The Four Dragon Emperors are the four dragons that will appear in the fanfic "The Trihexa King" said to have the power that rivals the original Satan and the God from the bible. Are considered to be the highest class of Dragons said to be able to destroy the World many times over. After the death of Albion and Ddraig the other two dragons were either sealed inside sacred gears or went into hiding.

The Heavenly Dragons Edit

1. Ddraig the Red Dragon Emperor- One of the Two Heavenly Dragons and the arch-rival of Albion. He is the Red Dragon known as the Welsh Dragon and Red Dragon Emperor who resides within the Longinus, Boosted Gear, wielded by Issei Hyoudou. His power is the ability to multiply his powers.

2. Albion the White Dragon Emperor- Albion is the second of the Two-Heavenly Dragons, and the arch-rival of Ddraig. He is called the White Dragon, and also known as the Vanishing Dragon and White Dragon Emperor, and currently residing within the Longinus, Divine Dividing, wielded by Vali Lucifer. His power is the ability to divide his opponents strength and add that strength to himself.

The Purgatory DragonsEdit

1. Kurenai the Order Dragon Emperor- Kurenai the order dragon is one of the Purgatory (neutral) dragon Emperors and is the twin sister of Kaos. Her whereabouts are unknown due to her disappearing after the Great War. Her power is the ability to temporarily "block" or "cancel" another dragon's powers temporarily.

2. Kaos the Chaos Dragon Emperor- Kaos, the Chaos Dragon Emperor and is the rival of Ddraig and Albion due to wanting to have both their powers. He is the Chaos Dragon who resides in the sacred gear "Chaos Edge". He is famous for slaying one of the Angel Leaders before his body was destroyed and sealed inside a sacred gear. His special ability is the ability to copy other dragon's abilities by consuming their bloods but this technique costs a piece of his life span. He noted that since he was a dragon, practically immortal it didn't matter.

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