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Kana カオス
Romaji Kaosu
Race Primordial Goddess

The Void
The First Deity
Mom (by Nyx)
Witch of the Void
The Grand Creator
The Endless Abyss
Truest Ruler of the Cosmos
The Primordial One
Mistress of the Void
First Greek Deity
Creator of the Universe
Personification of Void
Embodiment of Cosmos
Guardian of the Cosmos
Stupid Chaos (by Amara)
Primordial Goddess of Void and Nothingness
Personification of the Abyss of Space
Highest Leader of the Greek Pantheon
Protogenos of the Void and Nothingness
Frist Loli-God of the Greek Mythology (by Issei)
Progenitor of the Greco-Roman Pantheon

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Blue
Equipment Chaos Manipulation

Book of Damned

Personal Status

Greek Primordials

  • Caligo (Husband)
  • Chronos (Eldest Son)
  • Gaea (Eldest Daughter)
  • Pontus (Second Son)
  • Ananke (Second Daughter)
  • Tartarus (Third Son)
  • Eros (Third Daughter)
  • Ouranos (Forth Son)
  • Erebus (Youngest Son)
  • Nyx (Youngest Daughter)

Greek Titans

  • Oceanus (Grandson) †
  • Coeus (Grandson) †
  • Crius (Grandson) †
  • Hyperion (Grandson)
  • Iapetus (Grandson) †
  • Cronus (Grandson) †
  • Theia (Granddaughter) †
  • Themis (Granddaughter) †
  • Mnemosyne (Granddaughter) †
  • Phoebe (Granddaughter) †
  • Tethys (Granddaughter) †
  • Rhea (Granddaughter)

Greek Olympians

  • Hestia (Great-Granddaughter)
  • Hades (Great-Grandson)
  • Demeter (Great-Granddaughter)
  • Adamas (Great-Grandson)
  • Hera (Great-Granddaughter)
  • Poseidon (Great-Granddaughter)
  • Zeus (Great-Grandson)

Other Creations

Affiliations Greek Pantheon (Creator)

Mount Olympus (Reverse Member)
Protogenoi (Greek Primordials) (True Leader)
Protogenoi (Roman Primordials) (True Leader)
Council of the Primordials (Formerly)
Four Great Gods (Original Member)
Council of Godheads
DxD (Adviser)

Status Active
Ranking Elder God

Omni-Class Being

I am the darkness behind the stars, I existed billions of years before even the first spark of Creation was lit, God could not destroy me and neither can you.

–Chaos to Azathoth.

Chaos, also known as Khaos or the Witch of the Void, was the original formless void and order-less state preceding the creation of the multiverse and cosmos. The void became the Primordial entity that rules over the void and the abyss.

She is the Progenitor God of the Greco-Roman Pantheon and is one of the Four Great Gods. She is the Goddess of Nothingness, Oblivion, the Void, and the Abyss.

She is the mother of Chronos, Gaia, Ananke, Tartarus, Eros, Ouranos, Erebus, Nyx. She also created later on Ophis, the Dragon God of Infinity along with many others.

She is one of the major supporting characters in the Olympus Arc and War of the Gods of the story High School DxD: Mightverse and its Spin off: Goddess of Night.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chaos her no definite true form. It appears mainly in the form of a vast absolute blackness or dark mass, apparently endless, which expands into any area in which it finds itself and devours everything in sight. Despite not having a true shape, it usually takes the form of a thin, naked, hairless demonic entity, with tendrils protruding from the head like strands of hair and protruding from the sides of the body as ends or as a human or colored incompatibility.

Chaos' current appearance is that of a cute young girl with long black hair down to her hips and dark blue eyes with a fringe and long bangs on either side of her face. She is usually seen wearing a black Gothic Lolita outfit and carrying a black parasol. Her appearance prompts God and Eros to call her Chaos-chan, although she repeatedly tells them not to.

Her divine form is that of a Dyson sphere that radiates a powerful aura of pure divinity, capable of incinerating planets and galaxies alike.

Personality [edit | edit source]

As a Primordial Being, Chaos is stern and mostly reserved, uncaring about the situation of lower beings or deities. She is an indifferent and cold entity to both her worshipers and creations. Chaos spends most of its time "sleeping", returning to itself without its original form and allowing its consciousness to permeate and infiltrate all levels of Creation. Chaos is more of an impersonal and unconscious force than a real god.

She is primarily moved by sheer logic and doesn’t believe in the necessity to either maintain a clean-cut appearance or filter her words or ideas for others, especially for those far beneath her. She also does not care about “trivial things”, such as the concepts of good and evil, or right or wrong, as she considered herself far greater than these things. Because of this, she is often regarded as a cold, apathetic, and impatient god, exhorting little energy in most situations.

Despite her apathetic characteristics, she genuinely cares about her creations as much as a mother would love her own children, and could be extremely protective of them. She would gladly go to great lengths to protect them, disregarding who she had to go against.

When took a human form, a peculiar fact about Chaos was a single entity capable of emotions on its part; of love, kindness and hate. She has a childish personality and is very stubborn, but she is very caring as she took Nyx to a House of Ideas so that Nyx could finally started showing expressions of delight.

History [edit | edit source]


Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Now, don't think badly of me: I can't help wishing for the end of all things. It is in my nature, my own identity, because my name ... for some, at least - is Oblivion. Before creation it was ... I was. Where creation ends ... I hope. I am the void. The breath between life and death. Between death and rebirth. The nothingness - from which everything springs.


Chaos is one of the strongest beings that ever existed. Her power is equal to that of Azathoth and God himself, the latter being a "shade more" stronger. In contrast to his primordial companions, Chaos embodies the concepts of Nothing, Inexistence and Darkness. As primordial, Chaos is the progenitor of the ancient gods and, therefore, the creator of the progenitors, since they are only "parts" of the universe itself. Due to her position as a personification of the Void, she is one of the most powerful entities in the universe, with immeasurable levels of power far greater than those of any existing deity, including any of his children.

Omnipotence: Chaos is one of the most powerful beings that ever existed with only a couple of entities that are able to compare against her. Chaos is, except that it existed before creation. One thing is certain: it is basically an omnipotent entity in every way and in every way; perfection itself. The point about the role of Chaos in existence is that, at the end of time, it will be the one who will eliminate all existence, so that it can be reborn again. Therefore, Chaos is powerful enough to erase all creation. As the first Primordial of the Greco-Roman Pantheon, Chaos is the progenitor of the ancient gods. Due to her position as a personification of the Void, she is one of the most powerful entities in the universe.

  • Creation: Chaos created the Progenitors of the many pantheons in the multiverse, these beings are filled with immense power but are still far beneath her. She also created the Kingdom of Elder Gods for all the Pantheon Religions known in existence. She also created many other entities by complete accident.
  • Destruction: When the end of time and everything finally arrives, Chaos will erase everything that exists for creation to be reborn and the process to continue.

Omniscience: Despite being in the emptiness since the beginning of everything, Chaos is aware of all events, places, beings, objects or anything existing, despite not being present. She is aware of the constant wars that were fought between the deities shortly after the formation of the universe, but she also knows the number of angelic or demonic beings who died through creation and knows when someone is in her kingdom.

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Even when she doesn't use her omniscience, she considers herself the smarter one compared to every void and darkness deity. Chaos is extremely intelligent, having knowledge of the area around her. She is well versed in the arts, maths, and sciences dubbing herself an expert in herpetology. Her knowledge of the supernatural begin is greater than most and her keen mind lets her understand whatever strategies The Darkness comes up with.

Immense Strength: Chaos is one of the strongest beings that ever existed with only a few entities that are able to even fight her. Chaos is able to managed to battle Azathoth and God to a stand still which clearly shows she holds immeasurable power.

Reality Warping: Chaos has the power to control and bend reality to her whims, capable of altering something as tangible as physics and the universe to something inconceivable like logic. Because of this immense ability, many younger and lesser gods are often led to believing her to possess nigh-omnipotence power, only to be rivaled by the other Progenitors. Her mere presence distort the reality around her.

Cosmic Awareness: Chaos is aware of everything that would affect her, her creations, and her Pantheon as a whole on a universal scale. She also possesses a deep connection with the natural order and could feel shifts and changes every time actions had and is being done that could potentially unbalance the natural order.

  • Cosmic Knowledge: She possesses immense knowledge about the universe. She is aware of most things such as powerful spells, advanced technology, the locations of certain people, etc. despite not being out of the Dimension Lost for centuries.

Nothingness Manipulation: As the Personification of the Void itself, Chaos can instantly manipulate the the void to her will. She can remove any concept, such as light, darkness, time, space, life, death, energy or anything that is existence. Tartarus had jokingly called this the "Delete button". Despite popular beliefs, Chaos can not only reduce things to nothingness, but also create things from it too. Doing so is what allowed her to create most Primordial Entities and Ophis.

  • 'Absolute Nihilikinesis: Chaos can control and manipulate the very concept of nothing. She can control all concepts associated with Nothing. She can control antimatter, emptiness, etc. With nothing, Chaos can erase the whole of Creation and even create it anew.

Chaos Manipulation: Chaos could generate and manipulate the chaotic forces in the universe, allowing her to manipulate probability or manipulate and even shatter reality. She is able to change, mutate, destroy, or otherwise manipulate any matter, space/time, living beings, organizations, or minds and spirits as well as containing it, so it doesn't spread or spreads only on her desired way.

  • Chaos Dragon: Upon activation, her powers ruptures a large area around the user, causing the ground to rise up in pillars, before rising into the air to form five enormous, light purple dragons above the user.

Fate Manipulation: Due to her vast power, Chaos has the power to control fate and destiny, using it to toy with the destinies of entire worlds in order to satisfy her occasional boredom.

Gravitokinesis: Chaos can manipulate gravity at will. She can bend it to make objects or beings "light" or "heavy". She can increase or decrease the severity in an environment. During her visits to Earth, she once reduced a man as flat as a pancake because she was bored.

  • Black Hole Manipulation: Chaos can generate any size or shape of a black hole anywhere, anytime. She is able to suck the taste of an entire galaxy or universe, and perhaps several universes. She usually sends entities to one, if they bother her a lot and leaves them stuck wherever they reside until she releases them, but only if she wants to.

Flight: Chaos has demonstrated the ability to stay afloat in mid-air.

Absolute Immortality: As the Primordial that existed before all others, Chaos is amortized. She is completely free of existence and any effort to kill her by conventional means is useless.

  • invulnerability: Chaos cannot be harmed or killed by anything in creation. Those who are known to do moderate damage are Azathoth and God, but cannot do more than that.
  • Amortality: Like the Primordials that existed alongside her, Chaos is amortized. She is completely free from existence, and any effort to kill her by conventional means is useless.
  • Immunity: Chaos is immune to all divine or demonic magics and weapons. She is also immune to any poisons and diseases.

True Form: The true form of Chaos is so vast and incomprehensible that it causes something less than an extremely ill primordial effect and shall be fatal to only beneath primordial level. Chaos states that the way she appeared to her children, the progenitors for the first time, was just a favor, because if they looked at her in her most complete form, they would be erased from Existence.

Equipment  [edit | edit source]

Book of the Damned: TBA

Statistics [edit | edit source]

Power 10/10
Speed 10/10
Stamina 10/10
Endurance 10/10
Technique 10/10
Intelligence 10/10
Total 60/60

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Stand up, New God. I will be your opponent now." - Chaos to Ameno in the astral plane.
  • "Hmn... It would be in your nature to ask that sort of question, Carbon Copy-kun or should I say...future New God? In any case, your question is meant to be complicated, but the answers are all but that. Creation's natural course is to return to the truly absolute emptiness that gave birth to me. The age of no-age will ensue until everything is re-birthed. Whether history repeats with you and Nyx or not is irrelevant for the 'true ending of the book'. You are chained by trauma of the past and worries of the future, but both things are meaningless to your present.*Sighs in annoyance* It feels like I'm lecturing Nyx all over again..." - Chaos's response to Ameno's question.

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Quotes [edit | edit source]

  • "Some believe that before the creation of the universe, there was nothing. They are wrong. There was darkness. It was nothing but chaos. An infinite void of eternal darkness. This chaos is nothingness itself." - An ancient tome about Chaos.

Trivia [edit | edit source]

  • Chaos' appearance is based on Minamaya Natsuki from Strike the Blood.
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