Personal files and informations of the character Ichijou Tsukino of the fic Highschool DxD: Яe-birth.

Personal/Character files[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Ichijou Tsukino((月野一条; Tsukino ichi-jō)
  • Nicknames: Red dragon emperor(shared with Ddraig); The worst Sekiryuutei; Red Dragon; Ikkun; Ichijou-kun.
  • Age: 16 years-old.
  • Birthday: Febuary 7th(Aquarius)
  • Character alignment: Neutral good/Lawful neutral(Passionate and companion, however, does not want to butter in greater matters or which doesn't concern him.)
  • Blood type: A(responsible, sensitive and patient, but also stubborn and tense)
  • Temperament: The choleric(the over-irritable one) to Liu Bei's sanguine(relaxed and leader-like); Tasha's phlegmatic(the quiet and relaxed one) and Annabelle's melancholic(peaceful and analytical)
  • Psyche: The Super-Ego(the responsible, contained one) to Berolina's Id(the instinctual part) and Yoko's ego(gullible, but smart one)
  • Fighting style: Swordmanship(Broadsword); Magic user(beginner); Brawler(beginner).

Harem files[edit | edit source]

  • Chastity status: Virgin
  • Number of girls: Three in love, engaged to two; five undecided, total of ten girls.
  • Types of girls: Genki, ojou; tomboy; tsundere; kuudere; spoiled sweet; yandere; reverse trap.
  • Bases covered(In order): Sleeping naked together(healing); kiss on the cheek(2x); Back-washing and groping; date(?); kiss on the lips(2x); soap-landing(3x); lap-sitting and lap-pillowing; cuddle; almost reverse-rape; blowjob, boobjob, lime threesome; french kiss(4x).
  • Top girls: Liu Bei(Bathing together; soap-landing and cuddle; feeling sharing) and Raven Phenex(soap-landing; lap-pillowing; date, clashing personalities; high chemistry and confident friendsFatalk.)
  • Type of male lead: Already in love with someone; treat his girls like friends.
  • Does he know their feelings?: Yes(to an extent.).

Medical files[edit | edit source]

  • Dead?: Yes(ressurected into a devil)
  • Fatal accidents: Falling from higher grounds(death), stabbed; burned; crushed; plummeled into a pulp; eletricuted.
  • Major injuries: Crushed body(death); broken arm; several scars; burn marks.
  • Major fights against: Annie(+Yoko and Berolina; won); Albert(training); Nero(lose); Aria(Juggernaut Drive/Won); Cohen(Juggernaut Drive!/draw); Holy-armored Nero(Undecided); Ginko(won); Nemesis(yagura-control/lose); Ren+Annie(Draw); Rei(vs Balance Breakjer another armor; Won)
  • Rating Game ratio: 1(1 lost)
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