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High School Ankoku is a fanfiction story written by Crimson Dragon Emperor. The story itself doesn’t focus of the original DxD characters but OC-characters living in New York. The main characters are counterparts to the original DxD characters.

Synopsis Edit

We all know about the story of the Occult Research Club, but that's not the only club that gets into extremely dangerous situations. James Yami, a first year high school student at St. Mafteah Shelomoh Academy lives a very ordinary life, but that all changes when a new girl transfers into his class. Will he be able to keep his life as it is, or will he follow his per-destined fate?

DxD Counterparts Edit

Hyoudou Issei - James Yami

Rias Gremory - Arya Satan

Asia Argento - Afanasiia Zhar-Ptitsa

Himejima Akeno - ?

Koneko Toujou - Sadie Silvers

Kiba Yuuto - ?

Ravel Phenex - ?

Xenovia Quarta - ?

Shidou Irina - ?

Rossweisse - ?

Author's comments Edit

This is a new one for me, writing a wiki page for my own story. Anyways, I got the idea for the story while looking up different Christian stories such as ‘Cain and Abel.’ Originally I wanted to just stick with my OC, but decided that there would be too many things I wanted to do that needed the characters like Sirzechs. So they will appear in the Second Arc.

Anyways, I don’t own High School DxD or any myth/legend/folklore.

Arc 1: Beginning of Darkness Edit

  1. Volume 1: Adversary of Mafteah Shelomoh
    1. Life.0
    2. Life.1 The Devilish Transfer Student
    3. Life.2 A Devil Invasion(Of My Home)
    4. Life.3 Meeting with an Orthodox Sister
    5. Life.4 Meeting a Not-so-Pleasant Devil
    6. Life.5 Unholy Light vs. Sight
    7. New Life
    8. The Dark Lady
  2. Volume 2: Battle with the Evil Claws
    1. Life.0
    2. Life.1 Arya's Club and Dante's Devils
    3. Life.2 The Spirit & the Mysterious Lady
    4. Life.3 Tale of the Tragic Past
    5. Life.4 Islanzadí Satan, Part 1
    6. Life.5 Islanzadí Satan, Part 2
    7. Life.6 Islanzadí Satan, Part 3
    8. Life.7 Battle with the Evil Claw