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Holy Hands
Kana 聖なる手
Romaji Seinaru te
Other Names Godly Hands
Type Sacred Gear
Abilities Godly strength
Holy Aura
Holy Sword User

Holy hand is a sacred gear that was held within the church, but is now in the hands of a man named Draco.


The holy hand was once possessed only by the greatest of all exorcists, who were able to not only possess sacred gears but holy swords as well. Unfortunately one of the Exorcist was captured and experimented on, in which the exorcist lost his life, the sacred gear was in the possession of a devil named Riverous.

Riverous was able to take the power of the holy hands, and was able to make good use with it, devastating many in his path with it. Unfortunately for him he did not realize that the holy hands were poisonous to him, even though Riverous thought he would just become an angel when putting on the holy hands himself, which ultimately causes his downfall, as he was weakened and killed by a man named Prabhu, who used his connections with Indra, to take the holy hands for himself.


It is shown that the holy hands allow the user to be able to weild any holy sword he/she would like, and use it like they were a natural born holy sword wielder, although it does not increase their swordsmanship any.

It is shown that the Holy Hands allow the person using them to produce a holy aura around their hands, and is able to use them as though they are actual holy weapons, making their hands very lethal to any devil in contact with them.

The holy hands are also able to grant light based magic to any possessor that uses it, giving the user the abilities, that are usually excluded to just angels and fallen angel, as well as giving them the aura of an angel, allowing the user to not only produce holy weapons, but also be able to fly and have a halo around them as well.

The users of this sacred gear also gains immense strength giving them the power to destroy a mountain with a single touch, and even throw an ten million ton weight all the way into the sun without much effort.


The holy hands have only shown to have one form, which is the form of golden hands that look like human hands, as well as having a golden holy aura around them, coining the name of the sacred gear as holy hands.