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High School ShielDxD (ハイスクールShielD×D, Haisukūru ShīruDī Dī) is a fanon series created by AdamantiumBladez, based on the Light Novel series by Ichiei Ishibumi. The destines begin to entwine themselves when Akane, a female devil of the Naberius Clan of the 72 Pillars, and Zenjirou, a male human in possession of a powerful Sacred Gear who is fated to become her Queen, cross paths one day.

Synopsis Edit

When the paths of Akane Naberius and Santouno Zenjirou crossed that one fateful night, neither knew what was to become of either of their lives. Between a new alliance of the Three Factions and the coming wars against the forces of Chaos, one humble encounter was enough to set the dominoes to fall, one by one. Along with her peerage of unique and gifted allies, the war against Stray Devils and Rogue Angels is never ending.

Arcs Edit

The Great Armament Arc Edit

Main Article: The Great Armament Arc

Volume 1: Kuro (Devil in the Pale Moonlight) Edit

Volume 2: Shiro (Pieces on the Moving Chessboard) Edit

  • Life 0: The Deal with the Devils (<5% complete)
    • New Rules to Play
  • Life 1: The Divinity Duo
  • Life 2: The Girl with the Pearl Forehead
    • My Other Half Knows
  • Life 3: My Choice, My Consequence
  • Life 4: My Resists, My Resolution
  • Life 5: Goodbye Fate
    • Two Players, One Victor
    • Phoskia and Nine Rings
  • Afterword Shiro

Volume 3: Haiiro (Treachery of the Rating Game) Edit

  • Afterword Haiiro