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"Fear me, for I am the darkness that lies in the abyss"

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Great King Controls also known as Right to Rule are Nine unique and special powers that were created by Lilith, the mother of devils and demons, they were given to the Nine Heads of Devils millenniums ago however after their death they were currently lost. Due to their uniqueness, Morning Star is unable to replicate the Nine Great Controls which resulted in him reviving the Nine Devil Kings as a result.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Great King Controls were created millenniums ago at the start of the Great War in order to establish a King Faction among the Seventy-Two pillars. The Great King Controls were meant to establish a right to rule by giving the Nine Devil Kings power over all other Devils. The Great King Controls however were lost as a result of their death, due to never being passed onto or inherited, they were believed to be myths, with even the Current Four Great Satans not knowing of their existence, in fact, the only devil to know of their existence is revealed to be Zekram Bael. The Great King Controls are unable to be replicated due to the complicated nature of their existence, with Lilith being the only one capable of replicating such powers and due to her being lost after the Great War.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Great King Controls are Nine Special and Unique powers that give the Devil Kings control over other devils to the point where they can manipulate and control even their 72 Pillar powers. The nine powers are so strong that some say they could even affect the super devils like Sirzechs and Ajuka meaning even they could be affected by their abilities. Azazel however learns they aren't perfect and there are limits to what they can take.

Forms[edit | edit source]

Absolute Tyranny[edit | edit source]

is the special ability of the first Bael which allows him to control his own Power of Destruction with absolute perfection. He can shape, manipulate, and even construct out of his own power of destruction, despite it's destructive access which is something not even Sirzechs can do perfectly. Absolute Tyranny also allows him to negate and to a slight degree use the other powers of the 72 Pillars as if they were his own, he does this by releasing a silvery-black aura which negates even Phenex's Healing, Gremory's control over Demonic Energy, and Bune's control over dragon, he however is only limited to those clan abilities. He can also transfer this ability to anyone he desires, even Saiaorg Bael, someone who has no Demonic Power and didn't inherit the Power of Destruction.

Perfect Fixture[edit | edit source]

The power of the first Paimon allows her to pull devils and demons beyond space and time to her location. Even being able to pull them through other worlds and even dimensions if she desired however more farther teleportation require more blood than usual. This was first revealed when she pulled Marcel Asmoday from Germany to England in the span of a few seconds. Perfect Fixture also allows her to create special barriers where she can control which devils/demons can enter and which devils/demons can't. She can also control their center of gravity inside these barriers causing some to float or fall to the ground or even make them unable to maintain their balance.

Metal Figure[edit | edit source]

Beleth's ability Metal Figure is unique among the Great King Controls as it doesn't just work on devils and demons but all supernatural beings or even humanity. Metal Figure allows Beleth to turn anything he desires into any type of metal (stone, steel, gold, etc.) for as long as he desires, even during his death able to maintain Metal Figure, this was shown by his witch cult which he hid underground as copper centuries ago still being maintained that way after his death, only being reawaken when he desired.

Unlimited Treasure[edit | edit source]

The ability of the first Purson which allows him to temporarily release the soul of a person from their bodies and seal them inside a treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest he can show them all things, past, future, and present without limits. He used this ability on Sona Sitri forcing her to live through the Civil War of the Underworld (past), then watching how the Nine King of Devils were awaken (present), and finally revealing how her father ends up in a coma (future). By forcibly showing others Unlimited Treasure he can cause them to go mad or lose their will due to seeing their own deaths or the deaths of others around them.

Absolute Entrapment[edit | edit source]

Absolute Entrapment allows the first Balam to entrap any devil or demon he desires in a alternative dimension via eyesight. The rules, variation, and restrictions of this world are all manipulated by him such as creating a world where the Supernatural doesn't exist, a world where Issei doesn't become the servant of Rias, or even a world where Heaven has enslaved all of devils and humanity. There however is a time limit of 1 hour for how long someone can be trapped into this world however 1 hour on the outside world can be as many days, months, or years that Balam desires on the inside. Absolute Entrapment also has a unique sub-ability, which prevents any devil or demon from breaking a deal with him, to the point where they will absolutely be cursed to death if they try to, even if the deal is made forcibly in a alternative dimension or they are tricked into such.

Spiteful Knowledge[edit | edit source]

The ability of Zagan which allows her to alter and warp the memories of devils and demons as long as she desires, this works by giving her access to her victim's memories and then she can make changes as long as she wants. This was done with Ichiro where she tortured him by erasing his time spent with Rias and the others and then convincing him that he was still Amelia Zagan's servant and that Zagan had been successful in her plan of killing the others and taking him to the Old Satan Faction causing him anxiety. Spiteful Knowledge also allows Zagan to fill a devils/demons head with knowledge that devils shouldn't have access to, such as scriptures of the Bible, where she revealed to Ichiro Revelation, prayers, and how heaven operates. She also revealed to him the death of God, which is something that only Heaven and the higher ups of Fallen Angels and Devils had known about.

Worthless Crown[edit | edit source]

The ability of the first Belial which is a extension of the Family's Worthless ability. Zagan has described her use of this ability as the most superior of the Great King Controls and that similar to Beleth's Metal Figure, Worthless Crown extends beyond devils and demons. Worthless Crown allows her to strip a being of a title while also educing them to one of the Seven Deadly Sins. A powerful and dangerous two-in-one ability. This was first used on Ake Raim to strip him of his "title" as the head of the Raim Clan while also enticing him to wrath, causing him to have a hatred of vampires, such as his own harem. This can also work on sacred gear users, angels, and even human statuses, such as a CEO of a company or the surname of a family, which will cause them to forget all association with said thing.

Treasure Hunter[edit | edit source]

The special ability of the Original Vine, which allowed him to bestow secret knowledge and treasure to other demons and devils while also being able to forcibly steal the secrets and knowledge of others. This was used by Ichiro where he gained his trust by giving him the knowledge of the Demon Treasures while talking about Ichiro's past and how hard it must've been for him. He was going to reveal some things about Morning Star however his body turned to dust before he got the chance. He could combine it with his Power over Darkness to create a special seal that would prevent others from gaining access to this knowledge, even preventing Morning Star from peering into Ichiro's mind however this caused the treasures to not appear all at the same time due to the knowledge being sealed into Ichiro's mind.

Guilty Fortune[edit | edit source]

Guilty Fortune is considered the opposite of Belial's Worthless Crown as instead of taking, it gives. The final ability created by Lilith, Guilty Crown allows Asmoday to increase the social ranking and standing of a devil while also giving them access to power of a higher standing. This was shown on one of Seekvaria Agare's servants where he increased his standing to mid-class Bael, giving him access to the Power of Destruction. Guilty Fortune is also said to work on the Four Original Great Satan Clans as he can turn someone into a Lucifer, Leviathan, Beelzebub, and Asmodeus as he desires. He also possesses a sub ability known as Gambler Fortune which allows him to turn the world into a game, however the exact extent of this is unknown.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Nine Great King Controls powers are based off of the original powers of the Nine King demons from the Ars Goetia.
  • The Irregular Devils and the Great King Controls are the only limitations to Morning Star's Power over Creation and as such are the only things he's unable to replicate or multiply, due to their uniqueness and rarity.
  • It is unknown if Lilith could create more of these special abilities for other clans however Ajuka speculates that such a feat could be possible.
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