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Kana ギルガメッシュ
Romaji Girugamesshu
Race Human
Nicknames The True Strongest Human (self-proclaimed)
Power Monsters (Issei)
Hair Color Golden Blonde
Eye Color Red
Equipment Tablets of Destiny
Personal Status
Relatives Gilgamesh (ancestor)
Affiliations Hero Town
Khaos Brigade
Hero Faction
Status Alive
Gilgamesh is one of the main antagonists of High School AnkokuHigh School AxA, High School Akuma, & High School HxH. She a direct descendant of the original Gilgamesh and a member of the Hero Faction. Unlike the other members of the Hero Faction, she prefers to work alone. She has shown an interest in JamesShirou, and Alex . She couldn't care less about Jack.

Appearance Edit

Gilgamesh is a beautiful young woman with red eyes and a modest figure. She has long straight golden blonde hair that reaches down to her lower back.

Gilgamesh likes to dress richly. She has two large earrings made of pure gold. She has also worn necklaces made of pure gold and rings with real diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Her outfit is a black shirt with blue jeans.

Personality Edit

Gilgamesh is the kind of person who is only interested in people with power. She even ignores those she considers weak (didn’t hear Asia talking, merely slapped Sadie away). Like Vali, she has a list of people she would like to face. When she takes an interest in someone, they end up on the list.

Gilgamesh is a complete battle manic, loving it when someone releases enough power that can potentially kill her, and when she stated a desire to attack the Mesopotamian God just so that she can fight Marduk.

History Edit

Not much is known about her past other than she was born in Hero Town, joined the Hero Faction at some point, and stole the Tablets of Destiny.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Immense Durability: Gilgamesh’s greatest feature, her durability that greatest surpasses that of common sense.

Enhanced Speed: Due to his extreme training, Gilgamesh has attained God-like speed that is equivalent to Vali Lucifer, if not greater.

Immense Strength: Gilgamesh has shown to possess great strength, easily over powering Issei in his Scale Mail. She even broke through Vali’s Scale Mail with three punches in the gut, making him cough up blood.

Equipment Edit

Tablets of Destiny: The tablets that contain the energies of the universe. It contains the secrets of how the universe itself was born. Whoever is in possession of the tablets gains immense power, capable of fighting even a god. The closer the wielder is to the tablets, the more power they can draw.

Trivia Edit

  • Gilgamesh is appearance is based on a female version of Gilgamesh from the Fate Franchise released TMA5 & TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm book
  • Gilgamesh is the first character to appear in all four of Crimson Dragon Emperor's Fanon DxD-universe stories.