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High School AxA is a fanfiction story written by Crimson Dragon Emperor. The story follows the original events of DxD but with new OC-characters as the main focus. It takes place in Kuoh, Japan.

Synopsis Edit

Amakusa Shirou was just a normal human. He was living in a normal life until he transferred to Kuoh Academy for his first year in high school. Once in Kuoh, he came across an exorcist and a fallen angel fighting. Now a revealed to be a Natural-born Holy Sword wielder, Shirou life gets turned upside-down. Follow Shirou as he gets involved with angel, devil and fallen angel. Oh, and did we mention the sexy exorcist lady.

Author's comment Edit

I know I’m currently doing another DxD fanfic, High School Ankoku, but there were some characters that I didn’t think would work for James and friend… plus I came up with too many characters. One fanfiction isn’t going to be enough. The solution, a second story! As such, High School AxA was born.

Also, just wanted to say, it’s connected to Ankoku. James and everyone can meet with the characters of this fanfic, and vise versa. Crimson Dragon Emperor

Arc 1-Return of the Lost Royal Lineage Edit

Volume 1-Unknown of the New School Building

  1. AxA-Life.0
  2. AxA-Life.1 A Devilish Classmate and Religious Roommate
  3. AxA-Life.2 Supernatural Sightings