Kana ゲンドゥル
Romaji Gendouru
Race Valkyrie

Former Demigod (Magician)

Nicknames Gon (by Odin)

Granny (by Rossweisse)
Silver Tongue (by Freya)
Angry Girl (by Edelweiss)
Moving Cannon No. 2 (by Issei)
Wand-Wielder (by the Norse Pantheon)
Great Magician of Asgard
Worst Gambler in Existence
Guardian of the Asgard
Magic Master of Norse Pantheon
The Most Beautiful of the Valkyries

Hair Color Silver-White
Eye Color Purple
Equipment Mistilteinn Wand II
Vulture Armor
Personal Status
Relatives Valkyries
  • Eir (Eldest Sister) †
  • Geirdriful (Older Sister) †
  • Gunnr (Younger Sister)
  • Hildr (Younger Sister)
  • Kara (Younger Sister)
  • Olrun (Younger Sister)
  • Ròta (Younger Sister) †
  • Sigrún (Youngest Sister)

Unnamed Husband †
Edelweiss (Daughter)
Unnamed Son
Momus (Son-in-Law)
Unnamed Daughter-in-Law
Eric (Grandson) †
Rossweisse (Granddaughter)

Affiliations Norse Pantheon

Freya (Former Bodyguard)
Valkyrie Corps (Formerly)
Auros Academy (Teacher)
Council of Godheads
Team Asgard (Bishop)

Status Active
Ranking Valkyrie

Nova-Class Being

Göndul is a powerful and famous Valkyrie and magician in the Norse Pantheon. She was the former bodyguard of Freya, the Goddess of Beauty, and former leader of the Valkyrie corps. She is the grandmother of Rossweisse, Rook of Issei Hyoudou's Peerage.

She is one of the major supporting characters in Eucild Arc and Dragon's Head Arc of the story High School DxD: Mightverse 

Overview[edit | edit source]

Göndul (from Old Norse "wand-wielder") is attested in HeimskringlaSörla þáttr, and a 14th-century Norwegian charm. In addition, Göndul appears within the valkyrie list in the Poetic Edda poem Völuspá, in both of the two Nafnaþulur lists found in the Prose Edda, and among the valkyries listed in Darraðarljóð.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Göndul is described as a beautiful young tall woman around Rossweisse's age, and slender with large breasts. She has long whie-silver hair, slightly tinged blue  and purple eyes. She wears a blue officer's uniform with a skirt and black stockings. She has a fearless look, appears to be the same height as Rossweisse, has a good posture, and looks to have a slim figure overall.

She is able to shapeshift her form into an elderly woman who wears a deep blue colored robe. She had done this so her enemies underestimated her.

Personality [edit | edit source]

Göndul is shown to care deeply for her granddaughter, Rossweisse. However, she is constantly pressuring Rossweisse to find a boyfriend. This, however, is mainly out of the concern for Rossweisse to find someone to take care of her so Göndul won't have to worry about her anymore. She seems to be happy with Issei as her granddaughter's lover, even encouraging the two of them to consummate together, much to Rossweisse's embarrassment. She is also not above reprimanding Rosseweisse, as seen when she was upset at Rossweisse for reincarnation into a devil without telling her, although she did understand the circumstances leading up to the event. Similar to Rossweisse, Göndul also has a tendency to speak using her country's accent when agitated.

Like her Granddaughter, She is highly susceptible to alcohol as one drink from it can leave her drunk and vomit for extended periods of time. 

History[edit | edit source]

Göndul is known as a great magician and Valkyrie in Norse mythology. She was the one to raise her granddaughter Rossweisse in the countryside. Göndul would be the one to teach her grandchild on life lessons, such as warning her not to associate with any bad boys and recklessly lose her chastity to them, though Rossweisse interpreted it as not having any relations before marriage.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Advanced Valkyrie Physiology: Like other Valkyries, she possess abilities relating to her duty as a chooser of the fate of slain warriors. She can sense when a warrior is about to die, arrange that this warrior will die, defer the death so the warrior can survive to grow in skill, and have the power to take the chosen warrior's soul with her. They are able to move around unseen and some can take forms of birds or animals or fly with wings. Gondul is perhaps one of the most formidable Valkyries in Asgard, even compared to her sisters. Not only does she has a sizable regeneration ability, she has her own version of deadly tactics used by several other Valkyries, all of them dealing very high damage and require precise and punctual decision making while suffering her spatial sabotage powers. In terms of unpredictability and moveset, she's arguably second only to Sigrun.

Master Magician: Göndul is tremendously skilled in using Norse Magic, to the extent that, she's well known as a famous magic master of the Norse mythology; knowing and wielding rune-style, fairy magic gandol-style and spiritual magic seiz-styles of Norse magic. She was able to battle many strong Stray Magicians during Qlippoth's assault on Auros Academy and was able to alter Euclid's teleportation spell even when greatly weakened. Even Rossweisse, a highly talented user of Norse magic herself, believes that her magical abilities are inferior to her grandmother's.

  • Elemental Magic: Due to her magic expertise, Göndul excels at natural elements like lightning, thunder, ice, fire, water, wind, and etc. for specializing in long-range and bombardment to send them against her enemies.
  • Sealing Magic: Göndul uses this magic attribute to open and close objects and other spells.  She is also capable of sealing people into objects and later develops the ability to seal herself into the form of an anti-bird at will. Due to Forbidden Magic altering her magic, Göndul is ranked as an Ultimate-Class Magician.
  • Summoning Magic: Göndul is very proficient in Summoning Magic, as shown when he was able to summon her entire Issei's Peerage from all over the Auros Academy, the human world, and various mythological realms, only for all of them to be sucked into the vortex-like time portal as well.
  • Gravity Magic: Göndul uses this magic attribute to manipulate gravity. She can weaken gravity to levitate herself and large objects or strengthen gravity to slam things into the ground with tremendous force. By increasing the pressure all around a target, Göndul could immobilize a person in midair or condense and shape a large amount of material into an object.
  • Imitation Magic: Göndul uses this magic attribute to copy other magic. She needs to touch the Mistilteinn Wand II of an individual in order to copy the spells. She has copied several types of magic, and her copied spells are able to match those of the original owners.
  • Cloth Manipulation: She can change the outfit she is wearing through the use of magic, allowing her to be able to wear whatever she wants for any occasion. It also allows her to stitch up any torn clothing or to put on clothes even when without.
  • Anti-Magic: She could wield the Valkyrie's infamous magic style that eliminates the opponent's magic. She could nullify powers and effects that originated from magic such as spells, curses, hexes, jinxes, and charms. She could also magical objects/items and potions useless. Göndul could enchant anti-magic techniques on her weapons and attacks.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Göndul was a skilled hand-to-hand combatant whose skills are also further supplemented by her immense physical abilities. She was also able to fuse Magic power generated from the Vulture into her attacks, letting her damage beings that are weak to Holy energy even without the need to summoning the Wand itself.

Genius-Level Intellect: Göndul has shown to be extremely observant and intelligent, to the point she can figure anyone for the smallest of information she has from anyone, read a whole encyclopedia in just a few minutes and create nigh-flawless strategies on a whim. Odin claims that Göndul's mind makes her unpredictable and downright scary sometimes.

Limited Psychokinesis: Göndul's signature power is her limited pyrokinesis; she can make fireballs fall from the sky to a certain spot and make that spot burn with lingering fire; turning it into a life-sapping zone. She would use this to create a row flaming hazard in a straight line between her and her opponent.

Feather Attack: Gondul is also capable of using her feathers as projectiles, akin to throwing knives, she might do this after strafing backwards.

Flight: Göndul can use Norse magic to fly at high speeds.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Mistilteinn Wand II: TBA

Vulture Armor: A special divine armor for Göndul which gives her a large boost in power and speed. It's design is based on a vulture.

Statistics [edit | edit source]

Power 10/10
Speed 7/10
Stamina 9/10
Endurance 8/10
Technique 9/10
Intelligence 10/10
Total 53/60

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Family[edit | edit source]

Trivia [edit | edit source]

  • Göndul's height is [173cm] and body weight is [59kg]
  • Göndul's measurements at the start of the Series: B97-58-H81.
  • Göndul's appearance is based on Froleytia Capistrano from Heavy Object.
  • Göndul comes from Old Norse with two different forms: gandr, meaning 'magic, magic wand'  and gǫndul, meaning 'magical animal, werewolf'. This refers to her exceptional magic skills and Valkyrie's common association with wolves.
  • Göndul is the Name of a Valkyrie mentioned in the Darraðarljóð. Her name means "(magic) wand bearer".
  • In legend, Gondul was considered the most beautiful of the Valkyries. Known of her silver tongue, sharp wit and struck a figure so stunning it would literally drive men insane. Thus, Odin forbid her from entering Midgard after a time, for insanity is not a welcome trait in Valhalla.
  • Göndul considered to be one of the "Top 10 Most Sexy Woman in the World" by a supernatural magazine.
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