• Skullguy123

    Help with quotes

    November 26, 2018 by Skullguy123

    Hi guys. This is probably gonna sound stupid to a lot of people but I need coming up with quotes for my characters especially with my main male character Takashi Dragonway's. I'm currently trying to think of a quote that an anime character would say to an enemy after the latter has killed/seriously injured someone close such as an family member (younger sister or mother) or a romantic love interest right before the character transforms and goes on a rampage. I got the idea for the situation from the scene in highschool DxD where Shalba "kills" Asia in front of Issei and Ddraig tells Shalba that he must pay before Issei activates Juggernaut Drive.

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  • Maestro Odysseus

    New here!

    October 19, 2018 by Maestro Odysseus

    Hey does anyone want to help guide me in making my first character here on High School DXD?

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  • Hakai Suu

    Ayy lmao

    September 1, 2018 by Hakai Suu

    Ayy lmao

    Am back

    Prepare to have your days ruined(if they haven't been before)

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  • Vidle

    I am new

    July 22, 2018 by Vidle

    Hi. I am new to this Fanon. I am a fan of Highschool DXD and I am looking forward to working here. I am though a newbie when it comes to stories, descriptions, and personalities so... yeah. I look forward to working here with you guys :)

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  • PhoenixProductionZ

    So, I was thinking of adding multiple pics to the infoboxes for my characters, and I had no idea how that works because I'm still kind of new to the whole Wikia thing. Can anyone help me out with that?

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  • Vermillion King Of Mischief

    Happy day after new years to everyone! I hope everyone had a happy day yesterday with parties and everything! Well, anyways, as an admin I suppose since it is the new year that we might add or change some stuff for the better. If anyone has any thoughts on this they can put it in a comment or just comment on the new year.

    Anyways, A happy year to everyone here~!

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  • Skullguy62

    Need Help

    December 27, 2017 by Skullguy62

    Hey guys. I'm pretty new here as I just joined a few minutes ago and need some help with a probably stupid reason. I want to create my own character but I'm not exactly sure how to do it like where do I need to go to create a character, what do I need to do to make a character, etc. Again probably a pretty stupid thing to need help with but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Vermillion King Of Mischief

    Merry Christmas  everyone  one on the wiki! From the wiki contributers  all the way to the lukers. We all wish you a  happy Hanukkah Kwanzaa Christmas! Well, enjoy this special day~!

    If anyone has any ideas for a Christmas themed wiki thing just leave a comment bellow!

    -To: The Wiki

    -From: Vermillion

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  • Mirrordeath

    Mirrordeath's Map Gallery

    November 11, 2017 by Mirrordeath

    This is a repository for various maps I make.

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  • Mirrordeath


    November 11, 2017 by Mirrordeath
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  • Mirrordeath

    Hi, guys! It's me, Mirrordeath, the resident political fanboy on this wiki, always aware of world events such as Trump's latest tweet or the British rage about leaving the EU. And today, I've come up with a map that shows, quite obviously, the political aftermath of the Apocalypse featured in the planned story Apocalypse Now. In fact, feel free to treat it as headcanon. After all, in actual canon, the existence of the supernatural is revealed in Volume 21 when Trihexa and its cores attack everywhere at once, forcing humans to respond, though I'm sure that Ichiei Ishibumi isn't one to write out the human response to Trihexa.

    But I am, and here's my map. It's a work in progress, and will be updated whenever I complete new changes on my map.


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  • RoastedWasabiGreenPeas

    This Wikia.

    September 30, 2017 by RoastedWasabiGreenPeas

    This wikia, isn't all that bad.

    I've used wikia fandoms to lurk around and look at various fanon wikias.

    This one, by far is the most interesting. Not necessairly because of the characters however.

    My question is; how come this wikia has such a big divergence over the content?

    I'm not saying anything is "objectively" bad, but there is such a huge amount of wank in this wikia lol. On one hand, you have completely unoriginal characters and on the other, you have characters that are essentially self-inserts but wanked to stupid amounts of level. 

    Of course, strong/powerful characters aren't bad. But at least develop them yeah?

    On the topic of unoriginal characters, I'm not talking about ones that have a few attributes imported from other things, I'…

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  • Fatefan231

    I started reading Deadman Wonderland today. To sum up my response in two words: Holy sh*t.

    Great series. I like it. I think most people would like it except for those utterly opposed to any form of gore. The gore actually isn't that bad compared to other series. The ability to control blood, the powers form changing from person to person. Look me in the eye and tell me that isn't a badass ability.

    I wouldn't mind having the abililty to create arm-scythes or whips or BOMBS out of my own blood. It would be cool.

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  • IzumiNakamura1

    Hello admin, my name isaac and I am Portuguese, I came here to say that I will read some diversified topics of the site, however I will only use basic ideas to create my own of my fanfiction, ok?

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  • 兵藤 一誠

    Well, so... to say it simply, I started re-writing my fanfiction, and whoever reads it and/or is interested in reading my re-written fanfiction, I will publish it on monthly, starting from 08/01. Since I still did not publish it, you can go to this link and check out for yourself when I publish the first chapter of my fanfiction, over here:

    Okay, that's just about all I have to say.

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  • Mirrordeath

    After several hours of intense negotiation between the Concepts of Death and Destruction ( and Creation and Holiness ) and the Chaos Gods ( as well as the Warhammer Universe ), Willis Japhon was finally allowed to go home to his world in peace.

    But he really wasn't Willis Japhon anymore.

    He was one of Tzeentch's Greater Daemons, the Lords of Change, able to bend reality itself to his will.

    Which was why those negotiations had happened in the first place. A Lord of Change was greater than an Archangel in strength. In fact, if he wanted to, Willis could claim to be God. With the vast power that the Warp, the dimension outside of dimensions, afforded him, he could really do it.

    But Willis Japhon was no God.

    And so he found himself outside his hous…

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  • Mirrordeath

    The rules are simple. The eleven Archangels from Mirrordeath's Trialverse versus Solar!Issei from the Solarverse. No holds barred.
    Information on the Archangels can be found here, here, here and finally here.
    Information on Solar!Issei can be found here. May the best one win!

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  • Houki Minami

    Blog and poll based on This post. Considering everything in their respective stories and shown in this wikia, this poll asks thy such: In a Rating Game without any boundaries, restrains or things as such between Berolina Gremory's peerage and Andrew River's Peerage, who would win, how and why? Please think wisely:

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  • Astarothfan

    Rule updates

    June 16, 2017 by Astarothfan

    Alright I'm gonna get this blog out fast but basically updating the rules and then this blogs with this rule. If you want throw out other rules then please write your comments down below and I, as well as the other admins can see if this is a good rule. In fact the other admins must approve of them first before I use them just so we all have an understanding of the rule and what is expected of it.

    These are the set guidelines and rules for the Dxd fanon wiki, follow them and be rewarded with freedom of writing and being praised for your good ideas break them at your own peril.

    Alright I updated the crossovers see if this is understandable.

    • This should be fairly obvious, but no bashing of the articles, or ideas of others. It is ok to critique,…

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  • Hakai Suu

    Hello everyone, it's me again.—Potato.

    It's probably been a long time since my last blog post, so maybe this doesn't count as spam as much as my posts before.—Potato.

    But the first chapter of my fic is now up on FF, so please tell me what you think and if you'd like, give me your support.—Potato.

    So....yeah. Please read.—Potato.

    Umm, that's all.—Potato.

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  • ShatteredRose23

    I felt this needed to be made. 

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  • NecroGodYami

    As it says in the title, the insanity has kicked in for another idea.

    For now, let me explain how this has happened. About 2 weeks ago I FINALLY got Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse, and have been FUCKING LOVING IT, and playing it set in an idea.

    Now I'm not the first to do DxD and Apocalypse, that would be DemonsAnarchy, who is writting DxD: FINAL.

    My idea has come from reading that and some other things DxD related. The idea itself revolves around the concept of a Godslayer; in Shin Megami terms, a human who has the power to cut down a god.

    I was thinking, when this idea hit me; 'what if a godslayer, made whichever or whatever way, tired of the way other factions treat humanity, creates a faction to overthrow and rebel against the Three Fact…

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  • Sdanand new dxd anime announced. Woo.

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  • Hakai Suu

    Hello wikia users, another blog post by me(Hakai, who else).

    While I was rummaging through my stuff, an idea popped into my head.

    Will it be possible for two writer's OCs to battle it out?


    Now, this might've been proposed before(not to mention I saw this.)

    (Sorry for using it, Hanten'in-san, Houki Minami.)

    But maybe my idea would be a bit different, who knows.

    My idea, is that two writers are given some time(a week or so), to write each other's OCs fighting.

    After the deadline, the two writers present their written battles for the community to see, and let the community decide which fight is better, technically whoever wins the community's opinion wins the fight.

    But this is my idea, I don't think it'll be taken seriously either, there's a lot of…

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  • Sdanand

    Live chat

    September 23, 2016 by Sdanand

    Should we have a designated time where we'll be on at the live chat just to talk ?

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  • NecroGodYami

    Yes yes, another little project Imma start here. 

    So my OC's and stories so far have been OC's in normal DxD canon, I wanna do something a little different. Taking a look around some stuff here, and thinking a lot, I've come up the bare-bones of a story. 

    Mainly, I got a lotta inspiration looking at Hanten's OC pages for 'Legends of Tomarrow' and Houki's OC pages for 'Re-birth'. 

    As for the story itself, it takes place a number of years after canon and follows stuff that is still in head. As for a title, I'm calling it 'DxD: Next Generation'...I have NO idea if that actually sounds good or not.

    So in the next couple of days, be prepared to see some new characters and Sacred Gears!


    So I have finished our main protag for Next Generation!


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  • Hanten'in-san

    ASG Project

    September 22, 2016 by Hanten'in-san

    Before all, "ASG" stands for "Abecedarium Sacred Gear".

    Welcome to this little blog of mine, I'll give a bit of backstory before going to the main subject. 

    So I mentioned once that I was doing a personal project to create as many Sacred Gear as possible; in order to do so, the first step was to create one for each letter of the alphabet (actually 16 letters, because there are some that are just a complete no). In one of the Sacred Gear pages, two users said they wanted to join, and since I don't like to compete, I decided to create this blog for those of us who wants to do this.

    I already started, but apparently NecroGodYami and Sdanand want to join. Everyone is more than welcome of course, and the thing goes as follows.

    The letters are A-B-C…

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  • Hanten'in-san


    September 19, 2016 by Hanten'in-san

    Okay, so three two users start yelling at each other in the comment section and it ends up in nonsensical yelling... Given how we have to respect each user's page I'm creating this small place so people can come and post the most random, nonsensical, brain wrecking thing they can possibly think of. Let's use this place to know each other, since the chat is rarely used and is honestly a pain in the arse to monitor.

    If you didn't get what I just wrote I'll summarize it. So Sdanand and I started yelling at each other in the Yumi Kiba page, things scalated when NGY and VKM joined and since the page is Devilslayer's (and they probably doesn't have a freakin' idea of what's going on) I decided to create this section, so you guys can fight battle …

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  • Thomas20021023

    My 1st HDxD OC! YAY!

    September 9, 2016 by Thomas20021023

    So, as the title says, I made my first Highschool DxD OC. Look up Otoshi Kyaruko if you want to see it, I think it came out pretty well. So, if you want to read a short description of him, he's a member of the Occult Research Club who doesn't even want girls like Akeno, Koneko and even Kuroka AKA Koneko's big sis trying to get in his pants OR stuff him down theirs. It's kinda like with Issei, but more one sided and there's returning people in his story, like Raynare, who survived, but if you want to know how, you'll have to read.

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  • NecroGodYami

    My Brain Did a Thing

    August 31, 2016 by NecroGodYami

    As the title says, my brain did a thing.

    Basically as my hyperactive does, it came up with this idea. 

    I wanna post more idea's and stuff here for opinions, so, here is the idea.


    The protagonist is a boy bound to bed most of his life because of a sickness he has, and occasionally goes to school when he feels well enough too. One of these days he was going to school, and found himself in possession of a summoning flyer. A week later he is back in bed again, bored, and recalls the flyer and uses it, summoning a Devil. More specifically, Issei.


    And as a weak human, I plan on giving the boy a Sacred Gear. One of two idea's I was thinking, or more if any one leaves opinions or ideas.


    Divine Dividing


    Annihilation Maker

    Now, you may be thin…

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  • Sdanand

    LF Beta

    August 30, 2016 by Sdanand

    Basically, I just finished writing something DxD related. Of course.

    If anyone is interested in beta-ing it or just reading it in general, leave me a message.

    I would greatly appreciate anyone that would do it c:

    I'm fairly new to the community so I would like to meet some new people.

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  • Hakai Suu

    I'm looking for good names for the following Sacred Gears(see blog post:, I want to hear it from the community.

    But don't do it if you don't want to, this isn't mandatory, I'm not a tyrant.

    I already have some names for them, but I don't think they're that good compared to the other Sacred Gears made by the community(*cough* Temporal Adamantation for the Dialga gauntlet *cough*). I'm sorry if this offended anyone.

    Also, this will be the blog post where I post my further questions, hope to work with all of you soon.

    Sorry for another blog post.

    Anyway, have some stuff, I guess.... (._.)

    Will update this for-I don't know how many times, please excuse me.

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  • NecroGodYami


    August 17, 2016 by NecroGodYami

    Soooo...first blog post. I be somewhat nervous.

    Let me just say right off the bat, I kinda suck. My brain works in ways where I get random ideas for stories, and they destract me from writing things I've started already.

    So I thought, why not post some of these idea's here?

    Idea Number 1: Recently I've been doing some research for a DxD story I'm writing that uses some elements from the Fate series, and as I was conducting this research, I had a few thoughts. I was thinking, why not have a DxD fic where the protagonist is a descendent of one the Servent Heroic Spirits? I mean, this probably done before, but I still like the idea. With the variety of Heroic Spirits, it would be really interesting! Heck, Jack the Ripper is a Heroic Spirit! 

    And …

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  • Hakai Suu


    August 16, 2016 by Hakai Suu

    So....hi, another blog post.

    (I'm begging the community to start making their blog posts, I feel like I'm spamming the wiki.)

    Anyway, sorry about that, you don't have to make one if you don't want to.

    On with the post!

    This is a question I wanted to ask before I go crazy with writing and do an all-nighter again, please tell me what you think about the following:

    • A Sacred Gear gauntlet with the Dragon of time(yes, Dialga is in my fanfic) that can manipulate time on the last target it touched and/or the target it is touching.
    • A Sacred Gear that gives the user the power to manipulate ice.
    • A Sacred Gear, with a Sprite Dragon sealed within it, allowing the user to make guns infused with the power of the Dragon as well as add the raw power of the Drago…
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  • Hakai Suu

    So, I decided to just give some sort of sneak peak on what I'm writing right now.

    And so, I decided to post the main cast/my Zagan OCs peerage.

    Another blog post is probably another bother, but thank you for your time.


    Rudori Zagan, the King:

    Hitomi Hoshimi, the Queen:

    Mizuki Yatogami, the Rook:

    Yukino Takara, the Bishop:

    Hiro Akihiko, the Knight:

    Aoi Kimiko, the Pawn:

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  • Hakai Suu

    These are some photos made by yours truly, I plan on using it in my stories but first please let me know what you think.

    Sorry if I'm bothering anyone!

    Enjoy~, and please review~

    The Zagan one I don't know if it's cool or not, I couldn't find a letter "Z" to put there like the Gremory's magic-circle.

    SO, I decided to put what appeared like leaves to me. But if you do find a possible letter "Z" which looks similar to the other magic-circle symbols of the canon pillars, please tell me about it in the comments below.

    And the first one which is hard to see, actually belongs to my OC who is actually the grandson of the original Devil King, Satan..... Just putting it out there, in case you couldn't see it or see it but don't know what it is.

    P.S.: Yes…

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  • Firestarter09


    July 24, 2016 by Firestarter09

    So I was wondering, if I wanted to create a page for Demons, my version of them, what happens if there's someone else who made demon page, do I ask to make a page called Demons, or do title it demoms (firestarer09)

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  • Firestarter09

    My confusion

    July 23, 2016 by Firestarter09

    Im confused.... I'm trying to make a page on the wiki and I'm confused....... also I'm confused by the rules.

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  • Houki Minami

    New template

    June 30, 2016 by Houki Minami

    Good afternoon;

    Just a quick update, for those who want ot create a new clan of devils or giver fanon information of those already existing, I created a new template for that. You can follow the link here or search for "Fanon clan" into the templates. Any suggestions about the colour or formate of it, you can contact me and other admins for proper changes.

    That is all for now; have a nice day.


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  • Astarothfan


    April 20, 2016 by Astarothfan

    Alright it took me some thought but i think this should statisfy people on some things. First off yes you are allowed to use pages from the canon wiki. No you don't need to ask its the canon wiki for us it fair use. Second no you are not allowed to just copy and paste an article and that be that. I would prefer it not being published until it has some semblence of story but since people seem to just post whatever they want (which is completly fine i just wish there was a story) there will be a new tag in place. I call it the inspection tag  which basically is going to tell me that there is an article that may not be as good as it could be. If so leave this particular tag there and I will deal with it. 

    This tag can not be used light hearted…

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  • 兵藤 一誠

    Well then, hello there once again! Like the title says, this blog post is about a new fanfiction of mine! Can you try and guess what that certain new fanfiction is about...? Right! If you have been reading my fanfiction at this site, and its each Volume's Afterword, then you would have known that I am talking about the fanfiction that I planned already from a while ago!

    Now then, you still can't guess? If so, then so be it. If you really cannot guess, then I'll just tell you what that certain new fanfiction is about, and not drag you for a whole blog post for just such a little thing, such a little matter, even though I do already. And, anyway...! Without a further ado! The certain new fanfiction is based off DanMachi, and its name is DanMa…

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  • 兵藤 一誠

    If you are reading my fanfiction, then just like the title already says, please listen!

    If you have already read Volume 5 of my fanfiction, and think about what's going on with Volume 6, then I'll tell you. I plan on writing Volume 6 with much more efforts than before. As of right now, I may have doubled the amount that I wrote in the previous Volumes. :)

    So......I'll surprise you with something that you won't expect! ;)

    With that can look forward to my fanfiction's Volume 6......!

    兵藤 一誠 (talk) 21:38, February 11, 2016 (UTC)

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  • 兵藤 一誠

    Hello There!

    February 2, 2016 by 兵藤 一誠

    Well then, this blog post is just something that I want to do because of some reasons, which I'll make clear in a moment or a bit more. :)

    First of all; I am the writer of some fanfiction here, namely, "High School DxD: Revival". What does that matter? Like I said before, I'll clear things in a moment or a bit after.

    Secondly; sadly, I don't really know who reads my fanfiction, besides a few people (such as Fusion the Pawn or Astarothfan or also Hanten'in-san and also some anon), but that's about all of them.

    The explanation begins right now.

    I post this post, because of a certain reason. I want you, the readers that I don't know about (sorry if I forgot someone above, tell me, and I'll add you later), to tell me that you are here, and tell me…

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  • Fusion the Pawn

    So, I have noticed a lot of newcomers to the wiki ask one question; "How do I make a page, because I have a character etc."..

    Some people may not realise but it is actually easy and simple when it comes to making a page.

    There is a black box which should sit underneath the avatar of your user and the notifications / bell titled 'Contribute' with an icon of a page next to it. Click on that and there is five options; 'Edit this Page', 'Add a Video', 'Add a Photo', 'Add a Page' and 'Wiki Activity'. Out of these five, Add a Page is the one you choose if you want to add something to the wiki, such as a character or a chapter of your fanfic, or just the main article for the fanfic.

    Normally when you click the 'Add a Page' option, something will pop…

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  • Fusion the Pawn

    An Idea

    December 21, 2015 by Fusion the Pawn

    Today, thanks to the people over at theFairy Tail Wiki, I have came up with an idea;

    We should have a user review the fanfictions either posted on the wiki (like my works, for example) or a fanfic posted on a different website (most fanfics), and the user would review the latest chapter to that fanfic and give ratings for the story, fights and overall perspective.

    Personally, I would like to have either admin be the one to review some fanfics, but others can do their own review as well..

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  • Astarothfan

    New rule

    December 19, 2015 by Astarothfan

    Alright new in place, if you want use an article from another wiki, you are going to need to get permission from the wiki's admin. No exceptions. Any article created without getting permission will not only be deleted but the supposed "author" will be blocked for a day. Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Astarothfan


    December 1, 2015 by Astarothfan

    500!!! Pages wow, what a mile stone, compared to about 10 months ago we have come a long way. Thanks for all your support for this site. Good on everybody lets keep putting great stories and great content, together. Lets get to a 1000!!!

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  • Fusion the Pawn

    As of recently, I have had a few ideas in my head, both of them not being fanon material, I will continue on with my fanfic on here, but it will be heavily delayed, same goes for the Fairy Tail / Highschool DxD crossover fanfic I plan on starting when I finish A New Era, so for now, if you want to read any recent works of mine, I will be making a Wattpad account and posting my next works, which will be called 'An Average Life in the School of Hell'.

    UPDATE: I'm going to continue on with the Not Over Just Yet arc, and then I will move on to my other works that aren't going to be featured on this wikia.

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  • Fusion the Pawn

    So I noticed the editing format changed for pages, and I think it's the older version, and I just got used to the newer editing format thing as well :( except for the pics into the infoboxes, still can't do that (I'm bad at everything else except writing stuff on wikis), so I'm gonna believe Wikia changed the format back to the old style, probably because of complaints or something...

    P.S I'll be writing the 1st (technically second if Prologue counts) part of the Clash of the Demons arc today, if I can come up with a name for it..

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  • Astarothfan

    Suggestion Blogs

    July 17, 2015 by Astarothfan

    Name says it all, if you have a suggestion for the betterment of the wiki. Please put it in the comments, we need to make this wiki great for everybody.

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