Race Omni-God clone
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Relatives An unknown creator
Affiliations Nibui's school


Her one true love (formerly)

Status Active
Ranking Person of great interest
I can't help myself. I am cursed to fall be feel constant infatuation and dependancy towards the main character.

Cinderella-2 is a supporting character in the Boring Ageneric Fanverse of Something-verse Over 9000. She is somehow a distant relative of the Nibui Shujinko  and his secondary unwilling love interest. She is a descendant of the Original Cinderella, though her existence is an enigma as such a person never even existed in the first timeline and has thus attracted the curiousity of several self-aware individuals, Nibui included.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Cinderella-2 has a doll-like appearance, though it's mostly overshadowed by the constant spots of dirt all over her petite body, which are a result of her not having normal human hygine and playing a lot with the wildlife of the forests. On special occasions or when her true power is unlocked, she will have a more mature, glamorous visage that emphasises her sweet nature.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cinderella-2 is just as odd as the fact that she exists. She loves nature and detests those who harm it only to make profit for selfish reasons. However, she can be often seen rehearsing cliche social butterfly quotes from different trending anime. It's almost like she's hiding a shallow part of her. She acts like a lovestruck fool around Nibui, though that is more like a hypnosis than her actually expressing any genuine feelings toward him. She would probably hate him for activating her curse. 

History[edit | edit source]

Cinderella-2 is of an unknown origin. There's a only one text about her that is written in a broken language. Her creation was sparkled by the idea of a magical girl Cinderella. 

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Physically, Cinderella-2 is one of the weakest characters in the verse. But on the special occasion that her power is unlocked, she is one of the most powerful individuals to exist, earning her a place amongst the 10 Mary Sues. 

Absolute Regenaration - Cinderella-2 can heal herself and those around her from any damage they sustain, be it a nuke, a Big Bang or a Multiverse-busting attack. The only sensible way to counter this ability is with an attack that can deal massive amounts of damage over time. It may also heal her opponents as well, so usage of this ability has to be well-timed. 

Guardian Angel - Like the Original Cinderella, Cinderella-2 has a supernatural godmother, who watches over her. In times of despair, this angel-like beast will appear in an incomprihensible extra-dimensional form and smite reality itself to benefit Cinderella's emotional state. This ability is broken.

Friend of Nature - Any creature that is not part of an intelligent society will instantly become loyal friends of Cinderella-2. This is an absolute mind-altering ability, that only doesn't work on omnipotent beasts.

Perception Manipulation - Cinderella-2 can alter and reverse the thought process of beings around her. Someone with a negative opinion about ice cream will, under her effect, love it. Meanwhile, someone who loves her, will hate her. This ability is perfect for greedy political figures, which is why she is considered a special existence. 

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