Blazejack Shadowsong
MyStyle (1)
"I will make sure my species survives the following eternity."
Race Catvari/Diclonius
Nicknames King of hybrids, Lord of the Creep, Mutation Master
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Equipment Katana, Hidden Blades, Wing blades, Psychic abilities, Mutation abilities, Elemental abilities, Ability to regenerate.
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations None
Status Alive
Ranking none

History Edit

Blazejack Shadowsong spent all of his life alone from when he was 5 to his present age. He has discovered from all over the years that he was different from the humans so he ran into the deepest part of the forest to build his new home the Hybrid Hive as he done so he was prepared to raid and to attack at any time. He had the ability to use Psychic Abilities and also control a few elements as well as infest an entire structure. He shows to have kindness towards children and kind adults when he isn't angry but he is definitely hostile towards criminals, murderers, and also thieves. He is rarely seen in the city during the daytime, but he does come out at night when he is raiding for food. One day he come across the High School where the students were at as he sensed devil energy he had to proceed with caution as he attempted to disguise himself as a human and this worked as he enrolled into the School as he went exploring he encountered one of the servants of the devil house of Gremory so he kept calm. But he was from the poor broken down sector of that area from where he was born. This conludes the introduction of Blazejack Shadowsong.

Appearance Edit

He wears a Red Uniform With the words Hybrids Rule on the back during School also has steel bracers and he has red boots and he has a red hood on all the time to hide what he is.

When he's in combat he has armor in his uniform which protects him from stray devils and from damage against human weapons.

He also has a Medium Build to him as he is an assassin.

Trivia Edit

His favorite foods are: Ice Cream and meat and pizza.

His Favorite Music are: Linkin Park, Kellie Pickler, Daft Punk, Divinyls, Blizzard

His Favorite Subject is: History

He likes going out only at night.

Quotes Edit

"You ready to die maggots?"

"This is gonna be one hell of a fight."

"Step up our game here."

"I never felt like this before from a sight of a woman."

"This isn't the last you'll see of me I swear it."

"I feel something isn't right."

Equipment Edit

Flareon And Ebony (katanas) Edit

These Katanas emanate both flame and shadow when they are unsheathed the represent light and dark magic.

Hunter and Predator (Hidden Blades) Edit

These allow Blazejack to assassinate Stray Devils without making noise to draw attention.