The events and power-ups the character Ichijou Tsukino gain through the course of Highschool DxD: Яe-birth:

Volume 1: The lad and the legacy of the Red Dragon Emperor[edit | edit source]

Volume 2: Red Dragon Emperor's bizarre everyday life[edit | edit source]

Volume 3: The Cheesy Sekiryuutei and the crimson Kings[edit | edit source]

  • Ichijou gain Rhongomiant and Akeno Himejima's ribbon, and learn magic in 'Ch. 15: I'm just Tsukino Ichijou, but still!'.
  • Ichijou awakens Juggernaut Drive in 'Ch. 16: I just want some silence.'.
  • Ichijou meets Yagura Gremory and (unknowngly) unlocks Balance Breaker in 'Ch. 17: I want...!'.
  • Ichijou meets Alice Gremory and Raven Phenex in 'Ch. 18: Alice Gremory, shipper extraordinaire!'.
  • ichijou meets Liu Bei in 'Ch. 19: Let's just end this and go home.'.
  • Ichijou awakens 'Crimson Queen Gear Drive' and fights Nero Gladius in 'Ch. 20: Crimson Queen Gear Drive!'.
  • Ichijou fights and defeats Ginko in 'Ch. 21:A batllefield filled with poetry.'. Yagura then take over his body to continue his Rating Game.
  • Ichijou awakens Balance Breaker, but lose the match for his own will in 'Ch 22: You liar.'.
  • Ichijou meets Mary Beelzebub, her Queen Katalia and her daughter Irene Dantalion in 'Extra chapter: A not-so-nice doctor.'.

Volume 4: The hammy sekiryuutei and his lovely friends[edit | edit source]

  1. Ichijou meet and befriends Ren in 'Ch. 24: Strange morning, strange day.'.
  2. Ichijou discovers Annabelle's motivation in 'Ch. 25: Tsukino's new friends.'.
  3. Ichijou fights both Annabelle and Ren in 'Ch. 26: Between flat-chest and AA-cups.'. Yagura takes over and uses Balance Breaker for the second time.
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