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Clocktower Vision
Parasite Seeing.jpg
Ryuusei with Clocktower Vision activated
Kana 千里眼目クロックタワー・ビジョン
Romaji Kurokkutawā bijon
Other Names Clairvoyant Eyes
Type Sacred Gear
Forms Balance Breaker: Revolution Ataraxia
Abilities 15-seconds clairvoyance
Wielder(s) Ryuusei Amano
Dario Aim(holder, not wielder)

Clocktower Vision(千里眼目クロックタワー・ビジョン, Kurokkutawā bijon), also known as Clairvoyant Eyes, is the Sacred Gear of Ryuusei Amano is DxD: Haremonogatari. A support-type Sacred Gear given to him by Dario Aim, Lunamaria's father, it gives him the ability to see 15-seconds into the future.


Given to Ryuusei by dario Aim during the events of Volume 2, Ryuusei would first thing that the sacred gear was a crused placed on his punishment. However, after a few days of intense concetration, Ryuusei was able to put off his abilities for good use. It was mentioned by Dario, however, that Clocktower Vision end up as a unstable Sacred Gear, and might stop working one day.


Much more like Forbidden Balor View, Clocktower Vision does not possess a physical form, instead manifesting itself on the user's eyes, which turn in a deep shade of bloody-red.


Clocktower Vision grants it's user the ability of clairvoyance, specifically, the ability to see 15-seconds into the future. By staring deeply into a place, the user will be able to predict everything that will happen in his line of sight for the next 15 seconds while also maintaining the sight of the present in order to counter such events. However, the user will only be able to see the future, as sounds and voices can't be capted by the sacred Gear.

Revolution Ataraxia in use.

If completely mastered, the user can use his clairvoyance to look 15-seconds more during the first 15-seconds. However, it also costs an absurd amount of stamina and may cause severe cases of dry-eye.


Revolution Ataraxia

Revolution Ataraxia(絶望と恐怖の忘れられた世界レボリューションアタラキシア, reboryūshon'atarakishia), also known as The Forgotten World of Despair and Fear, is Clocktower Vision's Balance Breaker. This Balance Breaker turns Ryuusei's hair jet-black and his eyes turn into a dull red. In this form, the user not only can see now 20-seconds into the future, but also interact with it at any point in the history of that time-spam. I.e. Ryuusei can throw a punch into the future that will only take effect during anytime of his 20 seconds.The clairvoyant sight will also be extended to 360º of the user, nullifying all blind spots around him or her.


  • The images are based on Zenkichi Hitoyoshi's Parasite Sight and Ranshin Mode from Medaka Box.
  • According to Ryuusei, Clocktower Vision gives him severe cases of dry-eye.
  • Dario Aim claims that the Sacred Gear might forever sealed if used too much. However, indiscriminate use seems to slow down that process.