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A lecture of ranks.

Skills and Attributes are denominations given to special and unique traits, either inherited or learned, that characters in DxD: R have. While not exactly formal abilities or techniques, such skills and Attributes are categorized and given to certain individuals to measure and describe their dangerousness and risk one has by confronting such.

With the exception of the Neo-Great Satans and the current Seraph, whose main skills and attributes can be categorized as "∞"(Immeasurable), each one of them are given a rank from E(the lowest) to S(The Highest), the nuanses between each letter be represented by either a plus(+) or Minus(-) symbol.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Attribute(属性; Zokusei) can be translated as "a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something". By being either given, taught or inherited, Attributes are characteristics and traits in certain beings which can be traced back to their specific mental conditions, behavior or simple existence. Naturally, high-class devils or angels excels at least in one of those, and the title of Great Satan or Seraph is given to those who have reached a particular level in such.

Pride[edit | edit source]

Pride(傲慢; Gōman) is "an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions". While such attribute is considered a negative trait and many times has proven to be the root of one's downfall, Pride and Arrogance are both highly treasured and important triaits in a devil, as their pride and honour would most of the time make them yearn even more prestige and recognition. Those who have Pride are driven mostly by it, and such arrogance and search for self might trigger one to develop a Absolute Terror Zone ability.

Naturally, High-class devils exceed in the Pride-Attribute.

Rank User(s)
Cohen Lucifer
The King of Devils, deemed as the second Strongest devil of his generation and one of the few to gain the Rank of a Super Devil, whose immeasurable power is only matched by his pride and arrogance that follow through. His paltable pride as a Satan, Strongest devil, the Lucifer, the pillar of the Underworld and a member of the Gremory makes him yearn for recognition, power and status, which is gained by his own hands.
S Ichijou Tsukino
The Red Dragon Emperor of his Generation, whose infinite pride has several sources, but after obtaining the knowledge of his Sacred Gear, the Longinus Boosted Gear, and the legacy of his predecessor Issei Hyoudou, he vows to become as strong as him in the future, so that his name would live on. Unlike Cohen's, Ichijou's pride is mostly self-destructive and harmful, but it also makes him quite adaptable and infinitively more prone to development, inheriting the typical endless potential due to the Boosted Gear.
Berolina Gremory
The Daughter of the Lucifer Demon Lord, the granddaughter of the Grandmaster Millicas, one of the Imperial Seven and descendant of one of the strongest clans of the Underworld. Naturally, Berolina Gremory has a high level of Pride after accepting all of her lineages and knowledge of her true abilties. Even before that, her pride as a Gremory devil was as high as her father's, falling into S-class after the Miyama Runaway Arc.
A+ Liu Bei
An excellent Martial Artist trained under Sun Wukong herself, Liu Bei from Berolina's Peerage inherited from her master also his intense pride and reliability in her own abilities, which she vows to polish everyday by training and challenging strong foes. However, her humbleness and easy-going personality still keeps her grounded in her position and the limitations of her own skills, allowing her to also absorb more. Her position as the inheritor of the Supreme General of the Three Kingdoms makes her develop other skills regarding more than physical combat.
E Whiswain
The shy and reclused Whiswain lacks pride since she even think her own special skills as unreliable. As such, she would easily get stuck in a rank of a lower-level beig and fear development and pride.

Endurance[edit | edit source]

Endurance(我慢; Gaman) does not translate here as "resistance to pain, blows or physical trauma", but rather the demonstration of one's mental strength in face of adversity, which dictates perseverance, patience, tolerance, or self-denial. In other words, individuals with High Endurance are capable of maintaining a control over their emotions and urges through self-control and discipline in order to reach the best outcome in a rather stoic form.

Naturally, Devils and Gods are not very inclined in Endurance, as Angels are mostly prone of such.

Rank User(s)
Calico Belphegor
The unmovable King of the Rating Games, Calico is wildly known to have a rather stoic and patience face when confronting adversity, unlike his fellow Satans and devil kin in general, whose emotions and urges rule supreme. Many consider him a being closer to a Buddha than a devil since he rarely shows strong emotions, and his overall behavior can even calm and rationize with those who seemingly lost all reason and cognitive perception, best shown with his wife Mary, who's just as explosive and bitter as any devil despite her position.
A Kyou Tsukino
The matriarch of the Tsukino household has an almost supernaturally patience and mental strength in order to live and control the five Tsukino siblings plus their current tenants despite her age and usual short-fused demeanor. Caring and lovely if not a bit sarcastic, her sardonic quips are far in between and quite harmless, and her maturity to deal with her children in a fully-responsible way makes her known as 'super mama'.

Killing Intent[edit | edit source]

Volatile Killing Intent affecting the enviroument.

Killing Intent(殺気; Sakki) is described as a palpable feeling of dread and despair one is able to project onto their peers with the intention of harm or even death. Unlike mental strength and endurance, killing intent is mostly provoked instinctively, although one is able to hone such ability in order to avoid detection or to target it onto a particular person. Those who can freely control their Killing Instinct can project it onto others as a form of intimidation or in order to test one's power and Endurance against it, since individuals with strong will and Endurance are able to withstand one's Killing Intent, if not completely ignore it.

Individuals with particularly strong Killing Intents can cause the victim to be paralized by fear, to flee or surrender out of subconcious pressure or even warp one's sense of reality and fantasy and cause horrific hallucinations out of fear, which can also break one's resolution in the face of their power. Other effects includes a sense of despair or dread onn the surroundings and fleeing animals.

Rank User(s)
Mary Beelzebub
The Demon Lord of Beelzebub, unlike Cohen, does not possess a level of Pride in order to elevate herself above her peers. Instead, Mary possesses something akin to a "Natural dreadful aura", comparable to a dragon or a demon, which makes others naturally flee or dread for her presence and see themselves as tiny ants facing a God-like being, which instead can desmotivate others to a great degree, even those of stronger will. In her case, it is used mostly as intimidation or power testing, as her aura can be slightly endured by those of strong will, but whenever she loses her calm or has a particular aim for her wrath, mostly Cohen, her Killing Intent is chilling and disturbing, which unlike others is described as facing death itself, being able to be deeply felt for several kilometers and warp the enviroument to a colder, more silent place, animals and other beings instictively fleeing from the surroundings and even cause despair and hallucinations.
A~C Nemesis Gremory
Nemesis possesses a level of Killing Intent said to be waver between a normal one considered innefective against devils to a completely powerful one that can slightly alter the pressure and temperature in her surroundings, Ichijou comparing to a helpless animal against a predator. With control over her temper but a pretty hair-trigger personality, Nemesis's Killing Intent is mostly unintentionally and based on her emotional state. Because of such and her slightly-paranoid views, however, Nemesis is known to always leak a bit of dread from her being.

Charisma[edit | edit source]

Charisma(カリスマ; Karisuma) is said to be "a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others". As such, Charisma is the attribute that makes one endearing and worthy of admiration or devotation among their peers. Naturally, King and Rulers are said to have a natural power to attract the attention and positive feedback from others, while loners and those of High Killing Intent are said to have low charisma. A natural gift attributed to the Gremory, Sairaorg Bael and Issei Hyoudou, Charisma is also highly valued to leaders of religions or pantheons since the survival of their race depends on the level of their followers.

Rank User(s)
S Julianna Adams
Suffice to say, being a pretty girl and highly charismatic figure among her religious Fellows, Julianna possesses a high level of charisma said to be an attribute of a natural revolutionary since her words of encouragement and friendly behavior makes her difficult to hate and devotation to her peers and religion makes her highly endearing. Alongside her Sacred Gear, Logia Theios, it allows her level to be upped to S++.
Katarina Adams
Julianna's sister who is said to instead possess another type of charisma that makes those who follow her be granted an extra amount of fire and passion on their hearts. Instead of gentleness and devotation, Katarina excels powerful bravery and passion, which combined with her strong will and skills makes her a perfect conquestor and a powerful Battlefield-type leader.
A Liu Bei
Aside from being a powerful warrior, Liu Bei's body and personality also makes her a natural-born leader, perhaps inherited from her ancestor, the powerful general of the Three Kingdoms. However, unlike him, she does not possess an inherited ambition or further goals than her own, making her rank lower than one would expect. It is still makes her highly adored by those around her, be her students, Peerage or even Aoth Sisters.
Aria Argento
The descendant of the Red Dragon Emperor Issei Hyoudou and Asia Argento, her personality, strong will and overall aura and abilities makes her be known as the "Big sister" of several individuals, even the likes of Akio Himejima and Ichijou Tsukino. Her quirky and excited yet motherly and caring demeanor places her on a same level as a Gremory regarding Charisma.
Serena Sitri
Personality-wise, Serena's entire being radiates a powerful charismatic aura that is said to attract those in need, that combined with her altruistic and even selfless demeanor makes her the object of devotation for her human and devil peers. A so-called "Perfect kaichou" which commands her reign with a gentle pat on the head with one hand and an iron fist with another.
C Ichijou Tsukino
Ichijou possesses a natural charisma due to his overall aggressive yet harmless behavior and rather pleasant personality under the tough and cringey exterior. A natural charm for old ladies and older women who would like to spoil a "tsundere younger brother", plus vitriolic yet deep friendships with those who would mind.
Rei Miyama
The Underdog position in full effect. His unpleasant personality, single-mindness and overall lack of empathy for anyone but those close to him and his goals makes Rei a natural loner with serious social issues, yet his past and their results on his mentality and psyche makes him somehow sympathetic and his overall passion and will to accomplish them and the lenghts he's willing to go for them makes him also a powerful leader otherwise.

Egoism[edit | edit source]

Egoism(自我主義; Jiga Shuri) is "an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality". As such, individuals with High Egoism are said to be highly dangerous since it is nigh-impossible to be reasonable with, sometimes even be able to convince others to join their point of view. The higher the rank, the more difficult one would be to convince, change or sympathize with others. However, Egoism as an attribute can be highly benefitial in some cases, like with the Satan Zoroaster Leviathan, whose set mind and self-interest makes him a highly skilled negotiator diplomatist.

Vampires and those with vampiric blood are naturally prone to an agoistic behavior.

Rank User(s)
Zoroaster Leviathan
The Demon King of Leviathan and the main diplomatist and manager of general affairs, and the youngest one at that too. Although one would be fooled by his age and personality, Zoroaster is in fact unwavering and self-interested, whose only goals seem to be the development of his clan or devil Kin. One of the few devils who's not unpolite or violent with people he talks to, his objectives are clear and smooth, and most of the time he can change a person's view to his own without unnerving them.
S Rei Miyama
Revenge and hatred are what guide Rei Miyama, the leader of the Black Team and the first Miyama Runaway. Because of his single-minded objective and utter rage against his father Enma Miyama, Rei is quite hellbend on his quest, and not even those close to him are able to change his mind, and if they try, he consider them an enemy, like in the case with Gertrude. Unless you're a member of the Black Team, you're either a nuinsance or a threat.
B Black Team(Sans Rei)
The Black Team is a group of six siblings who were experimented on and now search for the destruction of their creator and tormentor, Enma Miyama. However, unlike Rei who grew up only with hatred, all the other members were adopted and grew up in more stable homes and whole their quest for revenge is permanent, they have a better sense of morality than their leader. They are also easy to connect to and be reasoned with, and some of them even joined the devils in Kuoh Town in order to find their tormentor.

Harem Attribute[edit | edit source]

Harem Attribute(ハレム属性; Haremu zokusei) is a newly developed Attribute which is said to be the 'easiness one has in adquiring a superior number of admires or lovers within their reach'. Either by direct, indirect, exterior, ulterior motivations or developed relationships, those of high Harem Attributes can easily make others fall for their charm, therefore being able to attract members of the opposite sex with ease depending on their rank.

Rank User(s)
∞~D Ichijou Tsukino
The hero of the story and the wielder of a Powerful Sacred Gear, prone to attract others due to it. Not much to talk without those. After all, it's not like someone would be attracted to a lonely, anti-social and bitter loser who can only open up to you if you withstand months upon months of his bullshit otherwise.
S Nero Gladius
Kind, understanding, noble, but not in any way weak, ignorant or irresponsable, Nero is almost impossible to hate due to his gentle demeanor and gentle and persona, combined with his loyalty, swordsmanship and overall skills and training. Despite still being a novice in love, he's loyal and deeply enamorated with anyone that accepts his feelings and is willing to share, and always tries to make those he loves happy and secure due to his raising as a holy knight.
A Salvatina Veritas
The Apprentice of the current Red Dragon Emperor, who is said to want to have a harem as big as his one day. Her confident demeanor and strong will and endearing personality makes her a strong candidate for a Harem Queen in the future, becoming a main star among her peers in the middle school section of Kuoh academy and even finding her first haremmete in Suruga Miyama. According to Mary Beelzebub, her mixed heritage and genes coming from his casanova grandfather might be the reason why she can easily blend and identify with other and form possibly the biggest harem in the future.
Rei Miyama
For some reason, Rei's type is known to attract women at ease, even relatives if we count his aunt. As we can see in this very fandom, even an edgy, rude, violent, unstable, spoiled and childish sociopath with the social skills of a mule and prone to abuse of power like Rei can have a harem without any explicable reason. God help us all.

Appeal[edit | edit source]

Appeal is able to capture one's attention much easier.

Appeal (アピール; Apīru) can be considered the mother category of the Harem Attribute. As such, appeal is the superficial version of charisma in some ways but enough description to have its own category. Basically, a person with a high appeal can attract the attention of others by their demeanor or appearance and in some cases even control and manipulate them by aluring them with their charms and behavior, which can be only be countered against a high level of pride and Endurance. Many men and women would claim that they were fighting for a noble reason besides their former enemies when in reality they just wanted to cup a feel or have fell for one's charms. 

Appeal can be physical, mental, oral or even supernatural as seem with Ichijou's supernatural attraction to breasts due to his Level Zero Technique and link with both Yagura and Issei Hyoudou. Raven Phenex's tsundere behavior and Lucrezia Onoskelis' overall melancholic personality makes her also very appealing for others, either by sympathy or amusement and search. Those who use appeal as a weapon, such as Midaller Stolas, are usually frown upon.

Naturally, fallen angels and devils possesses high levels of appeal. Gods and other supernatural beings are also prone to such, but humans were known to possess a certain level of appeal as well.

Rank User(s)
Lunamaria Asmodeus
The Manager of Sarah's Stravaganza and a member of the clan Aim of devils, Lunamaria possesses a high level of appeal due to her natural ability to change one's mentality and her overall personality and appearance.
S+ Berolina Gremory, Nemesis Gremory, Alice Gremory, Tasha Campbell, Liu Bei, Serena Sitri.
That is all.
Kurama, Annabelle Hellsing, Guan Yu, Whiswain, Mary Beelzebub, Elizabeth White, Irene Dantalion.
That is all.
Aria Argento
A big-breasted, easy-going and beautiful older figure who loves to party and get laid but is also loyal, kind and understanding. Your healthy and pretty onee-san!
S Salvatina Veritas
She's a blue-eyed, blond foreign loli miko with high chances of becoming a bombshell in the future. No further explanation is needed.
A Ichijou Tsukino, Raven Phenex, Ren, Katarina Adams
Healthy Tsunderes are always nice.
Nero Gladius, Zoroaster Leviathan, Julianna Adams.
Being nice is nice.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills(能力; Nōryoku) are the "ability to use one's knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance". Unlike "Attributes", Skills are instead the inherited abilities from one's knowledge and living experiences, which are honed through out one's life by either training or conditions, making it a more exterior and diverse set of classification. A higher ranking on certain skills do not necessarily means a higher chance of victory over one's inferior other, but nonetheless some of them are decisive in the overall result in a conflict.

Ichijou Tsukino's skills.[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank
"Queen": Skills inherited from the Evil Piece of Queen. Grants balanced magical and physical boosts.
Dragon: Skills inherited of one's relationship with dragons, either biological or imput. C
Mental Strength: Overall resistance against mental pollution, madness and temptations. Skill typical of a "Hero" character. A
Swordsmanship: The use of sword and the teachings of the way of it. B
Sixth Sense: Extrasensory perception, the ability to feel beyond normal senses, including other dragons and devils, even when under presence concealment. A
Survival: Overall skills for self-preservation. B
Heart: the ability to read the mood and understand others B
Harem King: The wish for and potential to develop the ultimate harem, with women of highest quality and quantity, for either carnal pleasure or affection. ?
Apathy: A state of mind unfortunately developed into a skill. The ability of conformism and to accept things as they are. A
Яe-birth: ichijou's Unique Skill. The skill of development and endless potential, the combination of his strength, will and pride, resulting in a powerful evolving skill which can surpass Gods and Satans. Ø

Berolina Gremory's skills.[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank
Gremory: The overall Inherited skills of Gremory. High charisma and magical affinity.
Bael: The Overall inherited skills of Bael. The Power of Dstruction. S
Alastor: the overall Inherited Skills of Alastor. Metamorphosis and beast taming. D
Poison resistance: Resistance to toxic substances on body. S
Leadership: The skills of a leader. It covers strategical sense, authority and charisma. C
Stubbornness: A form of mental Strength. The will to stay true to self and one's beliefs. A
Instinct: a tendency to behave in a way in response to stimuli. B
Breasts: HUGE... Tracts of Land! S
"Daddy's little maggot":Overall parental favoritism. A
Thicker than water: Berolina's unique skill. No matter how deranged her relationships are, how far she's willing to go and how much love she has for others, anyone within her familiar bonds are closer to her heart than anyone else, including Ichijou(for now). Ø

Kurama's skills.[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank
Nine-tailed fox: Skills inherited from Supernatural fox origins. Fox fire, acute senses and sixth sense. Also, Fluffy tailx9.
Senjutsu: Sage arts, the power that stresses chakra, the aura that is the great original power that flows into one's spirit and turns it into a constant current. A
Fear: The aura that Youkai produce and spread. Similar to Killing intent, their sole existence exhales a supernatural sense of dread and evil. A
Leadership: The skills of a leader. It covers strategical sense, authority and charisma. A
Charm: The supernatural beauty of a kitsune, the nigh-divine charm fox haves in order to attract preys and possible partners. B
Mental Pollution: A byproduct skill of Charm. Those caught by the former will suffer continuous mental degeneration by the enchantment of a fox's charms until they become addicted and mindless to it. C
Precognition: The ability to see into the future. Fox kitsunes, the ability of insight which allows them to predict moves and events shortly before they are executed. C
Yamato Nadeshiko: The skill of a classical wife, being graceful, feminine and loyal, but also determined, strong-willed and wise. Silk that hides steel. A
Thighs: Smooth and soft, good for a nap. A
Red Spider Lily: Kurama's unique skill.
To never meet again, I bid you my last farewell, darling. Be your happiness wholesome and lasting, while our memories perishes into the soft wind. I love you.

Annabelle Hellsing's skills.[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank
Ninja: The skills learnt and developed under the study of Ninja arts, Ninjutsu.
Dhampir: Natural dhampir strengths, hybrids of vampires and other species. Daywalking and weakness immunity. A
Hellsing: Inherited skills of Hellsing. Blood Royal. C
"Knight": Skills inherited from the Evil Piece of Knight. Higher senses and Speed. B
Gorgon's Eye: Skill inherited from the eye of a gorgon, petrification. D
Stealth: Presence concealment. The skill to move undetected. A
Cold Heart: Nonchalance of higher calliber. High level of coolness in the face of horror or tension. B
Butt:: Cute and peach-shaped posterior. Tits are life, ass is hometown. A
Weapon handling: Mastery over armed combat, either ranged or weaponry. A
Contrast: Annabelle's unique skill. She did not inherited any of the negative traits of either a ninja or vampire, such as aloofness or overbearing arrogance. As such, she's approachable and friendly, while also being a deadly assassin. Ø

Tasha Campbell's skills.[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank
"Bishop": The inherited skills of a Bishop. Enhanced Magical affinity and diverse rune skills.
Bookman: The inherited skills of Bookmen, which includes Leech magic and the overall knowledge of past masters. A
Campbell: The skills studied by the Campbell clan of mages. Including fire magic and bookman affinity. A
Numerology: A form of rune magic. The ability to break down magic and its intricacies down to numbers in order to understand and even use their qualities and codes. B
"True name": A form of rune magic. The skill to use the numerology of one's name in order to enhance or weaken one's magical prowess. S
Tai chi: A chinese martial art similar to senjutsu, that instead flows the energies of one's inner chakras in order to grow stronger. C
Presence concealment: Magical skill that allows the user to move undetected. C
Reality warping: The ability to warp a limited space of reality to the user's desire and limited strength. E
Hips: A big-hearted girl with hips to match! A
Blank Mask: Tasha's unique skill. A person with a joker affinity, whose mind is unreadable and acts are odd and inconsistent. Maybe characterization problems, maybe a way to distract others, the skill that allows her to blend and let her intentions be left on the air. Ø

Liu Bei's skills.[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank
"Rook": The inherited skills of a Rook. Enhanced physical prowess and Castling.
Monstruous Strength: Strength that exceeds the standard of one's roots. A level beyond what is believed to be possible. B
Mental Strength: Overall resistance against mental pollution, madness and temptations. Skill typical of a "Hero" character. B
Martial Arts: Combat oriented skills, which are which are codified systems and traditions of physical practicies. Can also be spiritual enhances. S
Tai chi: A chinese martial art similar to senjutsu, that instead flows the energies of one's inner chakras in order to grow stronger. S
Boujutsu: Armed martial art which uses a staff weapon. Not as deadly but effective. B
Teaching: A mental-oriented skill. The ability to pass on knowledge and information to one's peers in order to propagate them for further generations. D
"Too hot for teacher!": An uncontrollable skill. One's body and/or charms becomes a pertinent distraction for teaching and learning other skills. It might decline one's Teaching skill Rank. A
Abs: Oh my god, You Could Grind Meat On Those Things. A
The Conqueror of Century's End: Liu Bei's Unique Skill. The true path of a warrior, which amasses great pride and honour to overcome life's choices and the passing day 'til one's final day. A life well-lived and fulfilling, without a single look back. Of this life I have no regrets. Ø

Guan Yu's skills.[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank
"Knight": Skills inherited from the Evil Piece of Knight. Higher senses and Speed.
Riding: or mounting. A locomotion skill, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. A
Spearmanship: The art of armed combat using a Spear, a mid-ranged weapon. This conveys both the staff and the weapon as a whole. S
Dragon Slaying: The skill bestowed to those with the ability to fight dragons, one of the strongest mythical creatures. D
Martial Arts: Combat oriented skills, which are which are codified systems and traditions of physical practicies. Can also be spiritual enhances. D
Throwing: A ranged skill, the manual skill of lauching weapons at great distances and accuracy. A
Scan: A monitoring skill, the ability to sense and feel the surroundings and all the irregularities in it. B
Presence concealment: Magical skill that allows the user to move undetected. S
Hair: Fluffy, soft and smooth, not to mention the bedhair style. It also smells nice. A
Saintly Emperor Guan: Guan Yu's unique skill. A myriad of skills and treasures passed down for generations by the Guan family, descendant of the God of War Guan Di. That includes wielding the sacred spear qīng lóng yǎn yuè dāo, the riding ability over the Red Hare and loyalty for Liu Bei, being able to join their beloved emperor for every transmigration. Ø

Whiswain's skills.[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank
"Bishop": The inherited skills of a Bishop. Enhanced Magical affinity and diverse rune skills.
Deadly presence: A natural ability of Grim reapers. The projection of their deadly and cold aura similar to Killing Intent. B
Mediumship: The natural ability of grim reapers. The skill of communicating and interact with the dead. S
Exorcism: A purifying skill, it allows the user to transmigrate spirits in the living world to the afterlife. B
Intangibility: The skill that allows the user to pass through solid matter. E
Invisibility: The skill that makes the user to pass unseen by the naked eye. S
Shadow Projection: A dark-themed skill of those with affinity to the shadows, for either hiding or spionage. D
Trigger: A byproduct of Instinct, reaction skill that kicks all other skills to A-rank under constant pressure or imminent danger. B
Wallflower: Cutely reclusive and shy, she doesn't want much attention but she gets all of it. A
Soul Cry: Whiswain's Unique Skill. A ghastly wail of supernatural origins based on her grim reaper blood, her voice is able to unleash a powerful spiritual shockwave that can desynchronize one's control over both their body and soul, as well as the link of Sacred Gears and their users. On highest levels, it can completely cut the bond between the two, killing the victim. Ø

Moon Eun-Yeong's skills.[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank
"Rook": The inherited skills of a Rook. Enhanced physical prowess and Castling.
Dragon: Skills inherited of one's relationship with dragons, either biological or imput. A
Swimming: A locomotion skill based on one's underwater skills and speed. S
Anti-magic: The skill of resistance against general magical enchantment. A
Monstruous Strength: Strength that exceeds the standard of one's roots. A level beyond what is believed to be possible. B
Transformation: The skill of changing form and shape. S
Gravity Magic: A magical skill, the ability to manipulate Gravity, the natural force that brings everything with mass toward one another. B
Housework: A domestic skill. The ability to clean, repair, maintain and organize a residence and the individuals in it. A
Maid: Frills and uniform, plus polite and pleasant. You can said she's a servant maid in Heaven. Eh? EH?! A
Imugi DxD: Moon Eun-Yeong's Unique Skill. Being a low-class devil and an Imugi, yet bestow with immense strength superior to both and the chimerization between the two races, Moon Eun-Yeong has the ability to grow even stronger from her starting point as both a dragon and a devil, both roots actually complementing and even helping each other evolve. Ø
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