Dudael Scapegoat
Dudael Scapegoat in action
Kana 天主の天帝の宝物デュエル・スケープゴート
Romaji De~yueru Sukēpugōto
Other Names Heavenly Emperor's Treasures
Armory of the Azazel
Type Artificial Sacred Gear
Creation-type Incarnation Gear
High-tier Incarnation Gear
Forms Enûma Eliš (Gilgamesh)
Heavenly Truth Sword (Abigail)
Myoujingiri Muramasa (Murasama)
Völund (Velentr)
Midnight Parade (Cinderella)
Ash Princess of Glass (Cendrillon)
Abilities Create all forms of weaponry of different attributes.
Wielder(s) Gilgamesh
Abigail Adamant
Sengo Murasama
Velentr Wiolantsdottir

The Dudael Scapegoat, also known as the Heavenly Emperor's Treasures or Armory of the Azazel, is an Incarnation Gear created by Ariel based on the Grigori's research notes on Sacred Gears and the remaining essences of either the Blade Blacksmith or Sword Birth left on its former wielders' souls.

Known wielders of the Dudael Scapegoats are Gilgamesh, Abigail Adamant, Sengo Muramasa, Velentr Wiolantsdottir, Cendrillon, and Aschenputtel all of whom which are high-ranking Angels.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dudael Scapegoat has the appearance of a golden portal, from which numerous forms of weaponry will emerge. These portals could resize themselves, shifting from the size of a building to the size of an ant, while still able to produce a weapon thousands of times bigger than it.

In Chapter XXX, Abigail stated that the portals could appear anywhere within the wielder's line of sight and could turn themselves invisible and hide their magical energy, allowing them to make a sneak attack.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dudael Scapegoat has the ability to create numerous forms of weaponry of different attributes according to the wielder's will. The weapons are considered to be around Divine-ranked in terms of powers, as shown in Chapter XXX when Velentr was able to create a dagger capable of redirecting Indra's godly spear aside. The weapons all carry within them different attributes and the same weapons could be recreated multiples of times and even pass them amongst others for them to wield.

It possesses the power to recreate soldier automatons, as shown in Chapter XXX when Cinderella created a legion of over sixty-six soldier automatons, all fully armored with high-class armors and weapons. It could also create armors and other kinds of protections such as shields and barriers.

The creations themselves emerge from the golden portals that the wielders could place anywhere within their line of sight and could resize themselves while still able to produce a weapon thousands of times bigger than it. The portals could also turn themselves invisible and hide their magical energy, allowing them to make a sneak attack.

All created Dudael Scapegoats possess an ability called la-Azazel (犠牲にするエラー・アゼーゼル, Victimize), which allows them to trade place with the farthest things they created in case of life-threatening emergencies, making the thing the wielder traded their place with into a scapegoat and endure the attack for them.

Balance Bringer Forms[edit | edit source]

Enûma Eliš
Enûma Eliš (大啓示聖剣エヌマ・エリシュ, Enuma Erishu), also known as the Great Revelation Holy Sword, is the Balance Bringer of Gilgamesh. It is the first prototype of the Holy-Demonic Sword, carrying within a great destructive power that great shadowed over the Bael Devil Clan's famed Power of Destruction.

While its true powers are still unknown, Ariel had confirmed that it is one of the few weapons capable of rivaling that of an actual Archangel. Abigail also stated that it could destroy entire planets.

In Chapter XXX, Gilgamesh only made a singular swing of the Enûma Eliš and was able to destroy the entire world created by the Archdemon Forcas, making it cracked, shattered, and collapsed into the abyss like the ending of an hourglass.

Heavenly Truth Sword

Sword of the Heavenly Truth (天の真剣, Ten no Shinken), also known as the Holy Blade of the Truth and Heart, is the Balance Bringer of Abigail Adamant.

It has the power to always strike its opponent's weak points, create wounds and injuries that couldn't be healed with any magical or divine method, and can slice through any obstacle with simple ease.

Anyone within its presence, even Abigail herself, will not be able to tell any lie and is forced to tell the truth. It could also read and control the mind and memory of others, as shown in Chapter XXX when Abigail wiped the mind of every single citizen of Kuoh Town clear of the incidents that happened.

Myoujingiri Muramasa

Myoujingiri Muramasa (明神切村正), also known as the Cursed Blade Christened by the Blood of Demons and Gods, is the Balance Bringer of Sengo Murasama.

It has the power to cut through the supernatural on a conceptual level, cutting any magical or divine armor and weaponry. It also has the ability to make any supernatural weapons within a 100-meter radius from it deteriorate, destroying them within less than a minute.

This is a weapon similar to a Divine Weapon, capable of purging resentment, cutting through bonds such as fate, causality, destiny, etc. and even slice through the idea of karma itself. In Chapter XXX, Murasama lent it to Susanoo, who used it to bisect King Enma's Castle by using his divinity as an energy source.


Völund (白鳥の乙女の大隊オーオルンド, Ōorundo), also known as the Battalion of the Swan Maidens, is the Balance Bringer of Velentr Wiolantsdottir.

It creates a total of thirteen humanoid soldier automaton, each being around mid to high-ranked Ultimate-Class in terms of powers. Each of them is based on one of the Thirteen Original Valkyrie and armed with Heavens' greatest militaristic technology.

Til now, only four known automatons have been named:

  • Brün - Leading Völund, armed with a Holy Sword on par with Caliburn. Based on the First Valkyrie Brynhildr.
  • Frist - Second-in-command of Brün, armed with a katana made out of Enochian Metals. Based on the Second Valkyrie - Hrist.
  • Razris - A Völund armed with a Holy-Demonic Spear. Based on the Third Valkyrie - Randgriz.
  • Girzif - A Völund specified in hand-to-hand combat and a great martial artist. Based on the Fourth Valkyrie - Reginleif.

Midnight Parade

Midnight Parade (真夏の夜の永遠の戴冠式ミッドナイト・パレード, Middonaito Parēdo), also known as the Eternal Coronation of the Midsummer's Night, is the Balance Bringer of Cendrillon.

It creates a giant barrier surround Cendrillon, with nearly a kilometer-radius. Anyone within the barrier will be transported to a "fairy-tale land" where the flow of time is greatly different from outside - An entire 24 hours within the barrier is estimated to only be around a minute outside.

There existed a major flaw within the Balance Bringer: If anyone that Cendrillon didn't intend to bring with her into the barrier entered the barrier, when coming out, they will age rapidly to the point they are left with nothing but dust. In Chapter XXX, when the Khaos Brigade group attacked her and her Team when they were training inside the barrier, Cendrillon disabled the barrier mid-fight, making the invaders turned into dust in mere minutes.

Ash Princess of Glass

Ash Princess of Glass (真夜中の舞の撲滅乙女アッシュ・プリンセス・オブ・グラース, Asshu Purinsesu obu Gurāsu), also known as the Eradication Maiden of the Midnight Dance, is the Balance Bringer of Aschenputtel.

Named after the famous Amazon - Penthesilea, it creates a giant warrior automaton, ranking around high-ranked Ultimate-Class in terms of raw power.

It has powerful vitirikenetic ability, allowing it to generate and manipulate various constructs out of unbreakable glass such as weaponry and vehicles.

It could go in a state known as Ascended, in which its overall powers will increase to the point they reach mid-ranked God-Class. Aschenputtel could maintain the Ash Princess in this state for approximately an hour before it requires a 12-hour interval.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dudael Scapegoat is based on the Gate of Babylon from the Fate franchise.
    • Enûma Eliš' appearance is based on the sword Ea from the Fate franchise.
    • Heavenly Truth Sword's appearance is based on the Holy Sword Excalibur from Sword Art Online.
    • Myoujingiri Muramasa's appearance is based on the sword Tsumugari Muramasa from Fate/Grand Order.
    • Völund and the automatons' appearances are based on the Valkyries from Shuumatsu no Valkyrie.
    • Ash Princess of Glass' appearances is based on the Personas Penthesilea and Artemisia from the Persona franchise.
  • Its name - Dudael Scapegoat - is a reference to Azazel, who is known as the Scapegoat in the Hebrew Bible and a Fallen Angel bounded to the rough and jagged rocks of Dudael.
    • The ability la-Azazel directly mentioned Azazel by name, meaning "as a scapegoat".
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