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Dorian Held is the main male protagonist of High School DxD: The Roots Of Hope. He is a second-year high school student at Kuoh Academy in Class 2-B as an exchange student

He is a reincarnated Einherjar as part of the Nine Realms specifically serving Freyja and Odin of Asgard. After the Siege of Olympus, he was made a member of the Crossroads, a cross-mythology team made up of elements of the major alliance giving him greater autonomy across the member groups.

He is currently in possession of the Laerad Ragnarok Sacred Gear with the spirit of Yggdrasil's daughter, dubbed Iggy, within. This grants him access to a middle dimension known as the Road Between Realms allowing him to traverse to all parts of the world much faster than conventional travel.


Dorian is a high school student who is described as tall for his age with short blonde/gold hair. Starting in Chapter 14, he gradually gains braids for each victory achieved per Asgardian tradition. Due to his reincarnation and daily training with Thrud, he has gained a toned build noting his muscular growth.

Wearing numerous outfits throughout the series from the Kuoh Academy boy's uniform to business suits, he became most known for donning the uniform of the Crossroads Team he leads. This consists of a black jacket, matching pants with green undershirt and tie in addition to shoulder guards and cloak. A belt with gold accents cinches the jacket closed as well as securing the shoulder cloak in place. He will occasionally wear a gold tunic with blue undershirt provided upon his arrival at Asgard when in a more casual setting.

Due to the events of Chapter 50, Dorian lost his right arm which was replaced by a mechanical prosthetic courtesy of Azazel. Constructed in the same manner as his own, it is visually indistinguishable from his old one.

Dorian's height is 187 cm (6 feet 2 inches) with a weight of approximately 84 kg (185 lbs)


Dorian is initially shown to be quite naïve in regards to trusting others, falling for both Kara and Despoina's deceptions. As the series continues, he becomes more wary while still trying to remain warm and welcoming. From the beginning he showed an eagerness to help others, becoming a teacher being his dream studying in so many different schools around the globe. This desire to help leads him to throwing himself into situations he is not prepared for such as his initial death saving a girl from a fire or intervening when Modi was mocking Rossweisse.

While originally adhering to a strict belief that fighting women is wrong, he soon realizes that the strength of those in the supernatural world would make such restrictions impossible. While refusing to kill his opponents, Dorian has become more comfortable facing opponents of the fairer sex including the vampire/devil Ona and Seekvaira in their exhibition match as well as daily spars with Thrud and Rossweisse.

Dorian has shown he is capable of great kindness, often putting others ahead of himself. This was first showcased in his agreeing to face Modi blaming himself for Rossweisse's incarceration as well as choosing to request Olympus to rework its rules to lowborn children of gods rather than a personal reward after the events of the Siege. This kindness and seemingly incorruptible nature has often inspired others to improve themselves or work past their own flaws even if Dorian is unaware.

He can be indecisive at tough decisions when pushed such as when selecting a preferred weapon between sword and spear, finally ending up with both. Initially content to serve as a retainer to Lady Freyja, Dorian begins to become more proactive in events and grows more comfortable in the role of leadership. Originally selected to lead the Crossroads as a symbol or figurehead, he threw himself into the role hoping to become a worthy leader more than just his ability to utilize the powers of multiple mythologies.

Dorian's kind side extends into combat as he strives to not kill his opponents even as they try to kill him. This is not unshakable, however as he has been shown to have a more serious side when his friends are threatened. These are most exemplified in unleashing his Balance Breaker after seeing Rossweisse wounded and his later enraged state against Heracles in Kyoto. It takes a lot to push him that far, but when it does his rage is frightening to both friend and foe.

While maintaining a healthy interest in women, Dorian has displayed time and again he is against perverted actions focused towards them. Initially showing great embarrassment at Ratatoskr's lewd comments, he would later butt heads with Issei Hyoudou after their introduction. Ever since joining Kuoh Academy, he has thwarted several attempts of the Perverted Trio to peep on their classmates or otherwise take unwanted photos. That is not to say that Dorian does not have interest in his own way, showcased in his dreams surrounding Rossweisse after the events of Elysium. After they are officially dating, he has made no secret to his attraction to her in the physical sense.


Born in the United States, Dorian's life was relatively normal and uneventful until he was six years old with the car crash that claimed his parent's lives. At some later point, he was approved to be part of an international student exchange program in which he would study at a new school in a different country every year. Dorian would enjoy this life and heal after his parent's death, albeit having a hard time making long-term friends due to spending such little time in one place.

The first true friend he considered making was Irina Shidou who made it her business to befriend him during his stay in England at the age of 14. She would help him break out of his shell by including him in her daily life from morning mass to ghost hunting trips at night. They even set up a Christmas pageant together wherein Dorian dressed up as a reindeer to avoid Irina's inborn ire directed at Santa Claus. When it came time to move to the next school, Irina was the only one who saw him off at the airport, solidifying their friendship.

At the age of 17, he would find himself in an apartment complex slated to study at Kuoh Academy that year. His studies would be delayed as the building was consumed in flames caught as the battleground for Kokabiel and Freed before forming their alliance. His time in Asgard would begin as he spotted a little girl unable to escape the fire, moving to save her without thinking of the danger to himself.

Powers & Abilities

Einherjar Status: As an Einherjar of Asgard, he has all their traits including augmented strength and a greater ease of affinity with Nordic magic. Originally being barely above a human in strength, he has been training with both Thrud for physical strength and Rossweisse for magic on a daily basis gradually improving both traits over time. As of Chapter 62 he is able to withstand blows from Sairaorg with all his limiters removed.

  • Tracking: Dorian has shown an aptitude for tracking in the wild, being able to follow a troll back to its lair in a raging blizzard.
  • Weapon Master: Thanks to daily training with Thrud, Dorian has become adept at using numerous weapons, most especially his signature swordspear. After extensive training in the Roads he was able to challenge Modi in weapons and later deflect blows from Siegfried.
  • Tactician: After being appointed as the leader of the Crossroads, Dorian has started trying to think more tactically in the hopes of earning his post beyond being a figurehead. He would first show his willingness to lead by coordinating defense of civilians at the skating rink in Chapter 29 directing his team to their best use. Since then, he has often formulated maneuvers to give his team an edge before heading into combat.
  • Expert Magician: Being trained by Rossweisse, a master, Dorian has become highly proficient in the use of Nordic seals. Utilizing a wide range, he is most skilled at offensive abilities as well as support abilities for augmenting strength and defense often utilizing them in conjunction with other abilities. Emulating Rossweisse's style, his seals are a rare type using complex formulas of her own doing he would adapt in his own ways later on. Since using them more in the field he has been seen using offensive elemental seals, defensive shield, strength augmenting and summoning, though these ones are used to a much lower degree as his Roads Between Realms are the superior method of travel.
    • Layered Seals: After learning from Loki in disguise as Kara, Dorian has gained the knowledge to layer seals upon one another to create a unique seal with new abilities. Considered a high-level technique, Dorian has used it as a backbone of his method for keeping up with more skilled opponents as the new powers of combined seals can be fusions of each one or even a new ability altogether.

Bifrost Barrage: Dorian's first signature move created after Azazel insisted he should create one. By combining the energies of the Nine Realms within his Sacred Gear, he could release the energy, albeit without the special properties and abilities, as a condensed blast of energy. Able to overwhelm most opponents in a single blast, he would later learn to sheath his weapon in the same energy to augment its destructive properties.

Midgardsormr Pact: As of Chapter 49, Dorian has made a pact with Loki's son Midgardsormr. In return for letting the Dragon King reside in the Road Between Realms, allowing him to sleep without being interrupted, Dorian has access to as much of his power as his body can handle. At first only being able to accept a small portion, Dorian's improving body has allowed him to accept greater quantities increasing his strength and overall energy. The initial burst was so great he succeeded in cracking defensive seals generated by a God, Loki, albeit when he was holding back taunting the team.

Time Immunity: For an unknown reason yet to be explained, Dorian has found that he is immune to time-based magic. This was first showcased when he was invisible to the Barbatos family's ability to see the immediate future of others. He was unable to be affected by Gasper's Balor Gear, allowing him to move even during the events of the Peace Summit. Azazel mentioned in talks with the other myths that the Hindu God Indra is not a fan of Dorian as he is a blind spot in his foresight ability to predict the future.

Flight: Dorian can fly utilizing magic seals etched into his shoes.


Laerad Ragnarok in its unlocked form

Laerad Ragnarok: Dorian's Sacred Gear and main weapon. Laerad Ragnarok is a Sacred Gear not created by the God of the Bible, considered by Azazel to have been made within the last 17 years as Dorian appears to be its first ever possessor. It contains the spirit of Yggdrasil's daughter, with her real name forgotten she has taken to being called Iggy by those close to her.

Originally taking the form of a green gauntlet on his right hand, since the events of Chapter 50, it can now be manifested as any individual portion of his Balance Breaker Armor such as the breastplate or horned circlet. At first able to wield the power of the 9 individual realms of Norse Mythology, it is later revealed that Iggy can learn the basics of magic from any realm visited and impart that knowledge to Dorian. As a result, he gains the ability to wield various forms of magic outside Norse seals.

Outside of his Balance Breaker he is restricted to wielding a single myth's power at a time. In addition, he cannot learn powers or abilities that require a specific family trait or unique aspect to wield such as the Gremory powers of Destruction or boost/divide of the Heavenly Dragons. As of the events of Chapter 75, it was noted to have evolved into a Longinus-Class Gear.

  • Laerad Ragnarok: Rider's Regalia: The Balance Breaker creating green/grey armor made of metallic roots to form around Dorian's body complete with a winged-horned helmet. Unlocking its usage as of Chapter 17, this form not only augments Dorian's strength and abilities to the level he could overpower an 8-winged fallen angel, but allows him to use multiple powers at once. At first limited to six, the jewels across the armor multiply as Dorian grows in strength allowing him to manage more powers simultaneously.
  • Breakdown the Beast: Decimation's Waltz is a form available to Dorian similar to the Juggernaut Drive but for Sacred Gears other than the Heavenly Dragons. In this form first seen in Kyoto, Dorian's became capable of absorbing energy from nearby sources, such as the Ley Lines of Kyoto to increase his power. This caused the armor to grow out of control, consuming him with bark-like metal capable of regenerating faster than the combined Hero Faction could destroy. Along with having access to every mythology's magic, the Breakdown's most devastating attack was a concentrated energy beam fired from a giant eye situated atop him described as strong enough to kill Thrud in a single direct shot despite her godly status. Described as appearing as a mass of life, it also grew wings across the surface matching every group Dorian had prior knowledge of before transforming. Despite being immensely powerful, capable of besting every member of the Hero Faction except Cao Cao, Dorian is berserk in this state unable to discern friend from foe. It has been inferred he can reign in the power of this form with additional training, however continuous use threatens to drain his life force utterly.
  • Nine Realms: Laerad Ragnarok's original abilities, the Sacred Gear can tap into the power of each realm and grant their usage to Dorian.
  • Foreign Magical Mastery: Upon tapping into the magic of a realm, Dorian can wield its powers comparable to his current strength and skill
    • Holy Magic: Since absorbing a spear of light during the Siege of Olympus, Iggy studied its composition and taught Dorian to generate holy magic including weapons of light as well as buffing his weapon with holy energy when facing devils.
    • Devil Magic: After spending several weeks in the Underworld for the Young Devil's Gathering, Dorian can tap into energy unique to devils. This has provided him basic energy attacks in addition to their ability to translate any language and create his own black bat-like wings.
    • Olympian Magic: Upon his arrival in Olympus for peace talks, Dorian noticed that his normal magic was not working as he believed. This was due to his Sacred Gear tapping into the powers of the land and teaching him magic unique to Olympus. Since then he has become proficient as calling fires of Hestia which replenish stamina and energy. As of the events of the Diodora battle, with the help of Despoina he has fully mastered Olympian magic, allowing him to alter his Balance Breaker to accommodate them.

Bright Star vs Modi

Bright Star: Dorian's first weapon crafted by the dwarves Eitri and Brokkr from impossible items found during his expedition to Jotunheim. Forged from an ember of water, tears of a statue and a serpent's finger bone, it was able to contend with Modi's own weapon in their duel. It was eventually destroyed during the Siege of Olympus and remade into Twilight Star.

  • Transformation: Bright Star held the ability to extend its haft into a spear form.

Twilight Star in its sword form

Twilight Star: Dorian's current signature weapon created when the darkness of Nidavellir fused together the remains of Bright Star and Despoina's Trident Twilight. Reinforced beyond Bright Star's previous limits, the weapon is nigh unbreakable not being cracked since even when channeling the multitudes of magic at Dorian's disposal. It maintains Twilight's ability to call down Olympian Lightning with devastating effect. As of Chapter 49, it was upgraded to contain elemental properties, able to trap opponents in a cage of water in the same power Despoina held before her death.

Collapsible Shield: Dorian wields a bracer that contains an enchanted round shield capable of blocking or deflecting considerable punishment.

Enneagram Charm: A 9-pointed star brooch gifted from Rossweisse, the charm was enchanted with numerous seals of protection implied by Baldur to lessen the damage taken from attacks. Rossweisse attempted to work Olympian magic into the design including anti-petrification spells but has yet to test its effectiveness.

Mjolnir Replica: During Loki's attack, Dorian wielded the faux hammer Mjolnir to defeat Loki. Upon the conclusion of the battle, the weapon was pulled into the Road Between Realms by his gear. Attempts to return the hammer have failed with it returning forcibly into the gear the moment it leaves his hands. Odin found the situation quite humorous and allowed him to keep the weapon for the time being.

Jeanne's Rapier: In Kyoto, Dorian was stabbed in the back by Jeanne using her rapier kept as an alternate to her holy swords. Due to the appearance of his Breakdown the Beast, she was forced to leave it behind which was recovered after the battle. The weapon currently resides within the Road Between Realms with Dorian's other weapons and equipment.

Mechanical Arm: An all-purpose prosthetic right arm provided by Azazel after Dorian's was devoured by Fenrir. It has been vaguely alluded to contain many hidden features such as light power-style laser beams and tiny missiles. It can also fly on its own and function even when Dorian's body is paralyzed. Azazel implied it had abilities of a lewd nature that Dorian's loves would surely enjoy once discovered.


  • (To Thrud): "Well, it just feels…wrong ya know? I mean diamonds are nigh indestructible but you don't see people making weapons out of them just because you can. I guess…that's how I see women…as strong as the Earth…but precious beyond all worth." (Chapter 2)
  • That's what happens when you assume…I am such an ass… (Chapter 6)
  • (To Modi) "This is the strength I have found in my time among the people of Asgard!" (Chapter 10)
  • (To Ragnar on Rossweisse): "Over all there is. Her breasts were made by the gods, naught else to be said!" (Chapter 11)
  • (To Thrud): "Return the towel and I won't have to get REALLY serious," (Chapter 14)
  • (On his memories of Rossweisse): "A whole lifetime Thrud, and it didn't happen. It feels so…strange. The memories are fading but I still remember the years. I remember what we did, our kids, the arthritis at the end, yet now I'm a teenager again. When they are gone I'll be back to normal, I promise. I don't want to…do or say anything I shouldn't out of habit." (Chapter 19)
  • (To Rossweisse): "Is it the hybrid seals? Oh wow, you finished them so quickly; you really are a genius Valkyrie!" (Chapter 21)


  • The name Held is based on the old Nordic word for hero.
  • Dorian was originally intended to be an Issei replacer for the story, but this concept was scrapped before writing began.
  • Dorian's birthday is on October 15th.
  • His favorite color is green
  • His first name 'Dorian' is of Greek origin hinting to multiple ties dating back through his family line.
  • The first canon cast member he met was Irina during his stay in England at the age of 14.
  • In combat, Dorian is considered a Technique-type for the versatility of his gear.
  • Dorian enjoys music and has been practicing with the lyre since his first shopping trip in Asgard.
  • He has grown to love strategy games; Tafl and Chess to name a few though always loses the latter to Sona Sitri.
  • He was considered the longest Einherjar to remain as retainer to Lady Freyja due to most warriors considering managerial skills beneath them.
  • He recently started a DeviTube channel where he imparts legends and tales from different mythologies.
  • Dorian is the only man Issei has dress broken, albeit accidentally.