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This page is about Beliaruin father. For his son, see Mal Beliaruin.
Kana ベリアルイン
Romaji Beriaruin
Race Devil/Fallen Angel hybrid
Nicknames The Greatest Evil (shared with his son)
Beliaruin father
Hair Color Black-blue
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Relatives Mal Beliaruin (Son)
Bezaliel (Father)
Serena Bael (Mother)
Great King Bael (Grandfather)
Diane Ambrosius (Wife) †
Merlin Ambrosius (Father-in-Law) †
Vivian, the Lady of the Lake (Mother-in-Law) †
Affiliations The Greatest Evil
Status Alive
It is nice to be back.

–Beliaruin, Volume 5, Life 4

Beliaruin (ベリアルイン, Beriaruin) is a major antagonist of Highschool DxD: Seven Sins. He is the legendary criminal father of Mal Beliaruin and Lucifer's rival.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Beliaruin is a fair-skinned man with spiky black hair that has a slight blue tint to it. He wears the same armour as Lucifer, but his is red in colour. This armour is constructed from numerous metal plates, forming protective guards along his chest, waist, shoulders and thighs. Beneath his armour he wears a black-blue high-collared, long sleeve mantle that splits down the lower half. This clothing is accompanied by sandals.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Abilities/Equipment[edit | edit source]

Remember this well: I’m the strongest existence, and no Devil is going to take that away from me.

–Beliaruin to Lucifer, Volume 5, Life 4

Immense Demonic Power: Beliaruin, descending from the Great King Bael, possess an immense demonic power, being able to overwhelm the Governor General of Grigori Azazel with ease.

Power of Destruction (滅びの力, Horobi no Chikara): Beliaruin inherited the Power of Destruction from his mother. He has overwhelming mastery of his Power of Destruction that allows him to eliminate anything it touches.

Light-Based Weapons: Beliaruin, being Cadre of Grigori Bezaliel's son, is very skilled and powerful in using his light-based powers, showing control similar to that of a Cadre. The density of his light is even greater than his son's.

Expert Magician: Beliaruin learned magic from the legendary magician Merlin, so he is a very skilled Magician. However, he isn't as experienced in magic as his son.

Ultimate Evil (最凶(アルティメット・エビル), Saikyou(Arutimetto Ebiru)): Beliaruin's ultimate technique, it is a rainbow coloured energy that combines all his other abilities to cause mass destruction. It is said to be able to disintegrate everything it touches.

Immense Strength: Beliaruin is able fight on par with Lucifer, one of the 10 strongest existences, being called "monster" by Lucifer himself. Just the shockwaves from his battle with Lucifer were able to destroy the landscape around them.

Immense Speed: According to Azazel, both Lucifer and Beliaruin are able to move way faster than sound.

Flight: Being a Devil and a Fallen Angel, Beliaruin can fly using his wings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His appearance is based on the character Madara Uchiha from Naruto.

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