormal trait and/or ability which places them above their peers and as strong candidates to become Demon Lords in Highschool DxD: Яe-birth.

Each young devil also possesses a crest(クレスト, Kuresuto , lit. sin) under them, and are considered destined to either bring the rise or downfall of the current devil society and order in the future.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The title was first mentioned during the Devil gathering in Volume 11 of Highschool DxD: Яe-birth by Odin and Chaos, and later explained by Calico Belphegor. The Imperial Seven refers to Seven Young Devils from the 72 Pillairs who are considered both the Underworld's trump cards as well their biggest threat due to a specific trait in them as well as an innate abnormal level of power which cannot be reached by any other devil of same age no matter how much they train. According to Calico, only one Imperial Seven can defeat another at their peak.

Because they are considered abnormalities, they are under constant survaillance and their natural talent and development, encouraged by others. They are also given a label according to their trait and power, called a Crest, which gives an idea about their personality and power, while as well as their weaknesses.

Young devils, in order to avoid Ostracism for the Imperial Seven, are not informed about such.

The Imperial Seven[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Seven
Name Crest Description
Berolina Gremory Lust Berolina Gremory, known as the Lustful Crimson Harlot(淫らな紅い娼婦; Midarana akai shōfu) possesses unparallel lust for power,recognition and personal gain, to the point of self-destruction during her Ludger-phase and overall behavior prior Volume 6. Even so, lust still reigns over her behavior as her abilities, natural instinct, as well as criativity due to her abnormal lineage, makes her both uncontrollable and powerful.
Irene Dantalion Sloth Irene Dantalion, also known as Melancholic abomination(憂鬱嫌悪; Yūutsu ken'o) is far more intelligent and prominent on the use of her inherited skills, mainly her Poisonous blood and ability to control other's movements via neural vines, making professional and deadly use of her already dangerous skills. However, her dettached and individualistic arrogance makes her unreliable.
Mudrock Bael Pride Mudrock Bael, also known as the cursed lonely King(呪われた残りの王; Norowareta nokori no ō), is the next in line to inherited the title of Bael, and his arrogance makes him stubborn and unreasonable to methods beyond his own. However, it also makes him a formidable force in both battlefield and strategy in order to set himself as superior.
Midaller Stolas Greed Midaller Stolas, the Dark Viper Queen(暗い毒蛇の女王; Kurai dokuhebi no joō) measures no boundaries in order to gain physical advantage over others. A natural-born liar with silver tongue and ingenious mind, she's considered the weakest of the Seven, but holds for having a broad knowledge over others, to the point she can manipulate others without any form of magical power.
Alice Berith Wrath Alice Berith, known as the Ruin Warlady(破滅の兵士; Hametsu no heishi) is considered the "purest" out of the Imperial Seven, but not because of that the weakest. Alice is the most passionate of the seven, and despite having a great mind for strategy, she's both impulsive and hotheaded, making her a powerful asset and tank of command. However, such character trait makes her blind against retaliation, and once she stops, she becomes quite an easy target.
Absinthe Naberois Gluttony Absinthe Naberois the Gluttonious Scholar(貪欲な学究; Don'yokuna Gakkyū) is known to be the most distant young devil who rather develop games and new codes instead of participate in Rating Games. Regardlessly, he's an unsatisfiable hunger for knowledge and whose idea are means to an end, as he's also a brilliant and calculistic strategist and an eloquent speaker. However, he's also cold and socially inept, and disregard others' feelings and even lives for the cause.
Dorchenov Asmoday Envy Dorchenov Asmoday, also known as the Doom Visionary(夢見る運命の人; Yumemiru unmei no hito), despite his title, is considered the most compassionate of the Seven, as he tries his best for the development of his peerage and Clan. As good-intentional as he might seem, Dorchenov is also oblivious to his own poisonous phylosophy, as only a few can withstand his training in order to evolve, and himself is submitted to self-harm in order to become stronger, which not always comes with positive results.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The idea of the imperial seven is vaguely based on the Seven Deadly Sins manga. They are also somewhat based on the Royal Knights from Digimon.
  • Of all the Seven, Berolina is the only one so far to have dragon-based evil pieces.
  • Midaller is also the only member who is also under someone else's peerage.
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