King Satan.jpg
The Strongest Demon and Leader of the Demons
Kana 悪魔
Romaji Akuma
Race Devils
Nicknames False Gods

The Black Ones
Children of Ayin

Equipment Demonic Power


Personal Status
Relatives AYIN (Creator)
Affiliations AYIN (So-called Leader)

Hell, Tartarus (Residences)
Seven Great Satans (Leader)
Grigori (Alliance)
72 Pillars (Progenitor)
Abrahamic Underworld

Status Active
Ranking Mobius-Class Beings ~ God-Class Beings

Demons, also known as First Devils or Progenitor Devils, are a species of spiritual beings that lives in the deepest Underworlds, the most common being Hell.

They are arch-enemies to the Angels given their very different views in pretty much everything. These creatures are very common antagonists in a number of theological stories, mythologies, folklore and fiction.

Because of their inherent beyond-human physical and mystical abilities, most known demons view themselves as superior to humans, and as such wish to rule over them.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Created by Ayin, they were made to be the opposites of God's Angels.

They are considered to be either Fallen Angels, unclean spirits or degenerated lesser gods though Demons can be born due to their environments. Although the word now has an attachment to malevolence, it was originally a positive term for any spirit lesser than a deity in status, but higher than human.

Demons are also widely known to be enemies of God, Jesus Christ, the Angels of Heaven and any one that is faithful to God. Even though it may seem like it, Demons are beyond the human conception of good and evil, instead they are creatures of chaos where the strongest rule.

The reason why demons seems 'evil' to humans is that demons believe themselves as above humans, making them no different to angels and gods with the same mindset.

With religion, demons are seen as metaphors for natural disasters, affliction and cruelty, the most prominent of which are the "deadly sins" of Christian tradition: demons are also used to describe inner-fears and anxieties found in the minds of all people, which is where the common expression "face one's demons" comes from.

Demons are similar to monsters in being frightening and against the natural order. Unlike monsters however, most demons are seen as a spiritual threat rather than a physical one and can possess humans, cause poltergeist activity, drive people insane and much more.

Despite their heritage and power, demons can be summoned and even controlled. But the demons with strong will are capable of either shattering the control one has over them, or twist their wishes to bring him to the conjurers themselves. It is seen that certain demons have disguised themselves as humans and gained an incredible amount of influence in the criminal underworld, the wealthy upper-class, and even close family members and business associates of powerful individuals.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Higher Demons can take any desired appearance, even that of an "angel of light". Nevertheless, most were generally described as ugly and monstrous beings whose forms were frighting enough to kill a mortal man through sight. However, the Sex Demons, Incubi and Succubi, are described as being beautiful in order to accomplish their mission of seduction.

About the color of the demons' skin, since early times it was associated with black, thinking that they assumed the appearance of a black man, although not all descriptions agreed, giving demons very different aspects. 

Satan and other demons were also often depicted as black-dressed men, often riding a black horse. When demons appeared in the shape of animals, often they were black.

History[edit | edit source]

After God defeated his own sister, The Darkness, Ayin, an entity that was opposite of everything God was, had awakened. After watching God create his newest creations, the first angels (along with the realm Heaven), she desired to create something herself.

After many failed experiments, she finally created the first Demons under the Dark Lord, her personal chosen leader, a counter race to the Angels. Afterwards, she created a realm for them which was known as the Abrahamic Underworld, also known as Hell, a copy of Hades, the first Underworld which was created by Tartarus.

After creating enough of them, she sent them to invade the Abrahamic Heavens while she dealt with God. Even though, they possessed loads of power and ruthlessness against their holy counterparts, it didn't compare to their skill and amount of angelic soldiers that Heaven was able to create.

Realizing the losing battle against Heaven, Ayin had called for the Dark Lord himself to attack Heaven for her. With his overwhelming power and master manipulation on his enemies, the Dark Lord was able to cause mass destruction on Heaven until be stopped by the Archangel Helel, an Angel known for her beauty and charisma, who was able to bring the remaining angels still in Heaven to fight back with greater force against the Dark Lord's armies.

While the forces of order and chaos battled, Helel herself fought against the Dark Lord on her own. While the Dark Lord possessed high amounts of power, Helel was so much greater compared to the demon and so was able to permanently defeat him. Due to God's orders, Helel was going to spare him but was unknowingly manipulated by Ayin herself to kill him which she had did.

With the Dark Lord's death, the Demons of Hell had to retreated back to Hell and then sealed away the entire realm from the Rest of Creation while Ayin herself was sealed away in the outside of existence, making her unable to enter Creation again. Even with her lose and sealing, she was very excited much to the worry of the Primordial Entities watching her.

Unknown to anyone but Ayin herself, she was able to taint Helel's soul with Ayin's own corrupted essence, pushing to her to sin.

Seven Princes of Hell[edit | edit source]

The Seven Princes of Hell, also known as the Seven Leaders of Hell or Seven Great Satans, are the highest authority in Hell even above the 72 Pillars of the Ars Goetia and any other demon living there.

In ancient times, the Seven Princes were once believed to be the Gods that created humanity and was worshiped by them. When Judeo-Christian Regime began those "Gods" had been demonized, by genocide committing Judeo/Christians who were attempting to cut the world of from spiritual knowledge.

In actuality, these demons are fallen angels that rebelled alongside the Archangel Lucifer, the angel who defied God and failed to rebel against her creator. After their fall from grace, each of the beings were twisted and transformed into hideous abominations.

Overtime, they grew strong and held dominion over all of Hell, with Satan as its true ruler and Lucifer being second in command and its official leader. Eventually, Satan began retaliation against God by tempting humanity to sin. As such, each of the Seven Princes became the physical representations of the Seven Deadly Sins those being: Pride, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy and Lust.

After the War of Heaven, the imprisoned fallen angels decided they needed a form of ruling government in their new plane of existence. Some vied for power, but undoubtedly, the ruler of Hell at the time was the leader of the fallen angels, the charismatic Morning Star, Lucifer. Courageous and strong, she made others bow before her through persuasion, bribery, or intimidation.

For years, Hell has been organized by Lucifer into the ruling body called the Seven Princes, in which the leading seven would rule over different, vast areas of their lands. Each Prince was responsible for their own subjects and lands. Many enjoyed how organized this system was, though a select few hated being forced at the bottom for their others to be on top.

Name Image Occupation Ranking Status
Lucifer 1.jpg
Supreme Empress Empress of Pride Active (Formerly Imprisoned)
Technology Department Emperor of Gluttony Active (Formerly Deceased)
Military Affairs Empress of Lust Active (Formerly Deceased)
Foreign Affairs Empress of Envy Active (Formerly Deceased)
Domestic Affairs Emperor of Sloth Active (Formerly Deceased)
Financial Affairs Emperor of Greed Active (Formerly Deceased)
Satan Hole.jpg
Judgmental Affairs Emperor of Wrath Active (Formerly Imprisoned)

Extra Demons[edit | edit source]

These were the demons that King Solomon didn't give a number to, making them not apart of the 72 Pillars. With the exception of Lilith and Mephisto Pheles whose own clans were equal to the royal clans of the Seven Great Satans.

Name Image Occupation Ranking Status
Supreme Empress Empress of Heresy Active (Formerly Captured)
Demon Overlord Duke of Abaddon Active (Formerly Deceased)
Retsu Leviathan.png
Grand Succubus Duchess of Naamah Active
Grand Chancellor Prince of Adramelech Active
Mephisto Pheles
Demon Contract Maintainer King of Pheles Active
Demon Contractor Baroness of Hell Active (Formerly Captured)

Six Great Officers[edit | edit source]

The Six Great Officers, also known as the Six Generals of Lucifer or simply Lucifer Six, are the six demons in charge of Hell´s government by Lucifer herself. It is said that every of the six had other Demon Noble Houses in servitude to them. While originally equal to the 72 Pillars, after the death of the Six Great Officers themselves, the nobles house became below the other noble houses along with the rest of the Extra Demons houses.

Name Image Occupation Ranking Status
Lucifuge Rofocale
Prime Minister Duke of Lucifuge Active (Formerly Deceased)
Grand Commander Duke of Satanachia Active (Formerly Deceased)
Agaliarept Chief General Duke of Agaliarept Active (Formerly Deceased)
Fleurety Royal Scientist Duchess of Fleurety Active (Formerly Deceased)
Sargatanas Brigadier General Marquis of Sargatanas Active (Formerly Deceased)
Royal Necromancer Marchioness of Hell Active (Formerly Deceased)

Ars Goetia[edit | edit source]

The Ars Goetia, also known as the 72 Pillars or the Lemegeton is a group comprised of seventy two demons with exemplary strength and their own legions. They are listed in the grimoire Lesser Key of Solomon.

Name Image Occupation Ranking Status
Pillar #1 Great King of Hell Active (Formerly Deceased)
Sitri makai ouji devils and realist by devil nutto d9ptzab-pre.jpg
Pillar #12 Prince of Hell Active (Formerly Deceased)
Pillar #15 Duchess of Eligos Active (Formerly Deceased)
Astaroth the seven deadly sins drawn by visqi 67df5993a850894019e18fc5ae9aa47e.jpg
Pillar #29 Great Duchess of Hell Active (Formerly Deceased)
Pillar #37 Marchioness of Phenex Active (Formerly Deceased)
Pillar #53 President of Hell Active (Formerly Deceased)
Pillar #56 Duchess of Gremory Active (Formerly Deceased)
Pillar #71 Grand Duke of Hell Active (Formerly Deceased)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are demons who deny their heritage and go to the human world to live in peace.
  • It has been shown on several occasions that most, if not all, monsters too are aware of the existence of demons; while the vast majority seem to fear demons greatly, the higher-tier monsters apparently do not.
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