Let me be more specific. This game is an incredible Sacred Gear that I created with my last remaining power as the last trump to protect my universe. It's even more incredible than those Sacred Gears you know as Longinus. And I created this Sacred Gear inspired by games known as 'RPGs or Role-Playing Games' in your world. And I named it 'Gamer's Heart'. Isn't that a beautiful name?

–The God of the Bible introduces Attila the 'Gamer's Heart'., Chapter 2: Gamer's Heart


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Gamer's Heart
Special Sacred Gear: Gamer's Heart
Kana ゲーマーヒース
Romaji Gēmā Hīsu
Other Names Gamer's Cheating Trainer (by Attila)
Gamer's World Cheat (by Attila)
Type Sacred Gear (Above Longinus)
Abilities Ability to use RPG Game powers in real life.
To be able to learn and use all kinds of skills.
Wielder(s) Attila Arslan (First and Current Wielder)

The Gamer's Heart, also known as the Gamer's Cheating Trainer, the Gamer's World Cheat, is the most powerful Sacred Gear (even True Longinus) ever created by the 'God of the Bible' as the last trump card to destroy the 'Apocalyptic Beast 666'. It is currently used by Attila Arslan, who is the first and current wielder.

Summary[edit | edit source]

'Great Faction War' eventually emerged 'Apocalyptic Beast 666' was sealed by the 'God of the Bible', but all the alternative realities of the DxD Universe were destroyed by 'Apocalyptic Beast 666' because of 'Rizevim Livan Lucifer'. To save the last alternative DxD Universe, the God of the Bible began to use its last remaining power to create a special Sacred Gear based on the RPG game system known as the 'Role Playing Game'. And in this way, he created 'Gamer's Heart' with infinite potential, even stronger than 'True Longinus', known as the 'The Strongest Longinus'.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The outer appearance of the Gamer's Heart is in the shape of a heart, one-half red (HP) and the other half blue (MP).

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Gamer's Heart allows the wielder to use all the RPG game features in real life. It enables Wielder to be empowered in every branch and in any skill without restriction. With his own imagination and effort (or a skill book), Wielder can instantly cast spells that no one can easily learn. There is no limit to its potential (unless it dies).

The 'Gamer's Heart' owner initially gains three special skills from the RPG gaming system. These skills are specific to wielder only. It cannot be used by anyone else.

  • Gamer's Body: Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, MP and all mass effects. If the HP value is '0', the user dies.
  • Gamer's Mind: Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows a peaceful state of mind. Immunity to psychological mass effect.
  • Gamer's Eye: This skill provides information about any surrounding object or entity. As the skill level increases, the details of the acquired knowledge increase.

After gaining these skills through 'Gamer's Heart', wielder gets access to all RPG gaming features as they meet certain conditions. The features that are currently available are:

Accessible Features (Current)[edit | edit source]

  1. Tutorial: Helps wielder on how to use 'Gamer's Heart' for one time only.
  2. My Skills: It shows all the skills Wielder has and provides information about them.
    • Active Skills
    • Passive Skills
    • Active/Passive Skills
  3. My Status: It shows Wielder's name, race, rank, title and all status values.
  4. My Inventory: Provides a storage space with numerous boxes without limits.
  5. My Messages: It stores all unread system messages about any work Wielder does.
  6. My Quests: Indicates the tasks that Wielder must do and the prizes will win prizes.
    • Sub Quests
  7. Daily Monster Spirit Dungeon: Wielder's limited daily allowance allows you to clear imaginary dungeons at various levels of difficulty, and level contraction.
    • Normal Dungeon
    • Elite Dungeon
    • Nightmare Dungeon
    • Special Dungeon Monster
  8. My Titles: It shows all titles that allow Wielder to receive bonuses by meeting certain conditions.
  9. My Perks: Shows only bonuses that are unique to Wielder.
  10. My Sacred Gears: It shows information about Wielder's Sacred Gears and their expertise.
  11. My Store: A special store that can be used by the user.
  12. HUD: A portable mini-map for the user.
  13. Fast Travel: It allows the user to travel to locations marked by 'Gamer's Heart' for certain mana.
  14. My Recipes: Descriptions of various items that can be produced by the user.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The only known weakness so far is that the wielder dies when the HP value of the wielder is '0'.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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